College Football Coaches Poll

College Football Coaches Poll

the most disappointing teams it seems
like were in the USA Today coaches poll this is
the first glimpse the 2013 2014 college football season so algorithm of your huge college football
fan that he too low to bed he gets off work so a and a huge Georgia football fan
will get the georgians the moment so I don’t disagree with the top three maybe
the top four Alabama no surprise you don’t disagree
with Ohio State no I don’t their undefeated last year
first about okay but there on haiti needs a little
they barely beat Purdue Michigan Indiana like baby they would
have gotten slaughtered with anyone else a gradual art understood yeah here’s my point from
USA today over the last ten years the team ranks second in the polls gone on
to finish the season at number 14 times I’m thinking Ohio State might be able to do that
develop them as a flip-flop I will play it money on the fact that Ohio not that I
will bet you right now and I never bet what you gonna bet I
have no I would but three pennies what do you
think when you gonna be home at a hundred I really I wanna 100 bucks and a very
liberal and stay you know I okay I’m just saying a decade
just it’s not gonna happen that is that i three boats those three
votes for Ohio State to be number one those
were those for Urban Meyer those are not
those for Ohio State considering that they lost Carlos Hyde and might be shamed I a shifting my
thinking think I magnin I by the no I’m not gonna
take that just because I help I’ll say it wouldn’t surprise me if they want it
this year because they were so good last year they
deserve to be in a bull granted what happened happened and you
know would whatever that’s that’s fine it’s nothing compared
to in a Penn State and Penn anything penn State is on a whole nother
level but they went undefeated thurgood T number 2 I’m fine with I’m
totally fine but number two I love the passion though for me Nikki
so number 38 be University Nike Oregon Ducks your
basic because I here number 4 Stanford number five in
Georgia are rounding out the top 5 p.m. you
don’t agree with the Ohio State you read the Jordan identify I do agree with
george although I will set of course a min agree with Georgia so you have to do I don’t agree with the
Bears who when people say oh they’re going to be great now that i’m gonna be
great that’s true I don’t and little unsure
about our defense cracked by why why because we lost like 12 our starters last year I mean our
defense is selling new they’re so young again that’s so important in the SEC def I
mean you gotta have a defense out there that knows what the hell they’re doing
because you will get eaten ally and they were five yards away
from from hating Alabama mean that we’re sided that was the national championship
game absolutely 100 percent absolutely almost be Alabama yeah okay
so Anna offense our offense is solid I I love
their worry we got Arthur Lynch Jr there I he’s the cutest in our area %ah alright
I hey and we got you know not Mitchell we’ve got girly God really
solid offense here but I’m really excited about our
defense adjust I just wanna see on their feet number
six the Johnny manziel’s Texas A&M number seven the Steve Spurrier South Carolina number
eight double sweeney’s Clemson Tigers best name in college
football number nine Louisville number 10 Florida I’m just gonna go to
number 11 cuz it’s an absolute shown a fluke Notre Dame is ahead a Florida State LSU
I Texas lol I Oklahoma Michigan come on
let seldom this I had so much loved it so
much love and it’s drives me absolutely bonkers any other any other schedule they would lose they
would lose also they lost meant I tayo they lost they don’t have golson know how many
reasons starting cornerbacks come on come behind guys really you’re gonna put
them at number 11 its it and even okay have a crop a quote
from the head coach Brian Kelly I’m ralph said we r under construction right now its
2013 we are putting our football team together but the foundation is at number
24 USC should have should not be in the top 25
I don’t think so I mean it’s just laughable the season that they had last year
they’re not going to be as good this year it was the starting quarterback in
Matt Barkley they lost everybody it seems like on
their offense and now they’re still in the top 25
amazing dunno that’s another school that somehow gets
the gets a vote I got a lot a lot like that you know I
love just like Notre Dame gets a lotta less and not on the level Notre Dame that
nobody is on the level gathered around the world add date are
in their own will but they are another school to get a lotta
love arlyne accolades for its earnings now that they’re not gonna rebuild and
I’m not gonna be great again USC I don’t think they will be fine just
aren’t right now yet and they’re not deserve it up to me
as reno UCLA’s gonna own LA over USC which idk someone sober I mean
like they go through the spurts alike Alex UCLA for like four years and then
USC for like six and back and forth so yeah that’s the coaches poll bata’a VA
USA Today I hopefully will want to see another
Urban Meyer neck say that showdown in the national championship both I guess what

72 thoughts on “College Football Coaches Poll

  1. Thats a tough one, Mack Brown hasnt been able to assemble a good class at texas in a few years. Im not a homer, but as a fan rick, Im going to roll with usc. Monte Kiffin is gone . Marquise Lee is gonna have a big season , I think USC can be ranked at the end of the season.

  2. And Georgia also benefitted from the EASIEST regular season schedule in major college football.. It might not be that easy this year and they have a worse team.

  3. Looked at oregon's schedual last year it was an absolute joke they played one good team in stanford…and they lost and who beat stanford again, Notre dame and yet you say that Oregon diserves that number three spot and that notre dame is over rated.

  4. Oregon???? Really????? Come now. That's like saying that The Bills will be have a perfect season and a blow out for the Super Bowl! And who in Sam Hell is this woman???? While Notre Dame got their asses handed to them in the BCS Bowl game, let put it into perspective. Their schedule heavily outweighed the joke that was, and continues to be Oregon. They are certainly in the Top 5 Most Overrated teams.

  5. Do not sleep on LSU, remember a few seasons ago they faced Oregon, Miss State and plus West Virginia all in the 1st month plus that despite of the players that were suspended. The media was going to ride them off, don't do that or they make you pay big time

  6. "I meant 12 key defensive players that all contributed substantially to the GA offense"…huh? i still love you though, great addition to tytsports.

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