Choose Your Future – European Elections 23-26 May

Choose Your Future – European Elections 23-26 May

Today I’m being born. Like thousands of children
all across Europe. What will the world,
we grow up in look like? What awaits us? Most of us are planned… some of us are a change of plans. And we’ve all made an impact on the world
even before we’re born. Happiness. Love. And fear. An overwhelming anxiety,
almost unbearable. Maybe because the world around us
feels more uncertain than ever. And life has a way
to make us feel fragile and alone, when we know change is coming, and nothing will ever be the same again. Some say,
that we are born into this world alone. But we’re not! From the second we come into this world,
we’re in it together. And the love in the world grows. For every child born, there is another reason
to shape the changing world around us and make an even better future. The challenges we face are global, but together in Europe,
we can lead the way… … and reduce climate change. Make the borders safe. Fight terrorism. Together, we can promote peace,
equality, rights and democracy. Each of us can leave a mark, but together we can make
a real difference. That’s why we vote. Today, I’m being born. Choose the Europe,
you want me to grow up in. Choose your future European Elections. 23 – 26 May

100 thoughts on “Choose Your Future – European Elections 23-26 May

  1. Me and my kind, true Europeans, from Iceland to Greece. From Portugal to to the Russian border. We will put the crooked EU to the sword. Love Europe. Hate the EU.

  2. I love Europe 💙⭐️💙⭐️💙
    What a beautiful clip. Let's make this world a better place for our children.

  3. EU: makes a great video
    Tinfoilheadwearers: STOP IMMIGRATION1! 1!1!1!

    We need immigrants at some point. And it doesnt help to elect populists

  4. Great video – I love the EU! Let's fight right-wing lunatics, they've destroyed Europe once, let them not repeat it.

  5. While I quite enjoy the raging in the comments, how the hell can anyone align a Message essentially saying "Go and vote you lazy a**" with Propaganda, dictatorship and communism?

    Also, why are there so many Brits in the comment section? You'll be gone in the next few months and will have nothing to do with the EU's Progress..

  6. Europe will only be strong and prosperous if we work together. Don't let us be divided by Russia and the USA! I'll vote for a united Europe! 🇪🇺

  7. So ironic to make a beautiful clip with pregnant women and babies, a nice music and an inspiring speech…

    Well, because of silly budgetary restriction from EU, a lot of hospitals are closing or already closed in my country and pregnant women now have to drive 45 mins or even one hour to find a clinic…

    How many deliver their baby at home or when they try to drive to a clinic, end up delivering it in their car, making it much more risky…

    Honestly, that video just show how disconnected you guys are and is the reason why the EU will never be popular.

  8. This video is promoting voting in EU where abortion is fully legal in most of EU countries and most politicians in EU structures defend this slaughter? The child on video was so lucky. Europe needs to wake up and stop with death culture.

  9. And this propaganda is the reason I choose the Eurosceptic Party. I'm sick of seeing how she is trying to blackmail us and play feelings. And we know very well that Eastern Europeans are inferior to you. Thus, creating a manipulative commercial for EU citizens' money to vote for the pro-European parties is very impartial …

  10. Europe rocks! To all the haters: your alternative solutions are shit and everybody knows. Only within Europe each and everyone of us has a chance to withstand the mighty powers of China and the USA. Hard facts show: nowhere in the world are people happier, richer, wealthier, healthier or more positive or optimistic as on this continent. people risk their life to get here. To all the haters: open your stupid eyes. we are in heaven and you paint pictures of the devil at the wall. the only one who ruins this project is you. if you have something constructive to criticize, you're very welcome. if you just like to burn stuff, fuck off.

  11. Znowu terror rozpłodu, tfu promowanie świętego życia poczętego ? Co jeśli napiszę, że świat jest przeludniony, a coraz większa grupa ludzi świadomie powstrzymuje się od niszczenia planety i się nie rozmnaża ?Proponuję adopcję, a nie dorabianie nowych ludzi. Skoro tyczy się to zwierząt, to tym bardziej powinno dotyczyć gatunku Homo Sapiens. Nie kupuj – adoptuj. Nie płódź, adoptuj.

  12. co to za terror rozpłodu? czy naprawdę ludzie totalnie przestali myśleć, albo mają to zrobić i zacząć jedynie się płodzić? mam już szczerze dosyć przeludnienia, niszczenia planety przez ludzi, a także polityków, którzy właśnie takie rzeczy promują. chcesz być rodzicem – adoptuj (jest naprawdę wiele potrzebujących dzieci w domach dziecka), a nie twórz kolejne pokolenia, które będą zagrażać naszemu światu.

  13. A child born is a miracle of God, not evolution. Europe, choose life by choosing God through Jesus Christ.

  14. Una traduzione del video in tutte le lingue europee avrebbe dato più forza al messaggio anzichè limitarlo e contraddicendolo.

  15. How is being born a european particularity ? Every human is born, do you think Asian people just existed since the dawn of time ?

  16. As an eight year old I recognised the frailty of life as my father was an officer within a nuclear armaments regiment in Europe. Our future relies upon our ability to work together as we cannot as individuals or nations work in isolation and effectively meet the challenges in front of us – environmental, political, economic. For this reason I am European first and English second, and I will always applaud those who work for the good of all of us rather than those who have nationalist or interests for themselves.

  17. Together in Europe we can lead the way (cough * poodle of the U.S. * cough), work together, reduce Climate Change (starting WHEN ? – giving incentives for corrupt countries to burn down tropical forests for oil palm planation or cheap soy is NOT the way), making borders safe, fight terrorism (that is a minor problem), promote peace (cough Ukraine ! proxy war in Syria. Camping out under NATO at the door step of Russia, no teeth to defend the Iran deal), equality (tell that the Greece, Portugal the impoverished Baltic states). rights and democracy. Junkers and tax haven.

    In Greece the banks that recklessy lent to Greece were bailed out, the Greek population does not even get the care in hospitals.

    They did not even mention economc justice ! or fair taxation !

  18. No eurosceptic has an issue with european multilateral institutions. You want bodies to assist trade and cooperate in security, no problem. But it's monumentally arrogant to attribute peace in europe to the body that is forcing member states to pay for the privilege of giving away their autonomy. To rebuke nationalism under the flag of a wannabe nation.

  19. Great propaganda for the sheep of Europe….. "oh, a baby is born so vote left wing lunatics" bla bla bla……

  20. Fuck the EU – antidemocratic project never has and never will work. Please everybody vote for your nationalists parties who want independent European states and real democracy. Let's end this stupid EU dictatorship!

  21. The EU apparatchiks finance this garbage with our money, while they try to destroy real europeans and their nations as part of a globalist plan, flood europe with migrants who don`t care for our traditions and peoples because it helps them to get the centralized power they crave, while real european identity and everything that made europe great is dying a death by a thousand cuts.

  22. Stupid video. But please vote. Plenty of small parties are on the list who are not corrupt nationalist dicks.

  23. Fuck the EU.
    Undemocratic, authoritarian, corrupt, with a hidden agenda to create a superstate.

    Forcing govts to re-vote, bribing officials with thousands upon thousands of euros, an executive that is free to that what the fuck it wants. No accountability.

    I hope you fall.

  24. 2:30 "make the borders safe". Huh really? to my knowledge, only Hungarians had an appropriate reaction in 2015, and they were vilified and downtrodden for months and months because of that.
    By the way, I cast my vote. See you tonight for the results.

  25. >Wants to protect borders and fight terrorism

    >Calls nazi those parties that protect their borders and fight terrorism

    Nice try mr Shekelstein

  26. European citizens should demand transparency about how Brussels invest their money overseas. Since 8 years ago, my author's rights are being infringed by the #EU and its partners in the Dominican Republic. See my letter the European Commission 👉 #danillomedina #PresidenciaRepúblicaDominicana

  27. When you are trying to make a non-biased comment but you are strongly anti EU and anti Bureaucracy.

  28. Choice you jest? You, the EU will not allow populists (meaning parties that are actually popular with the voters)to win anything. No matter how many vote it is those that count the votes cast who decide who wins elections not the voters. Funny how the leftie loons in Holland have been celebrating victory all weekend even though the vote count has only just started, how do they know with such surity and confidence they have took victory in Holland? The EU count the votes simples. As they do for all EU elections. The EU MEP's and unelected hangers on will not allow their ride on a very lucrative gravy train to end just or their grip on power, wealth and influence because the Europen people want them gone, hell they honestly believe are our superiors and should be the only ones to decide what is good for us, heaven forbid us ignorant plebs are incapable of making our own decisons, rather we should be eternally grateful to the EU for being so benevolent, allowing us plebs to vote, even exist. All bow down and submit to you masters and dont dare critise or your criminalised.

  29. Cant wait for the EU to finally break apart and burn. It will eventually. Like the soviet union. That will be a day of celebration and joy. For Europe to have a future the EU needs to die.

  30. Yeah keep on islamifiying Europe.
    Whipe the European race and replace it with foreigners.
    Europe shall become freed again.

  31. fuck this propaganda, soviet scum . you got me in 2015 with this kinf of shit , you are the enemy of the peoples of Europe. shame

  32. I'm currently living in UK and my husband vote and mine was denied. We haven't received any letter asking if we wanted to vote in UK or Portugal.
    We need a proper answer to this, because I think this was not accidentally, at my eyes looks like it's quite obvious Uk government didn't wanted us to vote and everyone knows why😤.

  33. Fact if the EU /WORLD follows open door policies then your doomed look at india pakistan china plus they have destroyed their countries now the EU /WORLD is getting over populated many mass breed drive cars run takeaways waste plastic on increase and you use ,you buy , you destroy !! Think
    Political parties like the LIBERALS GREENS UCHANGE LABOUR need to address the cause allowing races into your country is destroying your country world multiculism is to respect a person not to allow it to destroy your future your country

  34. European Union is one of the biggest frauds I have encountered in my life. It is beyond missanthropic. I feel really sad my country is a part of it.

  35. Many Children are born in europe countries. Some died of old age some died of Diseases. Im always european and asian

  36. <<What Europe do you want?>>, is the question at the end of this video. Whell, i dont want this undemocratic EU wich is working actually for the oligarchic Banksters & Capitalists and not for the European Citizens. I prefer a Europe with a political system of 'TRUE DEMOCRACY'. Lets call this new version of EU as <European Citizens Community> or <European Nations Community> or whatever else the majority of European Citizens prefer.

  37. Yo amo europa. 😍
    Y amo a mi pais, Estados Unidos que me permite viajar por todo el mundo con el sueldo que gano por medio de la educacion que me dio.
    Y amo mi sangre mexicana.

  38. Wundert ihr euch nun wirklich warum keiner mehr wählen möchte, oder ist euch das eh nur recht so?

  39. Haced algo productivo que pagamos vuestros salarios las fronteras de Europa dan risa y los acuerdos comerciales con Marruecos están jodiendo a la agricultura española.

  40. A lot of nut cases in the comment section. Actually relieved to see that they are the ones who wanna waste their time commenting on YouTube videos

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