CLC(씨엘씨) – 성동구민 CLC EP. 07 : To the sky! CLC!

CLC(씨엘씨) – 성동구민 CLC EP. 07 : To the sky! CLC!

[A day-out in the amusement park that blew off all the stress from busy schedule] [CLC members shouted and laughed to their hearts’ content] [We have made yet another precious memory here] [Sets off for our next destination~] [What’s this song coming out from the car?] I like this song~
-What’s this?? [It is no other than ‘Yaya’, one of CLC’s songs] [‘Yaya’ is the first song with Elkie and Eunbin in the group]
It’s my first song! Ah! you’re right! The first one you recorded [Elkie and Eunbin joined CLC in 2016] [The twinkling and shining 7 girls as One CLC] [Elkie is lost in old memories]
You took me there to introduce me for the first time [I even remember what I was wearing then] So this was the first Korean song you recorded, right?
[Although it was her first recording in Korean,
there was no sign of awkwardness thanks to her hard work] [Car No.2 is also recollecting some old memories]
We never wore gloves before Yes, we did~ ‘Black Dress’
-Ah!! Those leather ones They came up to here!! Lol Because my hands are too big! [The gloves were too small duringpromotion] We are.. the rough ones lol
[The three musketeers in charge of CLC’s girl crush] Yujin or Elkie would have pulled it off.. But we just did this with those gloves (Tossing) [Now they are laughing, but then it was a quite dizzying experience on stage] We would throw them to elsewhere, like on others’ heads So when I tried to take them off, I had to gather my fingers Like this [CLC has made so many memories for last four years]
They would usually expect this, but we were like.. We would have just dropped them already lol [Idols in their fourth year already…] [Success… [Success… Fame…] [Success… Fame… Chart entry…] [They might have some regrets…] At first, it was kind of upsetting What should we do? Can we do it? We should do it, but can we make it? But from time to time, in the midst of those distressing thoughts, We would think, ‘We could do it well, why not? Let’s work hard!’ A lot of people think highly of our trying hard There are people cheering for us There are people working hard for us So.. feeling down in those situations.. Is what we always think we must not do We have a strong belief that we will do well at some point Rather than going up and falling down in a steep slope, We think it’s more meaningful to take slow but steady steps. We think, it will be our turn soon! If we come out this time, we will have more chances this time We want to show people ‘CLC is this kind of team’ We want to show people ‘CLC is this kind of team’ [Episode 7
TO THE SKY! CLC] [One cool summer day with a momentary break from heat wave] [A giddy height making you dizzy just from looking!] [People gliding freely in the sky] [CLC members’ Vacation Choice No.1 – Paragliding] I want to do that! The very place they’ve dreamed of since they moved in [Finally, they are standing at the paragliding site] I really really want to do that! Something we always talk about.. paragliding. We really want to try that But.. I have acrophobia I still want to see that nature and feel that freedom up in the air [Will Seungyeon overcome her acrophobia?]
I don’t know
I could be too scared or too excited… I might even cry.. But I really want to try it [CLC members putting on the equipment with excitement] [She is pretty no matter what she wears~] [Honestly I regret mentioning this.. I’m too scared T-T] Let’s shout ‘Fighting’*
(*Korean way of chanting slogan to cheer up)
[Let’s go for it with a cheering slogan] (Leader’s choice)
[CLC, Let’s Fly!] [Member 4 getting ready to fly with their new wings] I am not confident…
-Wow.. I have seen it [The gauge of cowardice rising up]
What if you get caught in a tree branch..? Has there been any accident here by any chance..? Won’t we have to find out..? She has been checking the number of probability lol
[There’s no need to worry…] [Who’s going for the first START?] [Elkie sets off]
What can I do~ I will go first [Elkie, fighting!] [I am scared I might not be able to run T-T] [Give me power! Power up!!] [Ready to be the first one to encounter the sky] [Countdown!]
I am going! [Run Elkie!] Wow! She’s running so well!! [Elkie is Flying!!] [Elkie T-T] Wow, Look at that!
-She’s great It looks fun!!
(Thrill Mania Leader Jang is excited just to see it) (Touched, Impressed) It’s the sky! It’s the heaven! Wow~~ When I looked down from up above, Wow~ It looks great!!! I wanted to go further, but not lower I wanted to fly in the air
[She wanted to stay in the sky] It was a healing experience! [A sight to melt away all the stress she had] Hello~
(She is showing off her loud voice as well) Who’s next? [The next one to go is Choi Rabbit]
Wow, really.. I didn’t think I was going to do this I am doing all kinds of new things today How do you feel now? I am trembling T-T
Why am I trembling? I am not usually like this I have no energy to hold this
(She is about to lose the camera with her shaking hands) [She just needs to do as she practiced!]
We practiced this before, right?
As you practiced, run softly~ Do I have to continue to run in the sky?
(She is just smiling, unable to answer) [Now that she is about to jump, she’s scared…] I really like this kind of things… [Seungyeon hates it so much] So when I ask her, do you want to try it once?
She says NEVER! I will never go!
[She made so much fun of Seungyeon for being so scared] I want her to try this through this chance Because I think, if you experience something scary once, The next time you encounter it, you can be okay with it [I am okay, but only for Seungyeon]
So in my opinion.. everyone needs some intimidating experience as well Sorry, Seungyeon Ready~
-Wait, wait! [You said everyone needs some intimidating experience] (Tearful) (What should I do) She’s not that heavy, you can just carry her! [Yeeun’s joke made Yujin feel a little easier] Yujin, you can do it [Holding her heart together, Yujin clenches her fist] Fighting!!
[CLC members cheering for Yujin] Uh.. I am crying T-T Are you crying?
[She is a little touched by the members’ encouragement] Yujin, go for it!!! CLC, Let’s Fly! [Will Yujin be able to fly?] [One Two Three] (She is running!) [Yujin’s flying too!] (There there~ Good Job Yujin~) Why was I so scared of this? [A great view coming at one glance] [That cool breeze.. the sky, and me]
The things I felt at that moment I didn’t have to think anything And felt.. ah, I am so comfortable! I am so happy! (The instructor could be a camera director) We are landing now~~
[Choi Rabbit succeeds in landing safely] [The eldest unnie, Seunghee STANDBY] (Nervous a bit?) [How would Seungyeon’s first flight turn out to be?] One two three!
[Running without any hesitation] [The Highest Speed So Far!] (The eldest fading away into the distance in no time) I was really scared before running, But seeing Yujin being so scared right before me the others were starting to be afraid to jump, and I thought Ah! I shouldn’t be scared here….
[I should jump well for the others…] [Born to be the eldest] I thought it was like virtual reality It didn’t feel real!
[A dreamy experience just like virtual reality] [Sorn is full of composure!] (verified by Leader Jang)
[Sorn will definitely jump well]
Sorn will jump easily One Two Three, Run! [Just as expected, she ran off without hesitation!] [Angel Sorn left the earth to enjoy the sky] Oh!!! So cute!
[Sorn leaps off in a baby-like cute way] Why is she so slow?
[At such slower speed in comparison to Seunghee] [Sorn’s slow running speed is disclosed]
Hey, she runs so slowly lol
She runs like this! [Why do you have to be imitating it T-T] We are turning back~ [We are turning back?] [The instructor spins the parachute around] [Oh my god!] (Can’t tell if she’s screaming out of fear or excitement) Look at that! [Sorn’s on that parachute???] The instructor asked her, do you want some fun? Wow.. look at that It was scarier than I thought At first I thought
[How am I going to run from here to there?] The instructor who jumped with me told me [I will make you feel like being on a roller coaster!] I said, no no~ but as soon as I said that He started spinning around and around!
[She was scared by the instructor’s performance] [So I was a bit scared then…] [Yujin, Sorn, Seunghee, and Elkie succeeded in flying!] [Three members are left at top of the mountain] [They are getting ready for paragliding!] This is just great Eh? Are they all of the same size? They’re a bit different
[She wants to pull off every single costume well] [Safety equipment should be checked thoroughly] Turn your head up! How do you feel now? Me? [I feel okay now, but I will get nervous once I get there, right?] This is more intimidating than I thought [Even fearless Seungyeon is nervous right now] I am a bit scared..
(Am I trembling now…?) [They are ready!] (Round 2)
[The first member to go, Leader Seungyeon] Seungyeon, fighting! [Eunbin can’t hide her anxiety] [Seungyeon is bright from the beginning to the end] [Right about to fly off!] [She’s running! Running! Running!] [She flew off!]
(Screeeaams) [She pulled it off!] She’s just so consistent She always makes that sound
[Her excitement can be seen even from far distance] It was scarier than I thought when I began running! When the nature showed up before me, it was just astounding! [Feeling like being healed] Wow~ [The flight continues with a green mountain in the background] [The landscape unseen anywhere else is right before her eyes] We are coming~
-Okay~ [Seungyeon is consistent even in her landing as well] Thank you for the flight Thank you for jumping well You are so good! It was better than I expected I wasn’t scared at all even when I jumped [Seung is over her acrophobia] It was funny, because I am afraid of height [I have been nervous the whole day] [Checking the safety equipment for the last time]
It’s okay, even Seungyeon jumped (failed to cheer her up)
[Seungyeon’s good at this kind of things!] [Dark clouds are rolling in…] [They should hurry before the weather gets worse]
Should we go? One Two Three [One, Two, Run!] Faster! Run! Run! [Eunbin jumps off powerfully] [Eunbin Flies Off] [Now the only one left is.. officially the weakest, Yeeun!] What should I do? I feel like dying T-T Actually, I didn’t want to jump the last I don’t know if it was any other member.. but (the one to go) before me was Eunbin And I couldn’t leave Eunbin alone there So.. I told her (go before me~) I was so scared [Whether the members are there or not made a huge difference] (Come this way~) [Yeeun prepares to run downhill too] [Her nervous expression cannot be hidden] (I have such a big mouth…) [Why did I say I would try this!!!] No, it will be fun… [Now all the preparation is over!] (You can do it! You can do it!)
One Two Three! She’s running! She’s running! [She made it!] [Flying toward the other members along the mountain side!] This was my first time trying (paragliding) When I was in the air, I didn’t feel anything I wasn’t scared.. but [the running part was scarier than I thought] Because it seemed like falling from a cliff So I felt like I was going to fall off after running And I was scared of that feeling of walking into the air [But when I actually did it, I felt pretty okay, so it was funny] I think I could do it again… Rides at the amusement park move even when I think ‘This doesn’t feel right..’ But bungee jumping or paragliding can be done Only if I start moving So, I thought. If I can’t run, and can’t fly, what will happen [What if I just fall off from there?] I started thinking a whole lot of things So.. I stopped while running [It was a bit scary T-T] After I went paragliding, I told the people around me You should definitely try it! [Seunghee became a paragliding missionary]
You should definitely try paragliding It was so much fun [Let’s put on new shoes and run Step on pedal toward the dream Run to the sky Even when you are out of breath Cheer up I am here next to you] We were told, ‘This depends on the condition of wind, the nature’
[Like paragliding where you have to wait for a good wind] It’s not important how I feel at that time Not running hurriedly at the exact fixed time, if we rush, there could be some lacking points
[We wait for our wind without hurrying] there could be situations where we cannot do our best More than anything, we want to show you
[In order not to miss that wind the most of what we have when we can at once
In order to soar up higher] [Trust each other, trust myself] [We continue to run today as well] [CLC’s wind is blowing in] [Look forward to the seven girls flying high up in the sky] [We wish the members would keep this precious memory of healing time for a long time…] [The last trip of today – Glamping] [Of course, one can’t talk about glamping without barbecue!] [We played hard, so let’s eat hard!] [CLC’s hidden entertainment talent starts to explode!] They said we were going to make our comeback in January [The stories they were not able to talk about so far] [Please look forward to episode 8 of Seongdong-gu Resident CLC, as well!]

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