Cristiano Ronaldo Nike Superfly 5 CR7 Football Boots – Test & Review

Cristiano Ronaldo Nike Superfly 5 CR7 Football Boots – Test & Review

Hello and welcome to a new video! Today we take a look at the new boots of Cristiano Ronaldo The Nike Mercurial Superfly 5 CR7 Enjoy the review! In our first category the Superfly can immediately convince us The material is very soft after a short break-in period, the soleplate is soft & flexible and the comfort is perfect for a speed boot! At first the stiff heel can pressure a little but the longer you wear this shoe, the softer it will get After 2 weeks all problems and pressure marks should be gone. The fit is tight and made for normal and narrow feet A little minus for the material which could be a softer. In the category “Feel for the ball” the Superfly gets the maximum points The material is thin and fits tightly and delievers a barefoot like feel for the ball The longer you wear it the better the feeling to the ground A big upgrade to the stiff carbon soleplate of the Superfly 4 Also the grip is perfect because of the rough upper material and needs no special elements like other boots i.e. the evoPOWER The quality could convince us after 2 months of testing The material is well made and the soleplate doesn’t get off the upper material like it was with the Superfly 4 The one and only negativ issue was the broken stud of Tim’s first Superfly 5 With the Superfly 5 you should watch out using the FG soleplate only on natural gras A little different then the actual ADIDAS FG-models Which you also can play on artificial ground If you just look at the performance the Superfly 5 CR7 one of the best shoes in 2016 It is lightweight, has a short run-in gives good comfort and excellent feel for the ball but on the other hand, it’s durability is a little worse than other models, the material could be softer and the prize of 315€ is much too expensive The Vapor 11 shows that a good boot shouldn’t be that expensive Never the less we can recommend this shoe because the Superfly has approved and let his predecessor behind with some upgrades What’s your opinion on the Nike Superfly 5 Would you buy one yourself? Write down in the comments below Thanks for watching Rate the Video if you liked it Stay sporty and see you next time!

100 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Nike Superfly 5 CR7 Football Boots – Test & Review

  1. Also ich spiele bei VFL in der U19 und habe inzwischen 6 paar superfly 5 und habe keine Probleme mit dem Schuh. Ihr macht gute Videos weiter so 👏

  2. Hello, I have a question about choosing size. If I had the previous Superfly 4 size 44 (Vapors 10 44.5) and it fits well and the new Vapors(11) size I have 44.5, which size could I choose of the new CR7 Superfly 5?
    Thanks for reply. 🙂

  3. Hallo ich habe ja auch cr7 Schuhe und bei mir sind die Stollen abgebrochen und ich wollte wissen ob ich die stolle ersetzen kann

  4. Richtig schlechte keeper habt ihr wie schlecht kann man sein karol ist am besten da bin ich sogar besser und ich bin 11

  5. Hi,
    Ich habe die Superfly V in der Größe 45, der Schuh Sitz sehr bequem an, wird es sich weiter ausweiten, sodass die mir dann zu groß bzw breit fallen werden?

  6. Ich wollte heute Fussballschuhe 2019 kaufe aber für meine Mom (ich bin 12J) waren die Modelle zu teuer. Daher hat mir der Verkäufer angeboten, ältere exemplare für weniger Geld zu kaufen. Er hat mir sie gezeigt, und hat sie mir für 50% Rabatt gegeben (füt 100CHF!!!) Ich ging auf den Fussballplatz, später hab ich mir euer Video angesehen und alles hat gestummen! 🙂

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