Corbyn and Johnson clash over no-deal Brexit: ‘Anti-democratic and unconstitutional’


This is not a bill in any
normal sense of the word: It is without precedent in
our history. It is a bill that, if passed,
would force me to go to Brussels and beg an extension. It would force me to accept
the terms offered. It would destroy any chance of
negotiation for a new deal. There is only one way, Mr Speaker,
to describe this bill: It is Jeremy Corbyn’s surrender bill.
That is what it is. It means running up the white flag.
The bill is shameful. It means running up the white flag.
And I want to make clear – Order.
– Order. I want to make clear to everybody in this House:
there are no circumstances in which I will ever accept
anything like it. – This reckless government only
has one plan: to crash out of the EU without a deal. The attack on our democracy
in order to force through a disastrous no-deal Brexit
is unprecedented, anti-democratic and unconstitutional. I condemn the rhetoric that
the prime minister used when he talked about a
‘surrender bill’. I hope that he will reflect
on his use of language. I really do hope that he will reflect
on his use of language. We are not surrendering because
we’re at war with Europe. They are surely our partners. Later today, this House has a
last chance to stop this government riding roughshod over constitutional
and democratic rights in this country, so that a cabal in Downing Street
can crash us out without a deal, without any democratic mandate and
against the majority of public opinion. His is a government with no mandate,
no morals and — as of today — no majority.

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