Hello and very good to all team! I am Alejandro
Sabou from Living4Football and in the video of Today we are going to see how to prepare for
soccer game. Let’s see what we can make soccer players to increase
our performance said day and we’ll see how be able to face the game in the best way
possible. Soccer match day is that moment for which we have been preparing
all week and surely a lot of more time. So, it’s the time and place
to demonstrate everything we are learning. IF this topic is interesting to you, just you
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We can improve our comfort, our trust and our well-being in the field
Soccer, stay with me in this video! There are soccer players that by nature,
they are more relaxed, and others than maybe Be more tense that day before you start. It doesn’t matter what type you are. Maybe it calms you down
listen to music, maybe it helps you talk about that may help you think about other things …
We each have a different ritual and in the end, the experience and habits that time gives us,
makes us almost always perform the same pre-match activities No matter what type of player you are,
In this article, we want to talk about what that we can control objectively. Our recommendation is that, if you have a
“Ritual” or mania, whatever you can control and not that it is not up to you to be able
doing so can create anxiety because of the uncertainty This is scientifically
checked, huh! And if not, look for a book of sports psychology and you will see that I have
the reason. An example of this, that is to say that we play
better with our local shirt instead of With the visitor. If we self-suggest
that we play better with one than with another, the day to go visiting, maybe we
Let’s generate more tension than we should. This is an exaggerated example, but we want
that you understand what we mean by You can control the ritual or not. Well, here are the tasks, activities
or habits that we believe you should have in count game day to optimize
your performance! Everything controllable by you. Adapt them to what you think will be better for you. go away
Trying without fear. Light movement
Move a little. Walk, leave the house and give a walk. Make joint movements and active
A little your body. You’ll appreciate it when play, because if you stand in the game
after all day flattened, you can It costs you to boot. You don’t have to take several kilometers.
Alone, breathe some street air And wake up your body. Master the ball smoothly
I recommend it 100%. If you don’t feel like doing it in your house, no problem, this is more
that nothing to gain confidence for that day With the ball. Do it, even if, in heating with
your team. When you go out to warm up everyone in group, do the rest, but if there is a
moment of respite, ask for a ball and dominate The ball with all the parts of your body.
Drive the ball or take a few passes with your companions. It really helps trust and will give you
tranquility. Foam Roller
The Foam Roller is a roller that has many benefits when downloading and heating
the musculature and joints before or after of a physical effort. It is getting more and more presence in
many sports for these tasks and we we use it often when we are charged
or we want to be a little more active for A match or training. We recommend you try it! Of course, if you do not have a Foam Roller we leave you
down here in the description a link to that you can do with it quickly from
your house. If not, another option is to massage yourself with a
tennis ball or maybe fill a small bottle of water, we freeze it and slide it
if a Foam Roller was simulated. These are some solutions that you can have easily
and walk around the house The following is: Eat healthy.
Food is your energy for game day and a key piece for your performance. Do not
you must leave it only for game day, but for your day to day. The requirement in any sport is maximum
and eating well will help you endure better the training and efforts of the meetings. If you know how to take care of your diet you will get
increase your abilities as a footballer, as we teach in our section on “Nutrition
and healthy life ”from our YouTube channel and our website Also, if you don’t know, we are
doing personalized and individualized advice with our EfficientFootball teammates,
where we teach to manage our workouts to improve our strength, endurance,
physical preparation in general, we help you to prevent injuries and learn a little
nutrition so you can improve as soccer players. So, we remind you that with the code
“L4F” you will have a € 20 discount if the you ask This is related to the following,
but, another task that you must take into account It is to have a good hydration. Another key part of nutrition is hydration.
Water plays a fundamental role in the operation of our body, so we must have
very much in mind that we are properly hydrated whenever we go to train or play. Even
in our day to day so that there is a correct body balance. The amount of this will vary depending on
of your daily requirements, but you can use your urine to know if you are in a
proper situation. We will not go into details, but at least, you should know that you should
be clear so that your body is well. And the last one is that you visualize the plays. Have a positive mindset, the best athletes
They have always done it. Imagine moments that can occur in the game and how can you
solve them before they happen to you. This, can prepare the body and mind in case
they are given in the future, giving them solutions that will help you solve situations
diverse. If it helps you, look at your idols or players
reference to get ideas of how they solve the different situations of a
soccer game. What are you central Choose a central that
you like it and look at what he does. You are Forward? Well the same. And good team! These have been the little ones
tips to know how to prepare a match Soccer as a player. We recommend that
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  1. Grasias por la info. Me gustaria que hisieran videos de delanteros auque igual son buenos estos, me gusto lo de que juegan mejor con la camiseta de local que con la de visitante y es verdad conosco a compañeros que no juegan bien con la de visitante

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  5. Jajaja el primer día que fui me puse mis canilleras y me las había puesto re mal porque en mi vida las usé (era muy incomodo y no podía hacer dominadas o algo así)

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