Como Patear con Potencia en Futbol (Chutar Fuerte con Empeine ) – Videos, Goles & Jugadas de Fútbol

Como Patear con Potencia en Futbol (Chutar Fuerte con Empeine ) – Videos, Goles & Jugadas de Fútbol

Hi everyone, I’m Guido from Football Tricks Online And today I’ll show a very effective technique to make a powerful shot To begin, you already know that there are 3 principle techniques in football: To shoot with the internal side of the foot, to shoot with the external side of the foot, and lastly, to shoot with the instep and is the most powerful technique If you are also interested in learn to shoot with the internal or external side I will leave here 2 squares were you can click to watch the tutorials that we have in our channel That will show you this techniques step by step! But today, we are going to teach you the instep-shoot technique If you want to perform a very powerful shot This is the best technique you can use So, to shoot with the instep we are gonna use the upper part of the foot all of this is caled the instep But, if you take a look we also use this part that has a bone getting close to the internal side I’m touching here and it’s very hard but this part, that is also the instep, is not that hard We have to kick the ball with the instep, but if we can kick it with this part of the bone, much better Because is a very stiff part And will generate a lot more power when you shot But be careful, because if you place your foot wrong you will start to kick the ball with the internal side and that’s not what we want We have to kick it with the instep but be aware of that the bone is always closer to the internal side This is the exact part where we have to kick the ball because is where the bone is, and it’s stiff Don’t think wrong when I say that we have to use the instep Don’t think that you have to kick it like this, do never do this Dirctly straight to the ball, do never do it this way Because, when you do this, you will kick the floor and what will happen? the foot will o back like this and will pull this tendon I already got injured doing exactly what I just said So be careful if you want to avoid injuries If the goal is in front of me, what we don’t have to do is to go straight and kick the ball straight like this It’s what I said before you should’t do Beause you can injure yourself Another similar injury to the one of kicking the floor, this one you will actally hit the ball, you will go straight to the ball and kick it this way and what happens? that you will contact the ball with the lower part, not with the instep, but with the toes And what will happen is that when you kick the ball, you foot does like this The same as kicking the floor, but instead of kicking th floor, you will kick the ball even though is the ball, if you kick it hard it will have the same impact of the foot and wil pull your tendon I’m telling you this, because it actually happened to me So be really careful with these 2 injuries And now I’ll show you the right way to kick the ball correctly So, the correct way to avoid the injuries but kicking the ball correctly at the same time, instead of kicking the ball straight like this, we will turn the foot a little bit to the side So what’s gonna happen is that you can now kick the ball without kicking the floor and even though you will kick it wih the bone, the stiff part and that’s what we want avoiding any injury You turn your body and your foot a little bit and kick it, and that’s what all professional players do We kick the ball having our body a little bit leaned so that you place your foot right under the ball and not get injured The difference between passing the ball , changing orientation and to shoot a very powerful shot is that when you kick the ball, you kick it the same way but then with the instep, you place your body like this so the foot makes like a little turn The foot goes like to the side, and when you kick, it turns straight As we can’t kick it straight because we hit the floor Is like we go to the side and then it turns straight That’s why when we always shoot, like to the side, we do like this, and then your body turns straight like this If we shoot as I said before, leaning our body and not truning your body straight to make a powerful shot with instep that will make the pass for changing orientation and the technique they use for this type of shots is this We kick it ike this, leave our body straight and it’s a powerful shot, but it’s a lob-pass it doesn’t go straight And what we want is a powerful and straight sho So, to generate this instep shot with power, We are gonna use the same technique as in changing orientation A little bit to the side like his But as soon as we kick the ball, we are going to make a little jump We kick the ball, jump, and our body will be facing to the ball’s trajectory In this way, we run to the ball, kick it with the instep and stabilize our body like this And that’s what makes it a very powerful shot Much more powerful than the changing orientation pass What I said, the foot like to the side with the jump, we stabilize it and make it straight and that’s what will make it powerful A very common and important mistake Is how you position yourself for the shot Instep kick are also characterized because they always ge really high it’s a very common mistake and it’s very easy to position yourself wrong so that the ball goes to the clouds To avoid this what we will do is, when we kick the ball and we jup, we lean our body a little bit to the front if you lean it a lot, the ball won’t get high and will go by the floor and that’s not what we want and if we don’t lean it, it will go to the clouds so you have to search something in the middle how to position yourself when you are going to kick jump and position your body straight, and a little bit eaned if you want that the ball goes up to bottom But you have to be aware of to not lean it too much to the back or to the front It has to be something in the middle so that you have the perfect instep shot And how are you going to achieve this? Just practicing, in team trainings you can try to do a very powerful shot Maybe you can score a cool goal Also, if you are not in any team, take the football against the wall, try to make a powerful shot Practice until you can make a powerful instep shot However you want, the important thing here is to practice To finish, we are going to talk about the distance It’s something that I don’t tink we have to give so much importance Lately in Youtube, people are always talking about how many steps, 3 or 5… Mnay weird things The thing is logic, if you are too close you won’t generate power, you will be in a very uncomfortable position You won’t generate that power to shoot If you are on the other side of the pitch, you will already be tired and you won’t have coordination Because what you need is coordination, That’s why porfessionals, start placing their foot here Because then they take 1 step, 2 3 4 and then back again, 1 2 3 4 Is just that calculation To give those perfect steps So that when you are here, you have a good posture Just take some steps back 1 2 3 4 I think that I have a good distance from here, good power, If you want 1 or 2 steps further It doesn’t matter, if you wanna go like a beast take 7 steps back And kick it very hard, anything you want The thing here is to practice what’s confortable for you! One thing to be aware of, when you are going to kick, the foot that you are going to use, pull it back before kicking Run then pull it back, to generate that power A instep shot can be very effective that you an use in many situations in the field, and a very powerful shot that can surprise But be aware that the instep shot has not that much precision as other techniques For example, the internal kick When you kick withthe instep, you kick more or less where you want the ball to go The rest is luck, it can go a little bit to the side, If you can refine the shot, maybe you can achieve to kick it exactly where you want it to go But it’s very difficult that the ball goes exactly where you want Instead, with a internal kick has much more presision, and if you practice it a lot, you have more possibilities to kick the ball where you want it Or to kick it right next to the post, it’s very difficult for the goalkeeper But with the instep is a little bit more different you need more power, than precision So be also aware of that for your instep shot! Ok guys, I hope you liked this tutorial to be honest we where ere recording a couple of hours taking a lot of shots because this is more complex than normal It’s more difficult to explain this because it’s very technical something difficult to transmit and communicate to you so that you understand it, etc I’m very perfectionist, I like to make good tutorials because this stays for ever in our channel And I like to make good tutorials,and that you understand it in the best possible way And it took as a lot of work, so I’m going to ask you that if you liked it, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up you can also subscribe to our channel, we upload videos every tuesday and thursday Follow us in social media to be aware of news see you next time!

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