Champions League | Liverpool 4 3 Salzburg | Jurgen Klopp press conference UCL Highlights

Champions League | Liverpool 4 3 Salzburg | Jurgen Klopp press conference UCL Highlights

(crowd murmuring) – Hello. (speaking foreign language) – [Host] Benny first two, we’re gonna have to pass the mic around so we might need
everyone’s help with that, try and catch my eye for
questions if it’s at all possible and we’ll have you on in
the simulcast, likewise. Benny. – [Interviewer] Jürgen,
it’s safe to say you weren’t expecting that when you were three-nil up. How do you explain being
in complete control then being pegged back and then needing to find that response
which you eventually found. – How will I explain that? I think it was obvious, really. We left the very successful
path of the first 30 minutes, it was some of the best
football we’ve played so far I would say, it was against how we also
a little bit later then, very good organized team
with a clear idea, identity, we did everything what they don’t like and on high speed if you want. Scored the three goals,
could have scored more. They changed the system,
that’s not, that’s allowed, and not really a problem usually but tonight it was for us. because we maybe changed for some reason, the approach a little bit like some were in a controlling
mode, some were in a tech mode, and our position we are too hectic, and the main problem was that we tried now to finish our situations off through the middle of the part. They had one midfielder
less in the defensive because I took a bit more
risk, left the number ten in between the lines. So they had one midfielder less and we still tried to push through the center. Lost the balls there, they
passed the ball to ten, he could turn, back off a bit; he could turn, counter attack, so that changed the momentum of the game and because of the specific
history of Salzburg I would say because they
were not really bothered. There are teams that
maybe would break down after three-nil at Anfield, but they weren’t really bothered. We gave, we opened the door, they went, they were running through, chasing through the door, and then they scored the goal
and then, yeah, half time. We tried to adjust, but
they would steal our passes. All the goals they scored, I think, first goal we lost the ball easy, was the second goal or third
goal we lost the ball easy, so counter-attacks when
you are three-one up, that makes not a lot of
sense, but it happened. It was very important, I said to all the colleagues out there, there was a very important
lesson for us tonight, but I prefer massively
to learn it in the game than to learn it after the game. Because if we would have lost four-three it would have been the same lesson. But now we won four-three, so three points and a lot to learn from and, so, I’m fine. I knew before we have to improve a lot, but now everybody knows
it, probably that’s okay. We made it more intense than necessary, but we sorted it result-wise,
three points in a group, game on. So, yeah, now recover and face Leicester. – [Interviewer] So when
momentum has shifted like that in the game though, what is the key to finding the way to win? – Control the game again. We changed system as well,
to give them a few questions, more questions, but the problem was, and one of the problems
of the game maybe was that the first half hour, the boys had to work really hard for it, but it felt so easy, pass the ball left, accelerate, being there, half space. I don’t know how often we had a midfielder in a completely free space. Was it Gini, was it Sadio? We passed the ball through the last line or from the fullback,
it was completely free, right could turn. The only little thing they changed was to change into a
diamond, and how is that? But then in the different
areas, with more man-orientated, Yeah, so you have still to get the ball, but be orientated, turn if there’s no pressure, and if there’s no pressure from everyone, was not there, so we pass
all these balls back, ball right and up and gets against a half and try to do something. We were then too mono-structured. I was already shouting in first half that we have to use our structure again. But that’s easier said,
obviously, than done, and, as I said, a lot
of things to learn from, a lot of things to improve, but still, the time before
the game was winning 4-3, and upon him winning, and yeah. Now we did, so I’m
obviously fine with that, and now let’s carry on. – [Host] Just hold the microphone – [Interviewer] How important
are the fans in those moments when you’re sort of up against it? – The fans are always important. So they’re always
important. That’s how it is. I was, in a game like this,
it’s very important as well that you celebrate a challenge, when you win a press ball or whatever, you celebrate like a goal, like it would have been
against Barcelona or whatever, so I’m like this too. But, it’s obviously not that easy, but the atmosphere was brilliant and after three-three,
obviously, the people remembered, our people remembered
that word and feeling are still something possible and that’s why it was really supportive and helpful, of course. – [Host] The next three questions, Jack over there with the mic,
and the lady at the front, and the other agent. (foreign language) – [Interviewer] Mr. Klopp, congratulations to your team as well. So what dominates the gratitude for Salzburg’s assistant, basically? Or is it the fact that
your team actually managed to control the game again, like
the champions that you are? – I don’t know. I’ll have to
think about that, actually, before I can answer. But it’s not really that decisive. What matters is that we win that match. That’s what a group stage is all about. If it was the knockout stages, four-three would have
been a victory as well, a win as well, but a
one-nil at home for Salzburg in the second leg would
have made a difference. So in the group stages
about winning home matches, also being good in the away
matches as well, of course, but the group is still completely open, that’s the other outcome,
that’s what we wanted in today’s match, that
what we wanted to achieve, and we’re in this group,
we’ve got a chance. – [Interviewer] Yes, Jürgen
Klopp, when it was three-three, honestly speaking were you
scared of losing at some point? Because Salzburg were getting stronger. – While I’m not often scared in football, to be honest with you, but I couldn’t exclude their win either. But that’s not the thing you really feel at that kind of moment. It’s not the goal that annoyed me so much, it was more the way the goal
happened in the preparation. The positioning was just rubbish. A ball in the wrong moment,
that’s kind of forgivable. But we were winning the
match, we were leading, and then to be so open
and to invite the opponent with the obvious strength of Salzburg, that makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, that’s a goal in the
end, that’s only logical. And that’s why, I’m not saying it’s easy to stop that, there were obvious mistakes, but it takes time to work on them. So Leicester are also a team
that are strong on the break, so we need to work on
that a bit more carefully. If you lose a ball at the front, then it’s easier to work back on it, but if it happens when no one expects it, then you’re completely
open in your formation, it makes no sense, and
that was very painful. But Salzburg were great,
the way they did it. I was saying this before, they’re strong and now they’ve showed to everybody else how strong they are. If anyone need the evidence
that they are a strong team, you’ve now got it. – [Interviewer] Thank you. That
was going to be my question. You warned about Salzburg yesterday, you were speaking about a lot of respect. To what degree was this confirmed today, in the first or the second half? – I didn’t really learn anything new, I knew that Salzburg were
going to create us problems, they did that because they are
capable of creating problems. And that’s what this is all about. What’s nice about a young
team with this young history is that you have virtually
no negative experience. They arrived here with the feeling of almost having win twenty victories, they won 6-2 in the last
Champions’ League match, and then for half an hour,
they’re shown what we can do, and then they’re allowed
to kind of breathe again. A lot of players can learn a
lot of things from this match. Salzburg players involved. Nobody was unlucky, I mean,
Salzburg were not happy about losing, of course, but they were happy about
being able to play the game they wanted for a lot of time. But I’ve seen a lot of positive
moments for us as well, and I can’t just ignore
the positive issues and just pretending that we
need to win five or six-nil against Salzburg is ridiculous. I knew that wasn’t going to happen anyway, and after half an hour,
okay, it did look as though it might be possible, but we
just made a wrong decision. Then we paid dearly for that,
we had to run an awful lot to win the game in the end. And we did win in the end. Dave? – [Host] Sure, and then- – Dave? – [Host] There we go.
Offside. Last question. Dave McKenna. – [Dave] Jürgen, for all
the, perhaps, the naivete you showed in defending
in the second half, you still actually showed
a strength of character to come back and win the game, and is that maybe the
biggest change in your side in the experience that they’re gaining? That they can still show
that sort of professionalism and ruthlessness of a top side? – In comparison to two
years ago, three years ago, whatever, maybe, yeah. But it would be silly if
that would not be possible because we did so many good things. If we would now lose
complete faith in ourselves in the moment when things getting a bit more difficult in the game. So for tonight it’s done, but the job will be similar on Saturday and we have only three days to recover, and Chris and folks was
tonight here as a pundit, and all the others were on
the sofa and watched the game, so that’s slightly different
preparation for that game, and I’m sure Bren Rogers
thinks if he protect, like we did tonight, then probably Jamie Vardy will run five
times alone on the goalkeeper, so we will learn, but
we have to learn quick. It’s not that beats come
fast, completely new, it’s usually a strength of us to run, but tonight, for some reason, we didn’t show that strength. But we have to go again and
that we showed character, I’m the last one who would
be surprised about that. That’s why I was not overly
concerned in the moment when we scored three-three, because I knew we will have moments again. I said, we change the system as well, we gave that sign that we are
still here to win the game and not to bring now over, the last, what was it then, I don’t know, when happened the three-three? When did we concede the third goal? Anybody knows when we conceded third goal? (crowd murmuring) – [Crowd Member] Thirty-two. – Yo. Half an hour time. So therefore changed the game again, and that’s what in the moment
what was most important. We did that and so I’m fine with that, but again, it was far away
from being a perfect game, but it was a typical Liverpool game, so very exciting, and it’s over when half
the final whistle’s over. What can I say? I’m really not, I thought after the game maybe I’m angry, but then
I realized I’m not angry, so why should I show up as I am angry? So I respect the
performance of the opponent, and saw a lot of good things from us, we can do better, we will do better, That’s it. Have a nice trip home. – [Host] Thank you very much. – Bye.

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