Champions League Final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

Champions League Final: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

This year’s Champions League final is a
hotly anticpated contest. Real Madrid are in pursuit of their third title in a row,
and their 13th overall, a hat-trick feat not managed so far in the Champions League era
and only three times previously. Once of these was, of course, by Real themselves, who won
the first five European Cups, a hegemony unchallenged since in European football history. In their
way stand Liverpool, fourth in the Premier League, and who have not reached this stage
since the so-called Miracle of Istanbul in 2004/05, when goals from Steven Gerrard, Vladimir
Smicer, and Xabi Alonso clawed back a 3-0 half-time deficit against AC Milan to set
up an enthralling win on penalties, with Jerzy Dudek distracting Serginho, and saving from
Andrea Pirlo and Andriy Shevchenko to seal a win that wasn’t so much memorable as totally
improbable (after the first half, at any rate). Jurgen Klopp has stated that Liverpool need
to be “brave” to counter Real’s experience on European football’s biggest stage; perhaps
channelling some of Liverpool’s resolute refusal to roll over that night in 2005 would
help, too. Liverpool will line up in their customary
4-3-3, while Real Madrid may deploy a diamond-shaped 4-3-1-2 or a 4-4-2, with Zinedine Zidane switching
between the two at various points in the tournament. It is perhaps that stage of proceedings when
it is unlikely that either side will be able to spring tactical surprises, especially so
with these two teams. Liverpool have a well-established methodology: press high, compress the midfield
and attacking spaces, create overloads out wide, and let the front three of Mohamed Salah,
Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane do their thing. Their combination of guile, technical ability,
and pace will be enough to give Zidane and the Real back-line significant cause for concern
– even if you know how a team is going to play, that does not mean you can stop them. Real Madrid’s propensity to surprise is
also smaller but this is more down to their enormous strength of individual ability than
an especially coherent tactical map to which they always adhere. That is not to say that
Zidane is not a tactically astute manager, with an especially acute sense of how to change
things subtly in-game. But Real Madrid are blessed with some players of real talent,
and so their potential formation changes will say much more about whether Zidane decides
to nullify Liverpool, or try to, and let his game-changing individuals be the difference,
or seek to attack and hope that this is the best way to blunt Liverpool’s efforts. Real
will seek to occupy the middle part of the pitch with Casemiro likely to return following
Mateo Kovacic struggling somewhat against Bayern. Against Bayern, in the second leg,
Luka Modric played wide right with Marco Asensio wide left. Modric’s natural instinct is
to tuck inwards but level with Toni Kroos, while Asenio pushed forwards and in towards
the ten position, from which he can roam vertically and horizontally; Isco will do the same if
deployed in this role. As Real’s 4-4-2 does not feature naturally
wide players, unless Vasquez plays on the right, this will allow their full backs to
get forwards, especially Marcelo on the left. It will also create cramped conditions in
the midfield, and give Real something like a match-up against Liverpool’s midfield
three. Of course, Liverpool’s attacking prowess
could mean that Real’s full backs are constrained, especially given how ably Salah and Mane press
in the wide areas. This will be part of Liverpool’s defensive play; as much as they want to win
the ball back high to catch Ramos and Varane too far apart as they look to support a full
back being pressed, it will also help Liverpool keep Marcelo and Carvajal pinned back. This could lead to Real going for a more vertical
approach, with their wider players tucking in and pushing up to create a sort of square
off Karim Benzema and Ronaldo, eager to isolate and run at Dejan Lovren. Liverpool also need
to be careful about their defence’s natural instinct to push up and assist the midfield,
and to mark a dropping-off Benzema, as this could leave Ronaldo in space and able to feed
of long passes from Toni Kroos, or angled balls infield from the wide players. [PIC 13 and 14] Liverpool will, similarly, want to run at
Real’s centre backs – their approach of quick interplays and running off each other
would cause an issue for any defence, and they can look to exploit Real’s desire to
step up and play wide across the back line. Both teams have enormous strengths, but this
is not an easy game to describe in terms of attack versus defence, as perhaps last season’s
final was. In keeping with both team’s approach, and how the competition has unfolded as a
whole, though, this is unlikely to be a cagey affair – both sides know they need to be
on the front foot from the off, with attack the best form of defence. It’s likely to
make for a scintillating game, whoever comes out on top.

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  1. I think Zidane will actually play 4-3-3 instead with BBC resulting in Isco being dropped to the bench because Bale and Benzema have hit form in the recent games and are playing well as Isco hasn't been consistent this season and has only performed in one big game against Juve away.

  2. Van Dijk is just gonna try man mark Ronaldo u know that, we ain’t letting Lovren go against Ronaldo

  3. After all the krap LFC fans are talking. This game is going to get really ugly. I don’t even think Liverpool are going to even touch the ball in the first 20 minutes

  4. zizou likes his teams to retain possession liverpool thrive off opponents who like to push up and attack and can get caught in there defense to offense transition the game will be won in midfield casemiro covers his back line well he covers allot of space and allows the other cms ti advance and make late runs liverpool's press will make it difficult for real to build up using casemiro but he can also stop there quick transitions if to much time is taken building up through midfield and outside players shifting in Marcelo will be caught on occasions by Salah on the counter I see liverpool edging it taking advantage of mistakes real will make in the buildup it's how liverpool have got to this stage of the champions league hard to really see a definite winner though

  5. Everybody talks about liverpool's attacking trio, but their crappy defense will be their downfall. That said, I like both teams, and I'm glad it's not PSG or Man City in the final. Those are fake clubs.

  6. liverpool's defense and goalkeeper are straight aids… if real madrid doesnt wein tomorrow, they should really retire.

  7. real madrid should really shoot from distance. karius is cancer. real has good long distance shooters, just use them. Bale, Isco, Cristiano, Kroos, Modric… even Marcelo and Casemiro shoot well from far away. and again, karius is easily the worst goalie in the whole UCL.

  8. My heart says Liverpool but Penaldo and Uefadrid will win due to paying the ref and this game sadly now being about the money D:

  9. content aside, i just love the way these videos are presented. A masterful display that is both informative and entertaining. The images themselves, of the players and whatnot, are extremely satisfying. The pose of the players is awesome and the style in which they are drawn is great. Reminds me of the how its made show where a single line unending is used, Im sure that style has a name I dont know it. The colors and textures are also on point, they work so well together. Anyways fantastic work, truly awesome.

  10. You forgot the most important player of Real Madrid – Referee !!! He is going to be the game-changing man.

  11. Lovren and Arnold will be destroyed by Marcelo and cr7, karius can't save headers and really long range shots, so 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 will destroy Liverpool.

  12. Everyone in the world(except Real Madrid fan)
    Have been annoyed of Real Madrid dominance in Europe.
    Liverpool has many rivals in EPL but all those rivals also want Liverpool to win this game to bring back ucl in the England.
    But Madrid’s rivals(FCB,ATM) don’t want so.
    Teams from Serie A, bundesliga also want to break Real Madrid dominance so, Madrid and the whole world are separate in this game.

  13. Everyone is talking about Marcelo defensive era what you should know is he is be the left back he can defend and also he can attack that man is a game changer I remember last year against Bayern he did well to make sure roben don't get enough pace I don't salah will be seen this game with casemiro or ramos Liverpool will be humiliated believe me

  14. ronaldo / corners ? kroos distance shots ? high balls in? box midfield ?
    goalie quality ? i mean none has newer – ter stegen ^ ^
    barszellönäs midfield -.-

    if it was half as good as the phRön+ .-

    (with gm?)

  15. Hey there if you guys wanna catch a sneak peek of what John Wick 3 is going to be all about then don't forget to catch tonight's final.

  16. This is not a close game. People believe both teams are at a similar level just because Real Madrid hasnt been performing quite well. But if they show up and play as their potential, they can trash Liverpool. I go with Real Madrid winning big.

  17. Whatever ppl talk about Madrid. I will stay true and pray and pray. I believe We will lift the trophy. Lets see and mark my words.

  18. Who will win the champions league final 2018 ?!please have a look at my video:

  19. Bro, why is the majority writing out liverpool or should I say Mo Salah! Because its all him, he's the one who carried them to the final and will probably deliver it. I mean he will score today and if LFC score first it will be VERY difficult for RM to come back because pool will play counter attack.

    But then again football tactics is MUCH EASIER said than done. So anything can happen, but it all depends on how RM set up and what their plan is for Mo Salah.

  20. Your youtube channel is sponsored and revenue is pretty high.

    Why don't you at least learn how to pronounce foreign names properly ???

  21. Real survived PSG, Juventus, and Bayern. They should manage fine against a side that's been massively overhyped. If they shut down Salah, that's the game for them, and with the best left back in the world that is certainly possible

  22. you my man are a natural! Naration, white board animation skills and simplicity is fking brilliant! It all works wonderfully together and captures the viewers.

    Of course Liverpool will win, just makes sense dont it? RM wont know what hit them

  23. Liverpool only have one way to actually play Real Madrid have options so I think this match will be decided early

  24. Madrid will probably happy to sit back and let Liverpool have most of the ball in the first half. Liverpool need to be aggresive and attack Madrid's left wing as much as they can

  25. Watched this after the watched the final. Zidane showed again his excellent In-game Management. Started Isco first to absorb Liverpool's pressure then brought Bale on to finish Liverpool off. Shame that Salah injured though.


  27. It’s weird watching this after the final knowing that Liverpool’s plan failed once salah got injured 🤔

  28. – Subtle Changes – In Game (by Zidane)
    – Individual Ability

    The bullet points are spot on for Real Madrid in the Finals match

  29. Who knew ot would be such an weird game. Salah's injury, Karius incredible mistakes, Bale scoring one of the most amazing goals in a CL finals…

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