Clover football coach: ‘We have solid numbers’

Clover football coach: ‘We have solid numbers’

Well, we have solid numbers and
you know when I first got here we had about 53 kids from nine through 12. When I first got here, right now,
9 through 12, we are sitting at about 148. So when our ninth grade team,
you know, with almost 50 kids, so that’s really a blessing,
what we’re doing right now. Our coaches do a good job and our players
do a good job, we encourage kids. When I first got here, you know,
changing our offense I believe helped too. We don’t spread where you can get those
guys, they’re gonna be out here and contribute a little bit and not just,
you know bought the whole time or whatever but you know, most kids they
bought into it and we had some success. And so
now you know those kids are coming out. Well obviously, our team goals
right off the bat is win game one. You want to win game one. You always want to try to beat your, your
rival, you always want to win the region. You always wanna make the playoffs. You always wanna practice on Thanksgiving. And then obviously everybody right now
at this point is wanting their team to be in that final game to have
a chance at the state championship. So those always my goals every,
every year I come out. That’s what I aim for. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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