Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool | Firmino wins it late at Selhurst Park | Highlights

Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool | Firmino wins it late at Selhurst Park | Highlights

That’s a lovely ball in to Jordan Ayew! Kouyate picked out the Ghanaian,
but he couldn’t score. And it’s a really good delivery,
and it’s through for James Tomkins! Well, there you go, it’s no goal
and a Liverpool free kick. That’s Henderson, brilliant ball,
and that’s Mane! Sadio Mane not quite able to take the chance,
some ball by Henderson. That’s for Firmino, and Sadio Mane miscues! And it’s into the back of the net!
It went from one post to the other. Townsend, can hit them! But he hit it straight at Alisson. Here comes the Liverpool corner… And it comes all the way through, and Dejan Lovren was the one
trying to turn the ball in at the far post. Here’s Origi, his first involvement, and here’s Firmino, who’s in! Oh, and Guaita has done so well. Townsend, Schlupp! Instinctive. And it’s only just wide. He’s ridden the challenge of Lovren,
and Townsend, that’s a lovely help on, and Zaha…scores. It’s the best move Crystal Palace
have put together all afternoon. And it comes through and ricochets down,
and it’s away, Firmino! And Roberto Firmino just waited
and bided his time.

100 thoughts on “Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool | Firmino wins it late at Selhurst Park | Highlights

  1. That is a Premier League Winning Team Perfromance.

    Liverpool were not at there best but they still got the Result.

    It is another one of those games where they grind out a Win.

  2. Man I’m desperate for clean sheets now if Alisson needs the golden glove I’m Liverpool fan but sadly I don’t think he will get it due to his injury

  3. My Brazilian friends – you must understand in '81 Liverpool went to Tokyo for the holidays, Dalglish even done a couple of adverts there!
    Flamenco came to play and win, you had some great players in your side (Zico, Junior et al.) that would go on to shine at the '82 world cup, but if LFC took it more seriously the result would be different.
    Still, I think it's premature to talk of the final, don't underestimate Monterrey of México, a very good side. Also Al-Hilal is one of the best sides east of the Bosporus.. Anyway good luck, you're gonna need it 😉

  4. 2017/18: Champions League Finalists
    2018/19: Champions League Winners
    2019/20: 10% Clean Sheets
    2020/21: 90% Clean Sheets
    Liverpool: Mentality Monsters!!!
    They don't crack under pressure,
    TAG Heuer should sponsor Liverpool FC!!!

  5. The journalist : What is your hoppy Mr liverpool ?
    Mr liverpool : My best hoppy is to score late goals
    The journalist : Ah , you like the action films ha ha ha !

  6. I'm worried at some point of the season we won't be able to pull off these last gasp winners. We really need to start playing better and learn to shut games down like last season.

  7. We senegalese prefer Mané to leave liverpool..they don't respect him specially the coach….if you want to win the golden boot,just one advise..leave this team!!!!

  8. O Liverpool pode esperar que sua hora vai chegar! 3×0 Flamengoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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