Conan Plays Australian Rules Football With The Sydney Swans – CONAN on TBS

Conan Plays Australian Rules Football With The Sydney Swans – CONAN on TBS

(heavy metal music) Leave it to Australia to come up with their own version of football. For a natural athlete like me, mastering this sport would be child’s play. Meet Nick Davis, he’s the assistant manager of the Sydney Swans. I’m here to understand the art of what you call footy. It’s football, but it’s different than football. How is yours different? [Nick] It’s a round field. So, there’s no offense and defense. [Conan] No offense or defense? [Nick] No offense, no defense. No helmets. [Conan] No helmets? [Nick] No helmets. No pads. [Conan] No pads? [Nick] No pads. [Conan] How do you know when you’ve scored a touchdown if it’s round? It’s like a field goal. Kick the ball between the goals. Okay. I should point out, we’re underneath the, (plane engine roaring) you practice at the airport. At the airport. It’s good for the communication. Right. (plane engine drowns out speech) There’s a lot of, really, positives of being at the airport though, mate. You know what’s great? I didn’t hear any of that. That’s alright. Neither do the players, too.
I didn’t hear a single word. I’ve played quite a bit of football in my day. It looks like it. I find that a bit sarcastic, but I’m gonna take it. Alright.
That’s fine. The other thing in AFL is, there’s no sleeves on our jersey. So, it’s really important, if you’re gonna be an AFL player… Okay. That you work you this area a lot. Okay, what do you think? How do I look right now? I said you need to work this area. You think I need to work this area? A little bit. We got you these bright yellow Nikes, so it will give you the illusion of speed. Even if the speed’s not there, you’re gonna look fast. Yeah, you’re gonna look, you’re gonna have all the gear. You’re a rude person, Nick. You’re a rude person. I deal in facts. (heavy metal music) So, Nick, what do you think? The boots look good. This is a sponsor, too? QBE, yep. You’re probably also sponsored by Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss. Yeah. Looking good. This is it. I feel like I’m going off to prom and you’re my dad. I’m taking you to meet the guys. Stretching out. Stretching out! It’s quite simple for a master like yourself. It just comes back. And…yeah, okay. So, holding it, and like, nice and straight, kick it. Do we just kick it like that? Who’s laughing? (laughter from Nick) Who’s laughing? This is a circle of trust! We support each other as a team! That’s what the Swans are all about! So I want you to jump down to that second black line. Turn around and I’ll kick it to you. Faster! (marching band music) [Nick] Yeah, that’s alright. In a game I think someone would’ve got you by now. Alright. There’s one more thing. You need to be able to take a specky. What’s take a specky? [Nick] Catching the ball while standing on someone else. There’s no laughing! We’re a team! Who’s the teammate who runs around in the orange thing, dressed like a jar of mustard? Who’s that? Oh, no, this is just a training aid. Oh, this is just for training? You don’t wear this during the game? No, no helmets ever. Well how would I get up on his back if I didn’t have the orange thing? Athleticism. Ability. Desire. Okay. Close! We’ll keep trying ’til we get it! (marching band music) (Conan grunting) We need to get you physically ready to play. So, there’s no helmet. Right. No pads. No pads. Who’s gonna take me down? This guy here? [Nick] Yep. Step forward! Jesus, Lewis. When did they thaw you out? This is incredible. So let’s, should we just do a practice one with Lewis? Here we go. (Conan grunting) It’s yours. Back down the line. (Conan grunting) Put him down, Lewis. (Conan yells) Okay, now I’m gonna need your strongest kicker. [Nick] Will! [Conan] Could you come over here, Will? [Nick] We need you, man. Will, this is important. This is a ball I’ve had specially made. It’s got Jordan Schlansky on it on both sides. He’s one of the most hated people in North America and around the world. It’s important you really hate this guy as much as I do. Can you say you hate him? I hate you. You don’t do anything at the show. You don’t do anything at the show. You just make yourself expensive coffees. You make yourself expensive coffees. You act like you know everything about Italy but you don’t. You act like you know everything about Italy but you don’t. Alright, kick his head into the next century. (laughter from Conan) Thank you! Alright, thank you so much, guys. You taught me that this is not the sport for me. Maybe no sport is the sport for me. (plane engine roaring) And now comes an airplane. (bleep) you!

100 thoughts on “Conan Plays Australian Rules Football With The Sydney Swans – CONAN on TBS

  1. "leave it to australia to come up with their own version of football"…….. said the american… coughs in british

  2. The following week, a group of players from Australia, France, Wales and England taught Conan about something called "Rugby".
    He was never seen again.

  3. 4:59 He dragged Conan like mother take out her very naughty son from playground society immediately 😂 very impressive streght!

  4. Why would he be taught to play AFL by the Sydney Swans? The ones who are 4th LAST in the ladder. No wonder he ended up being so bad. He should have gone to the Greater Western Sydney Giants because they are better and 5th from the TOP

  5. Aaa

    Soccer the most powerful sport on Planet Earth has four billion fans and loved by every country on earth or over 240 countries including dependencies> afl only has six million fans and loved by four Australian states

    Soccer a sport for all religions, race, backgrounds, nationality jshv

  6. Conan's lucky he didn't turn up 20 years ago, or his shorts would have been very close fitting indeed. Budgie smugglers, almost.

  7. I don't get that first line. Every nation that invented a code of football invented a code of football. Or in England's case, three codes of football. Ireland has its own too. America has one, Australia has one. Canada has a variation of one. And I'm sure there are several more scattered far and wide.

  8. At 5:02 Conan looks like he is getting attacked by his older brother for stealing his diamonds in Minecraft

  9. ‘Come up with their own version of football.’ Except for the fact that Australian football predates American football by about 50 years.

  10. Kevin hart: why the level of whiteness…😂😂😂
    He looks whiter than any white people in australia 😁😁
    Still the best host in america till this day to me 👍👍

  11. I love Conan. As an Aussie I don’t find American talkshow hosts funny at all…but Conan he always makes me laugh. He’s willing to seem silly but in fact that is brave when everyone else is so self-conscious. 🥰

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