Cities Skylines: Seenu — EP 5 — Football Stadium

Cities Skylines: Seenu — EP 5 — Football Stadium

100 thoughts on “Cities Skylines: Seenu — EP 5 — Football Stadium

  1. Hola a todos!
    Como comentaba en el video hace tiempo que tengo ganas de probar hacer algunos videos en español.

    Mi idea es crear un segundo canal para no mezclar los videos en este. Si bien mi canal en inglés va a seguir siendo mi principal foco la idea es postear videos en español cada 2 semanas o al menos una vez al mes según el tiempo que tenga.
    Eventualmente, si este experimento funciona bien, trataré de dedicarle más tiempo al segundo canal.

    ** El favor que les quiero pedir es que si hablan español/castellano le den un like a este comentario. **

    Ya que los analytics de YouTube son medio pobres en cuanto a métricas de idioma, me gustaría saber cuantos de mis subscriptores son bilingües o al menos hablan español. También me gustaría saber si solo hablan en español y si ven mis videos en inglés sin entender mucho de lo que hablo.

    En principio subiría videos cortos de Cities Skylines, construcciones de 2-3 capítulos máximo. También estoy considerando hacer tutoriales, tal vez en ingles con subtítulos o grabar el mismo tutorial en inglés y español.

    En fin, cualquier pregunta o sugerencia háganle un "reply" a este comentario así no spameamos el resto de los comentarios.

  2. Gonna work on the airport anytime soon? i'm kinda wanna know how you are going to do with the airport this size. loved your huge airport in the other map tho.

  3. Will you make a small railline with like 1-2 trains connecting two main islands? I really enjoy trains in this game and I'd like to see them being used here

  4. hola ya que se que hablas español tambien, te digo que no puedo lograr que me funcione el mod de network extensions 2, sabes cual sera el problema ? ya he borrado el network extensions 1. gracias …

  5. Are you going to make a airport/airstrip? If you see on Google earth those islands you also see Some airstrips.

  6. This series gave me the idea to make my own island and city ^.^ This is awesome. You should make a collection that just includes the mods you use and not the props.

  7. If you start a second channel in Spanish (no idea what you have in mind) and it features different content than what is on this channel but in the same vein, would you consider re-uploading it here as a big time-lapse with some music over it for those of us that don't speak Spanish. If it doesn't add to much to your work load of course. either way, all the best m8.

  8. I wonder how many people thought he was going to build an American Football stadium! Haha! Aguante el fulbo, vieja!

  9. Are people moving in to the houses that you put in manually or are they not considered as "real" residential buildings by the game?
    So basically are they functional or just for decoration?

  10. Heh, is it bad that I installed over 2000 mods before I got a good computer?
    Half of them are tweaks to stuff like textures and light and the others are buildings and road ways.

  11. If you use the No fires mod then all fires in the game are disabled, meaning that even the vanilla fires that will delete a building if it burns down are stopped which used to really bug me because youd have to go around checking that all the services are still there and working

  12. putting the grass on the football pitch just shows neglect and lack of care to that pitch 🙁 … But otherwise the build is great and I like it 🙂

  13. I really love watching your videos, and always look forward to the next episode, but I would like to ask if you could please consider doing a series of tutorials, on how you do your detailing. I really struggle badly with this, and find it almost impossible to know what you are doing when watching your many time lapses. Things like how to properly use Move It! and the Prop Line tool, and how you place and use decals, and paint terrain. I have been looking for some good detailed tutorials on this, but to be honest, there is not that much information available.

  14. I know you love symmetry but I'm wondering what the Football Field would look like with the bleachers moved a bit to the left and extend the track a tiny bit on the right. I don't know if it will work or not but my old Colegio had it like that. 😀

  15. Strict! Please respond me, are you Argentinian?
    I heard rumors a long time ago but i wasn't sure, but now i wan't to knoooooooow

  16. one tiny thing i would suggest moving is the security building in the radio station facility to the other side of the road since you have left hand drive on.

  17. man, i sorta wanna see you do a resident evil-like mansion property some in a swampy jungle on one of these islands – it would totally work with the whole set up….

  18. strict, i don't really think that the English countryside cottage that you have used a couple of times in your residential area and by the radio tower fits the theme of seenu. this is just my opinion.

  19. Maybe you could use something like the waste water things to give the creek a greenish/brownish look, which would also colour the see of course but that would make sense.

  20. That strange image on the wall of the building near the fire station is the photograph of the first russian cosmonot- Yiry Gagarin, who orbited the Earth in 1961.

  21. where can I get this wall visible here 27:13 cause I've not found it in workshop. can anyone please tell me the prop's name? thanks.

  22. Hey Strict, just thought i'd let you know i'm really not enjoying this series. I feel you have taken the most fun/interesting aspects of city skylines (by emulating an real life environment) away from you. I look forward to this finishing and watching any new projects you have.

  23. Claro y ahora que está por terminar Arrowhead Junction tendré tiempo para estos vídeos en español. Saludos desde México.

  24. Strict you may want to check out this awesome radio antenna asset from Armesto:

  25. man, what you think about graffiti in the cities? is a positive moment that gives a life to the city or it's vandalism? and what about general idea of adding graffiti to CS . cause a lot of cities look bold without this modern way of communication. like cities in china for example

  26. Hola Strictoaster!
    I'm italian, but I understand very well Spanish, if you want create a second channel, I think… it's gonna be very interesting (for me)

    oh ye… sorry for my bad english :p

  27. PLEASE READ: for eveone who has this error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object [System.NullReferenceException] Details: No Details

    please disable Ploppable RICO mod. it makes these errors

  28. That Russian buildings from hinterland 12:54 looks crazy for me!)
    And rotate security check 10:46 in microvawe station

  29. You need to leave a gap in when your speaking and saying poor neighbourhood…it sounded like porn bourhood 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. this series is awesome, i really like all the explaining you do 🙂
    i wish i was that good in designing, i always start to do it but it always looks crappy 🙂

    it seems i need to get a tutorial on move it, i never found how to make a line of fences following a road 🙂

  31. Hey. Loving your work. I have worked at telecommunications towers and there are a few details you may wish to include as you clearly like detail. All the cables that run down the tower will all go to a building. They normally put the building as close as possible to keep cable lengths to a minimum they will also have cable trays from the tower around 3 metres high carrying the cables to the building. I know if that's something you can or want to do but thought I'd mention it as you said you couldn't find much information on the topic in your research.
    Hope it helps.

  32. fencing off every residential properties just seems unrealistic let alone a waste of time and an unnecessary bleeding a pc system

  33. You talking about the telecommunication on the island just REALLY made me want a DLC that adds actual things such as TV stations, radio stations and Broadbands stuff!

    So much potential

  34. Im in love with the audiovisual design that you have on your channel. The colors, the style, the intro, the outro, those cinematics, the lower thirds, the transitions, the music, the voice, EVERYTHING. You deserve way more subscribers. It is a pleasure to watch every single video that you record, edit and post. Saludos desde Argentina!

  35. Great job.
    I love the choppers from Natural Disasters, but I hate all my trees burning all the time. I had been wondering if you and Flux had that problem. Will have to get that mod.

  36. A mi lo de los vídeos en español me parece cojonudo, no somos muchos los que subimos CS en español y tener a un experto en la materia sería una maravilla. ¿Cómo es que hablas tan bien ambos idiomas? No es muy habitual…

    I find this an amazing idea, we are not so much people uploading CS videos in spanish and having an expert in this subject would be marvelous! How's that you speak this good both languages? Is kind of unusual…

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