(girls cheering) (bass notes) – Good morning, clan. Welcome to Tuesday. Tuesday, December 13th,
just for the record. It’s 8:05 A.M.
and I just realized I forgot to open this
package up from yesterday. Tiffany said she opened it. She already knows what’s inside.
– [Tiffany] I did. – I wanted to wait for the kids ’cause I figured might be
something for the kids. But now she makes me think
it may be something just for me. I don’t know.
We’re gonna open this up. This is from BePeak82. – [Bryce] I see bubble wrap. – Ooh, okay. This is a whoa! Holy crap. This is (laughs) hang on.
Is there a letter? Hang on. I know exactly what
it is and it’s amazing. There’s a letter, okay. Hang on, so this is the oil filter cover
for my dirt bike And they had it etched
with my name and my logo. Look at that. – [Sierra] That’s cool. – That goes on the
side of my dirt bike. – [Tiffany] Well
I read the letter. I knew it had something
to do with dirt bikes. – Open it up. Yo, Brandon
thank you so much. That is awesome, dude. He did it on a hobby engraver. He has a KX450 as well. He was staring at
his bike trying to find a part that he could customize. That is so cool, man. Thank you so much,
Brandon. I love it dude. – [Bryce] So where does this go? – It goes right on the
side of the engine there. Look at, look at that guys. How dope is that? Thanks, Brandon,
I appreciate it that man. Look at these outfits. How cute are these kids? I mean Sierra always looks cute. She’s just, that’s just, you. Alright. You
can go but this kid. Look at this kid.
Like he’s changing his style. He’s much more mature.
Much more hip. I like it dude, I like it. You’re way cooler
than I was at your age. Have a good day. Tiffany’s in the
kitchen bright and early. Starting something for us. Some chicken and
some onions and some tomatoes. – [Tiffany] Today’s
Tuesday, right? – [Clintus] It is Tuesday. Something Mexican-ish. Something taco-ish. Chicken tacos?
– Yep. – [Clintus] I don’t know
if I showed you guys this from this weekend but
Sierra made me my own mug. She kinda drew my logo. Clintus Games, OMG. Pretty cool, right?
It’s nice, hand drawn. It says, “Get Hype.” Time for a haircut. Again. Some guys like go
every like 10 days. Three weeks. I feel like I go way
too long without haircuts. Especially with
how fast my hair grows. Anyways, what are these? – [Tiffany] We’re
trying something new. They’re not cooked. – [Clintus] Flour tortillas? – [Tiffany] Uncooked
flour tortillas. – [Clintus] Interesting,
alright. And there’s our chicken
that she made this morning. Smells amazing. Beans. Tomatoes.
Guacamole. Avocado. Baby, hello. Ow! (gasps) Hello, Sierra.
– Hello. – [Clintus] What
are you watching? – My Babysitter’s A Vampire. – [Clintus] Again?
– Mhmmm. – [Clintus] New season?
– No. – [Clintus] No. Same
stuff you’ve already seen? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] Yeah. – They ended it.
It was a good show. – [Clintus] Oh. Alright, Sierra’s
been dying to show me her mad skills on her trombone. I almost said trampoline.
Trombone. – You were waiting to hear ’em.
– [Clintus] Me? – Yeah, like you were saying
you can’t wait to hear me. – [Clintus] Well,
yeah, your concert. Alright, tear it up girl. (“Mary Had A Little Lamb”) Good job. – Whoa! (laughs) – [Clintus] Super
excited for dinner. We’re doing something different. We got soft tacos.
– [Tiffany] Soft tacos. – [Clintus] Mommy
made the tortillas herself. – Kinda.
– [Clintus] Kind of, sort of. – Not really. – [Clintus] Ah,
look at that avocado. It’s so good. So good. You good? This girl beats herself up. She’s a little perfectionist and
I keep having to remind her that she’s not perfect and
that’s she’s gonna make mistakes and she can’t get
everything on the first time. She’s like, “I do it
in school all the time.” “I’m the only one that
gets it all right all the time.” – [Sierra] No,
I didn’t say that. I said that I’m
normally one of the ones. – [Clintus] Oh normally.
– Normally one of them. Normally she’s one of
the ones that get it right and because I’m sitting
there watching her with a camera she feels the extra pressure and she was like,
“I can’t do it.” But she’s good now. She’s good. She has a concert
next week, you guys. It’s gonna be exciting.
I’m excited. (volleyballs bouncing) (girls chatting) – [Clintus] Yeah, Sierra. Oh, oh. Oh. – [Girl] Out! (volleyballs bouncing) Well? How did that feel? – Good.
(phone starts to play music) (Clintus laughs) I knew that was gonna happen
so I was trying to turn it off but it didn’t work.
Now I’m good. – [Clintus] So you
had a scrimmage against a 13-year-old team. – 14.
– [Clintus] That was a 14 team? – Mhmmm.
– [Clintus] Really? – Minus two. – [Clintus] Oh, wow,
I didn’t know that. How many games did you play? – Three.
– [Clintus] Three games and? – We won one out of three. – [Clintus] You won
one out of three. But you went
toe-to-toe with them. – Yeah.
– [Clintus] And you had some great serves.
I missed a couple of them. Didn’t get them on camera but she had some
really great serves. Compared to last year,
you’re killing it. – Kept telling me to
serve in that one back part ’cause they’re
all scoot up and… – [Clintus] Yep, good job. So you ready for this
tournament this weekend? – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] First
tournament this weekend. – And I’m Setting.
– [Clintus] And you’re Setting. Oooh! Yeah, guys, so Sierra has her
first tournament this weekend. I’m actually bummed,
I’m really bummed I’m missing it. I’m gonna
be traveling this weekend. I’m excited to be traveling.
I’m excited where I’m going. I’m excited what I’m doing
but I’m mega-bummed to be missing
her first tournament. But, it’s just the
first, not the last. The whole season of tournaments. We have, I don’t know, there’s
probably like 10 tournaments. 12 scheduled so I’m excited. I’m excited for her.
She’s super excited and last year she was Libero. She was in the pink shirt. She had a special position.
It’s kinda like the goalie. Special rules that apply to her that don’t apply to other players. This year, she’s
Outside Hitter and Setter. At least as of right now.
That could change. The season is just
getting started but she’s super excited to
play and she looks really good. Oh, I’m excited for
this season. I really am. Sierra’s using the main
computer to do her YouTube stuff so chilling on the
couch on my laptop. It’s kind of
nice change of pace. Got my headphones on. Listening to some music and
just total focus mode, right? Trying to get through
some email and some work and somethings that been kind of procrastinating on and avoiding. Feels good to
get some stuff done. Alright, so I moved
back to my office and I pretty much crushed my email. I have, I don’t know,
maybe five or six I got to follow up with or another five or six that
require me to do something else like paperwork,
sign stuff, whatever. But I feel good. I feel like I just cleaned
my inbox out pretty good. But now, I got to
work on my stream setup. Here’s the computer. Some people were
asking about the computer. Right there, there’s
the computer, right there. This is my streaming set up. That’s the PC I built in
that vlog, that one vlog. Though I do have a new PC.
I’m pretty excited about this. Brand deal, sponsored deal.
That’ll be on Clintus Games. That’s for
another time, another day. Any case, I have
work to do and I had myself a double
peppermint mocha at 6 P.M. so it’s 10:45 and I am
ready to rock and roll. It’s gonna be a late night. And my work was successful. Ended on a good note. It is 12:45 A.M.,
time to go to bed. Tomorrow we are
looking at houses once again. Tiffany has picked
out three more houses for us to look at tomorrow. And I’m excited
because they look amazing. The lots are humongous. The houses are,
from the pictures, look really good. Really good. My only fear, my only fear is
they are a lot more expensive than we had originally
talked about. I was afraid of that. I kinda was afraid that
once Tiffany started looking she would kind of
slowly raise the price, raise the price and
obviously the higher the price the nicer the
houses are. You know? And so, I’m getting the land
that I want in the area that I want and she’s getting
the house that she wants. So it’s like a win-win
all the way around. Win-win-win.
It’s a win-win-win. But like I said,
it’s a lot more expensive. So I’m like (groans).
I don’t know. We’ll see. From the pictures, like I said, these two houses, two of
the three houses look amazing. The third one the
house is like okay, the neighborhood is okay, the lot is okay. It’s a big, big improvement
from where we’re at now. So that’s why
I’m like, oh, okay. It’s a big upgrade
from where we’re at now. The other two houses are like
exactly what we’re looking for. Like I said, they’re
just a lot more expensive. So, we’ll see. But stay tuned
tomorrow is Wednesday. We’re gonna go look
at houses in the morning. Bryce has basketball,
Sierra has volleyball, and then it’s my last
full day with the kids before I fly off to my
next big adventure. So stay tuned for
more information on that and vlog on. – Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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