College Football Tailgating

College Football Tailgating

(clattering) (drums) (sewing machine clicking) (relaxed music) – [John] All right, so Jen and
I are about to participate in one of America’s finest traditions, and that is college football tailgating. We are here at the University
of Southern California for the Stanford football game. We also have David here with us. – What’s up? – [John] And this is his first college football experience, period. – I’m speechless, guys, I’m speechless. – David’s mind is blown (laughs). Jen and I did not go to
either of these schools, but we’re just here for a good time and want to see how California does their football tailgating. Let’s go. Is this– This guy’s at the wrong place. (strong baseline music) Strip club’s somewhere else, bro. (rave music) (jazz music) – I haven’t missed a
home game in 19 years. – [John] Wow! – So next year we’re going on year 20. – [John] How long have you guys been here? – [Man] Drinking this? – At least 15 years. – In here? At least 10 years. – Right on, Trojans. Class of 1989. – [John] 1989, all right! – Never miss a game. This is my posse. – We always do cornye-de-sala right here, 30, 40, 50 pounds. We do breakfast in the morning, so we just make it happen, man. – You can have six people
that can do it at one time. So you can pour six beers in there, and then obviously, the
rest is self-explanatory. (John laughs) – [Funnel owner] You know,
you drink as fast as you can. – Look at all this behind
us. There’s so many people. It’s making Jen miss
college just a little bit. – I might go back. I miss just having fun. That makes me sound so sad.
– I don’t have fun anymore. I’m so– I don’t have fun anymore. I’m like, at work at a tailgate. I don’t have fun anymore
(bursts out laughing). ♫ Jen doesn’t have fun anymore… ♫ Jen doesn’t have fun anymore… – We made it to the student section. – We are in the heart of it right now. – The heart. (dramatic music) (cheering) – [John] How does SC tailgate? – It’s so much fun! It’s slayed, dude! – Literally, nothing better.
Nothing better in the nation. – Nothing can compare. – That pisses me off that you
have a Stanford shirt, there. – Sorry, dude. – I mean, it’s a little
disrespectful, I think. – Why are you picking both?
Why not just pick one? – For example, why are you picking both? – Jen and I have been getting a lot of weird looks for our shirts. – People hate us. – Yeah. – Fuck Stanford! – Someone just told me to fuck off. – To be honest, I’m feeling
very out of my element. – Fuck Stanford! – I don’t think we can
keep this up much longer. Like, what do you think of the sewing job? This is our first time ever sewing. – All right, we just got
drink and food tickets. David’s mind is blown. (boom) (clanking) So every college has traditions, so USC has one where you kick a flagpole. That’s the sound that
you’re hearing right now. (clanking) Some things just don’t need to make sense. (happy music) (clanking) – I’m, like, pretty excited
to go watch the game. – [John] Why are you so excited? – I don’t know, I just
love the energy here. ♫ Jen doesn’t have fun anymore… ♫ Jen doesn’t have fun anymore… – It’s time for the football game. We are following the crowd.
Here we go. Game day. – I don’t know any rules about football, so throughout the game,
John, can you please explain to me what’s happening? – Yeah, I can do that. – [Jen] This is a long line. This is the longest line I’ve ever been in to go into a sporting event. (trumpets) (cheering) – Touchdown! – USC just scored. (cheering) – Found my seat! Found my seat! – [John] Found your seat! – [Jen] I’m here! This is wild. The horse! Go look at it! (cheering) – That’s a touchdown. That’s a touchdown. – How many points? – That’s six points; you
gotta score extra points. – We’re cheering a lot. (cheering) Mostly for USC. – Let’s be honest, we’re just
cheering for a good game. – We just want to have
fun. We just like sports. (cheering) – Yeah! – People go to Stanford from our state because they hate where they
are and where they’re from, so they accidentally go to Stanford. (cheering) – Halftime. The marching
band’s about to go up. We’re going to go meet up with some friends and get some food. – [Jen] Thank you. – [John] Oh, snap! (Jen stutters in disbelief) – [John] What is that? – I don’t know. It’s a lot of ice. (commotion) – [Man] Tell him to shut the fuck up! (indistinguishable yelling) ♫ Jen doesn’t have fun anymore… (cheering) – Yeah! SC won! The team won! ♫ Go team, throw the ball and score ♫ We just don’t want to be bored. ♫ We hope that the refs call a fair game ♫ Be careful, concussions hurt your brain. ♫ Line up, here we go.
Do a play. Put on a show! ♫ Who’s going to win? ♫ We don’t care! ♫ We just want a good
game! Sports are fun. ♫ And we hope that you are with us, too ♫ because life is great! (drums) – Now, when I say “who”,
you say “cares”. Who? – Cares. – Who?
– Cares. – Now, when I say “have”,
you say “fun”. Have? – Fun! – Have?
– Fun! – Can you turn this music
off, please? Thank you. We are driving back. People
get rowdy at tailgating. If you’re looking to get a little rowdy, a little raunchy, a little saucy… – Definitely saucy. – This was David’s first tailgate ever. David, what’d you think? (David cheers hoarsely) (laughter) His mind was blown the whole time. There was a lot of times, David, when I was looking at you and your mouth was just open.
– I was just, like… – Your eyes were huge.
– I was speechless. Wow. My most American experience in the States. – Football and tailgating
is pretty American. – Very. – Okay, let’s go get these tacos. – Yeah. Yum yum. – ‘Cause we’re friggin’ hungry. (eating noises) (piano music) (chopping) (sizzling) – Yep, uh-huh. – [John] All right, David’s
first street meat experience. (David laughs) – [John] Click on the
left to watch another “This is Mythical” video. – [Jen] Click on the right
to watch another, another “This is Mythical” video. – [John] And, click the circular
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  1. Advice for Jen: if you seriously want to go back to college for the fun environment, do NOT get a master's degree. There is no time for fun in graduate school.

  2. The KU (University of Kansas) basketball tradition is that a ton of people get random newspapers and while the announcers are announcing the other team the college students shake the newspapers in front of their faces and then rip it up. 😂 I love my favorite team

  3. This is very American. College sports don't really matter everywhere else. (I personally don't understand why they matter here, especially since they don't get paid and the education the athletes get is subpar.)


  5. Watches the video and laughs at the funny things* America is so weird * sees tacos * OMG those are some great tacos, Mexican mode on

  6. We need a like end of season, Rhett & Link react to the videos on this channel or something.

  7. First off, the editing on this video is like an Adult Swim show and secondly I can't go to tailgate parties. First off I don't drink, which I don't care if people drink, you do you, so I feel weird being around multiple people who are offering me drinks and I hate being around people who are so drunk they can't even form a sentence. I guess all around I'm just a buzzkill.

  8. John and Jen's friendship reminds me of my own friendship with my male friend. Me and Jen are both lesbians, tomboyish but also easy to make fun of… While John and my friend is the hilarious and ecstatic friend.

  9. Holy food!!! Got so hungry watching this video!! And OMG I forgot how much liquor is at tailgates!!! It's been 20 years since I graduated, glad to see they still keep up the food and booze traditions… 😃

  10. You guys should auction off those shirts and donate the money to charity!!! They are so cool (even though I know all they did was cut and sew them together) they are really cool

  11. Honestly some of the best editing i have seen in such a simple video. Like the zoom in on Jen in the glasses. WHO DOES THIS? xD

  12. This was a great video! I love college football, and I have been tailgaiting at college football games many times! At the best college in the world no less, Michigan State University! GO GREEN!

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