China v Korea FIBA Basketball match 2019 / 中國韓國籃球比賽 ,

China v Korea FIBA Basketball match 2019 / 中國韓國籃球比賽 ,

into the corner to solo did watch a
constant field the past so sometimes I go the six points eyes but these Chinese
defenders very active bomba checks into the game of Ulsan the bounce pass
intercepted by gold again races up the floor just one hands it off to Joe cheese so
let the Abbate trying to get to the steel so she gets inside really Shaun
sizes pulling away but seen from Joe she said nice hesitation Fanta he’s fine gypsy tu
connais is protected by Sochi great hustle by China right at the end of the
shots line by Joe Rui look at this and this is Joe Chi with the blocking not
for the first time tonight one of his swats
oh the deflection and here Showtime mr. Yi third turnover also has those four fouls
again he was kind of the guy that we thought would establish himself as a
go-to player for them and maybe that will come different stage with record
stations whoa gets it the job is up the spear three if it goes
which it does where the fast break is on for career great play and a big one hand
flush for a raccoon vation than it used to have but he’s so smart just protects
the ball as we see Raghu nuts I just leave three fouls and one for a four
point play that’s pure that’s as pure as it gets
from outside the three-point area so I think we gets blocked by Coolidge it’s a
package now he goes to work goes pay slide and then the strong drive baseline
from ye Darrin and Cooley to block that one career finish it with a flourish
they’d only good penetration from lien makes the two stops the rock that had
been developing for Paradise and leaves been really active so tucked his way
through makes it and one Prince and finishing right at the front of the rim
and he gets his just rewards there’s only throws the three from a
long way out nonetheless for both of these Ludo to Anna knew how many drives
on a big rejection already from rock una calm and confident knocks it down three
seconds to go in the third is Lee again it’s raining threes here in Wuhan thanks
war does Joe Chi hands it off the Yi nice stop by ye and it’s seen enough of
that hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA
Basketball World Cup here you want more click on these videos and hit the
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