Cristiano Ronaldo Knuckleball Free Kick Tutorial

Cristiano Ronaldo Knuckleball Free Kick Tutorial

hey guys & welcome to an new video! My name is Lukas & you’re watching freekickerz Today i will show you how to shoot a good knuckleball And how you can practice this technique The concept of a knuckleball is to give the ball as less rotation as possible if you hit the ball perfect it lands exactly in the goal like it laid on the floor If you do it right, the ball changes direction and gets unexpectable for goalkeepers In terms of learning the technique, it doesnt really matter which boots balls or field you are using lets start with the details of the technique, the first point is the run up Usually i take about 4 steps back and 1 or 2 to the side You can vary at this point, i do it more instinctively The important part is that you run up straight to the ball and dont make a curve Where do you have to hit the ball? Hit the ball a little bit under the middle, you can hit it as low as possible without getting underspin! the point/area should be about here : Which part of your foot? I hit it with a mix of my inide and instep Its not THAT important there is no exact point. Its just a little template At the point where you hit the ball, you have to lean over the ball You achieve that only if you have your whole body under tension I suggest to hold your upper body under tension even before you run up, also its useful to get on your toes! Its very important to stop your movement in the exact moment when you hit the ball This helps to get a very short contact at the ball and this avoids spin ->the key to a good knuckleball Now a summary: take 4 steps back and 1 or 2 to the side Hold your body under tension, get on your toes Make a straight run up and stop your follow through when you hit the ball with a bit luck it works now you (hopefully) understand the technique and the key-points But how do you practice and learn a knuckleball ? Grab some balls & go to a football field If you are a beginner with this technique, start from about 16-20 meters Shoot on an empty goal and focus only to get as less rotation on the ball as possible it not that important how hard and precise you shoot, just focus on the low spin As sonn as the first improvements are visible, you can work on power and precison I suggest you to try out many different things vary your distance, shoot a rolling ball or put in a goalkeeper If you play in a club, get some balls and shoot some freekicks after the training Even if its only 10 freekicks, if you do it for some weeks you will improve faster than you think 😉 Another advice i have for you is dont shoot as many freekicks as possible when you practice! Take your time before every shot/freekick and stay focused After all i personally needed some time Until i had my first “succesful” shots so dont give up afer 1 or 2 weeks. I suggest you dont focus on too many details of the technique The most important thing is to stop your follow through And to get a short contact with the ball which causes less spin! thats it ! if you still have questions about the technique or how to practice it, just write them into the comments! I hope you liked the video, see you next time, ciao

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  1. Eine Sache verstehe ich net, wenn ihr so Gut Fußball spielen könnt wieso seit ihr nicht in die Fußballprofi Richtung gegeanger?

  2. Bei den ersten Schüssen

    Das ist kein richtiger Keeper
    Da kannst du gleich meine Oma ins Tor stellen

  3. Bale scores knuckle ball free kicks that dipps incredible well when he hits it perfect

    Ronaldo fast flying super hard to get hans on

  4. Lukas danke ich war heute auf dem Sportplatz hab alles gemacht was du gesagt hast das hab ich schin davor gemacht und ich habs nicht geschafft aber jz kann ich es

  5. Lukas,Ich bik Boris bin 11 Jahre alt und ich versuche den Flatterball schon 7 Monate zu schaffen!(

    Kannst du mir vielleicht ein Tipp geben dass ich das schaffen konnte)

  6. I get deadballs with one type of kick style..with other type of kickstyle i get deadballs.. now which should i use? And pls reply how to make it dip? Mine is just deadball.. its not dipping..nor zig-zag pls help

  7. Finally i learned Follow-Through i trained 6 – Months and now i can do a clean KNUCKLEBALL #FREEKICKERZ ❤

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