Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Another National Foot Volleyball Competition! (2015.07.21)

Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Another National Foot Volleyball Competition! (2015.07.21)

55 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – Another National Foot Volleyball Competition! (2015.07.21)

  1. Im so glad that they gave Baro the chance to play. His head is made of steel and gave a good play with Ogijima. Kyungmin, Sam and Baro improved so much and lets not forget the ace players of the team Junghwa and Jisuk. They lead the team to the semi finals. They might not win but still they gave us a good game worth watching for.

  2. The best ending for foot volleyball!
    Everyone played! Members gave their best. And they finished in semifinals!
    Congratulation team!
    The only thing I missed was Gyu Han and his "mouth foot volleyball". He was the greatest cheerleader and coach in times of need. 😀
    Can't wait for the next sport 😀 But what will Hodong do? hahah Swimming takes up a lot of stamina. We'll se ;p

  3. BARO BARO BARO my one and only BARO 😉 saranghamnida 🙂 🙂 🙂
    woaahhh your really great. I was holding my breath for a moment then laughing/smiling then kicking in the air and giggling at same time when you play because your playing sooooo good!!! im just sooooo proud of you especially when the coach call you "SCORPION" a scorpion defense hahaha The god of all sports SEO JISUK!!! WOW!!! your really a gifted person 🙂 All thanks to the members for playing so hard until the end. Good job guy's 🙂 And thanks for the exciting and thrilling play. Fighting!!!

  4. everyone gave it all this time.It was beautiful to see ^..^ Junghwa and Jisuk are really the aces! 😀 Since Seo Jisuk return I've enjoyed this show so much. He's amazing&funny ^..^

  5. I dislike Kang Ho Dong.  Usually he is just okay when I watch him but in the first game, he annoyed me for some reason.  He plays with his body and not his head.

  6. Bravo Baro you were fantastic! I knew you were one of the dark horse's on the team! I am so proud of you, Baro! I will miss Football Volleyball & the cast very much. Junghwan seemed very conceited at the beginning but he warmed up to the Team & I found him very charming & excellent athlete for sure. Thank you for the memories CKOTB! Oh, JiSuk Thank you for coming back! You were fabulous! I can't wait for what is Next🏊🏻🏊🏻🏊🏻🏊🏻🏊🏻🏊🏻

  7. Ppl here are complaining against hodong for his loud reaction or stamina etc etc…. You ppl are either Fool or retarded,He is A national MC and this show is all about (Amateur) sports entertainment show not a professional sports type show.Either you ppl bear it or just don't Fucking watch it ! AFTER ALL ITS ALL ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT .

  8. Hodong shouldn't be playing at all but he's too greedy for air time. He's by far the worst player on the team. I also agree with others who say he's unprofessional by acting like a jerk in an official tournament. It may be a variety show but Hodong has to show more consideration to other participants in a supposed national competition. I think people let him get away with his bullying and overpowering personality too much. I think it's really annoying and his style of MCing should be phased out. I know he's revered by many in Korea but to me he's just a bully and unfunny jerk.

  9. BECAUSE HODONG IS THE MAIN MC…this program its not just winning the competition….this program challenging the host and the cast to learn the sports as quick as they can…not all of them are good or played the sport..

  10. Baro, kyungmin and sangguk seems improve a lot than before..
    but khd and junghwan make a lot mistake than last time in this game. well i can't blame or judge them, im sure they really nervous and feel burdensome that make them lost their focus

  11. This was such a great episode, Baro improved so much and finally got to showcase it on the foot volleyball court, so proud of him!

  12. Everytime a sports end I feel sad, and at the same time I'm expectant for the nest one! Swimming sounds fun! I want to see the first episode! xD

  13. Finally rewarded for their hard training – being in the semi-fnals woot woot..they have given their best and as a fan I am so proud of them,,,COOL KIZ Foot Volleyball Team hwaiting…Jisuk, An Junghwan, Baro, and Sanguk hwaiting!!!!

  14. If this tourney was for "fun" and "entertainment" they should of rotated and balance just a little bit more play time for each members. Instead we had the biggest names signed on contract playing like shit and "having fun entertaining" the audience…

  15. So glad they had a chance to make the comeback at least to semi finals.. They lost at the preliminary rounds in the previous competition.. I almost cried when they requested for another competition with sincere pleading.. They did their best!! I applaud that ❤️ Cool Kiz Foot Volleyball Team, Hwaiting! 💕💘 Hodong, hyeongdon, Jisuk, Sam, baro, kyungmin, sangguk, junghwan and of course, our coach-nim, thank you all 💛

  16. This was great for the last episode of this sport. I'm really glad they played so great.

    Sooo looking forward to the next sport!

  17. Really enjoyed this episode. SEo Jisuk, Seo jisuk, seo jisuk. Need I say anymore 🙂
    hehehe. He was fantastic!!!
    But truly, everyone in the team gave it 100% this time. Really nice to watch!

  18. Seo Jisuk!. Such an amazing man! Come on team do not drag him down! Let him fly! U can see from his facial expression he doesnt like how the game flow. Even Junghwan also looks dissappointed

  19. Too bad they cut the competition short, they played really well and improved a lot. Baro Scorpion^^ I'll miss this team~

  20. 왜 호동이가 자꾸 뛰니… 형도니 시키지… 에혀… 적당히 하고 승리에 길을 택하지… 너무 욕심내는구놔

  21. Once Junghwan gets his head in the game, he's sooo charming!
    Heart Junghwan <3
    This show makes me love foot volleyball! Awesome game!

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