China v Korea FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019


is wrong on the pickerel raw tax penetration is deflected away park again
after our knees pop from behind the time fan got him later lately somehow I can’t
hold on to it welcome to push has he with him mean what’s the alley my son so
Lee was alright to go get it zipped away from rod they go into the low block as a
tough one from raw but he not sit down his he out on the 3-point line back I
might come to him and roar is out on his own
Rob’s gonna pushes it down bark and all sorts of pressure when he does it stolen
away oh he made such a great block there he
deserved to get a touch on the basketball in that last possession nice
bounce pass but we didn’t need that fake but he got that in the end anyway late
go he has position but go takes the three he’s got the deliverer miss he’s caught
the offensive rebound they need a fix Arkham SATs is here
hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA Basketball World Cup here you want more
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