Chili Pepper Hot Wings | Football Season Food #2

Chili Pepper Hot Wings | Football Season Food #2

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Today we are doing part two of our football season food and we’re doing the
classic hot wing. But we’re not doing just any hot wing we are doing my amazing Thai
chili hot wing. Now for years I’ve been making hot wings and taking them to
football parties and super bowl parties and even holiday parties and people
always ask “What’s your recipe, what’s your recipe” so today I’m going to go ahead
and let the cat out of the bag on just one of my many hot wing recipes so I
hope you enjoy this. When you try it make sure you comment down below and let me
know how you guys enjoyed it and let’s get started Ok guys so to get started the first
thing I want you to do is go ahead and pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees and
yes I said oven because we are baking these babies not frying . Our family tries
to lead a healthier lifestyle and one of the ways that we do that is by not
frying everything so go ahead and get your oven nice and toasty and while
that’s happening we’re going to put together our sauce for the wings. So the first thing we’re going to do is
put in our dry ingredients and I’ve already done that. We have garlic powder,
onion powder, cayenne pepper,, red chili pepper flakes, and also grated
some fresh ginger to put in here. Now to that we’re going to add our wet
ingredients. Here I have some toasted sesame seed oil, we have some soy sauce,
I’m going to add in some chili garlic sauce, my special ingredient wasabi paste, but shhhh don’t tell anybody it’s a secret, and then last but not least honey Now remember I’m going to put all the
ingredients and the measurements down below so be sure to check that and once
you have all of your ingredients in your bowl you’re going to take a whisk or
spoon and go ahead and get these mixed together and there you go that’s your wing sauce.
Now in this bag I have already washed and pat dry my wings please be sure that
you wash your wings nobody likes dirty meat okay and we’re going to go ahead and
pour the sauce into the bag. Now this is one of those recipes that you guys can make
ahead of time so it’s awesome. You can marinate these overnight, you can
marinate them a couple of hours before, so if you’re having a gathering or there is
some reason why you need to go ahead and get these done you can absolutely do
that. It makes it super easy when you put them in a ziploc bag make sure you get it closed up well
because then you’re going to just mix it all up and make sure that all of those
wings are coated well. Give them a good massage so that they all have some love. Ok you can see now they are all well
coated and again once you’ve done that if you need to you can just pop this bag
into the refrigerator overnight or for a couple hours or you can take this from
bag and straight to the oven. Alright so our wings are done marinating
and we’re now just going to put them on a lined baking sheet and pop them in the
oven ok guys you’re still going to have a lot of
yumminess still left in the bag once you put those wings into the oven
and we don’t lose that. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take that out of the
bag, the rest of the marinade, out of the bag put it into a pot, put that on the
stove, and let it boil so that we can actually cook that marinade and then
once our wings are done we will then take them out of the oven and then do a final
coating of that sauce Ok guys are wings have been cooking at
400 degrees for about 45 minutes so they are all done. We’re now going to take our
wings out of the pan transfer them to a bowl and toss them in our cooked marinade (music interlude) yeah Alright guys so our wings are done we
have them on a platter we’ve added our celery and carrots. You
can add either blue cheese or ranch which every like. Both of those are your
classic dipping sauces for your wings. These are sweet and spicy, super flavorful This is so different from just your
regular standard hot wings. You guys are going to love it your guests are going
to love it it’s going to be one of your favorites so when you try them make sure
you leave a comment below let me know how you like them give this video a thumbs up and we sure would appreciate it i’m sure you’re already subscribed, but if
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Other than that enjoy your wings and we will see you next week bye guys

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