Craig Foster vs. Jime Litwalk | Road to Grudge Match

Craig Foster vs. Jime Litwalk | Road to Grudge Match

Craig Foster, the champ
that never got his chance. Whoa. Yeah. Two new school- Wizards. … legends in the house. I’m excited. We’re stoked to have you guys here. I don’t know
about you guys excited. Yeah. But I’m excited. I think we both missed out. We missed out on the opportunity to push each other
to the most. I feel like this is a straight tattoo battle. Sign me up. Seeing Craig Foster walk out of the van in the first day
of the challenge, you know, I feel very
comforting, you know, knowing that, you know,
a good close friend is here, but I know that he’s a strong,
artistic competitor that I have
to bring my A game. How you doing buddy?
You all right? [inaudible] be.
(laughs) That’s good man. My biggest competition in this flash challenge
is definitely Craig. He incorporated his scar
into the actual tattoo. I have what it takes to be Ink Master
because I am versatile. I’ve definitely
not settled on just being a great
New School tattoo artist. Jime’s just
one of those guys that he’s so creative
and artistic, you know? If you ever watch
that guy draw, he can draw circles
around anybody. What do you think? I love it. Good. The canvas that I got actually let me draw
my style of artwork. I’m finally doing
a New School tattoo. I like our tattoo too. That’s a good touch.
Bangin’ this out. One of the things I knew since day one in the competition
was that Craig Foster was gonna be
one of the people standing next to me
in the finale. And I was robbed that day
when Craig got eliminated. We’re here to see who has the worst tattoo. Craig did this tattoo. This is a New School artist. He killed his black
and gray there. He nailed it. Bottom line, he ain’t goin’ home. The tattoo that I turned in on my elimination,
I still stand by that tattoo. I, I do not agree that it,
I-I-I feel like on top of the challenge of doing
that tattoo and who I did it on, I thought I put forth
a-a really great tattoo. I still look at that tattoo
and don’t feel like that that was
a going home tattoo. Today, we tested your ability to use proportion to make pinup tattoos
insanely hot. Craig. The tattoo is just not appealing to me. I did my best with the canvas and the piece I had to do. The judges have decided, Craig, you do not have
what it takes to be Ink Master. It was a long flight home. Just leaving behind potentially
what could have been. For Craig to go home, and for you to even
be here, disgusts me. Everyone here knows
that your (beep) pinup looks like butt-ass hell. Proportion day, it had
a mid-calf boot on one leg, and a high boot
on the other leg. Its face was all (beep) up.
Its fingers were beep up. It looked like tyrannosaurus
Rex that (beep) pinup. Craig can’t do black and gray,
but he’s got perfect proportion. I don’t get it.
It was proportion. It was (beep) proportion. Craig 100% was robbed at that challenge
the day he got sent home. I felt like in my opinion,
he was the only one that actually achieved
that tattoo that day. I was kinda speechless when it happened as far
as really didn’t have the, too many thoughts on it. I just felt that I was judged
on something that the,
the actual challenge wasn’t on. Jime and I knew that we were going
to be competing against each other,
head-to-head, during the finale. And to just be ripped
out of that competition, and not be a part of that,
that’s kinda sucks. Like yeah, so what?
I got seats to watch the finale but that’s not
where I expected to be. I’m so excited to watch this battle guys.
Jime you ready? Ready. Craig? You always look ready. Ready. We both have tremendous respect for each other,
but at the end of it, like I’m definitely not here
to play around man. I-I’m here to win it. Just when you think you’re gonna come back for fun. And just, just when you think… They pull you back into the competition.

10 thoughts on “Craig Foster vs. Jime Litwalk | Road to Grudge Match

  1. I really like that these guys are going head to head, but not being disrespectful. More of this for this show- the bickering is tiresome to watch.

  2. I look back at it now and yeah, Craig was completely robbed. They were testing proportion, which he nailed, and they sent him home on something COMPLETELY different.

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