China v Nigeria FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

China v Nigeria  FIBA Basketball Match  World Cup 2019

driving through no way through was it
stolen back no it’s not chance for Nigeria on the alley r1 sit down low get
sit squares up now he backs him down shot getting low as he goes to the
following journey makes it China vibe he didn’t make it
what can we see from him now here’s a code you driving along the baseline top
one had to rearrange to finish that what we needed to stop a foot or two earlier
and that might have gone in Amin who drive it down jam you once it comes out
of the three-point line actually to get it did you see that Matthew throws it down
shall we pocket see done man leaves his man on
the shoe they cross the time line so they can
take that time the Kogi hears a whistle Tanzanian water-jar oh my goodness
as time expires Nigeria can celebrate a big victory and they thoroughly deserved
it Joe hi I’m coping don’t miss the FIBA
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