Oh what does up everybody welcome back to
the channel I’m super excited to have the trickshot cop back I’m back
thumbs up have you seen him on the channel before we have a interesting
idea for a video mr. trick shot cop okay what’s that so I know you love donuts
that’s true at the end of this video I don’t know if that’s still gonna be the
case we have some fresh yummy donuts right here that will be eaten throughout
this video all right the idea for today’s videos we are gonna play
one-on-one basketball it’s something people have been asking for for a while
they’ve been wanting to see me play normal basketball not just do trickshot
challenges see if I’m a decent basketball player every point scored you
have to eat a doughnut okay so I get rewarded for you making shot well it’s
gonna be it’s gonna be easy at the beginning and then as the winner starts
to make more more points you’re gonna eat more and more doughnuts we just ate
lunch we just had a little bit of a Taco Bell yeah we did and not a little bit
it’s hard to eat a little bit of talked about we had a lot of Taco Bell
probably a terrible decision it is first person to six so you will have to eat
six doughnuts after eating how many tacos do we have at least five or six so
it’s gonna it’s gonna be a little we’re gonna get a little sluggish maybe you
feel a little bit sick hopefully no one throws up here we go okay I’m shooting
football first shot of the day Oh first shot of the day it didn’t go so
well I guess that’s us is it you’re bowling or sick shot cops ball oh so
it’s not shoot Walford throwing over the back that’s one point okay what’s he going
with you’re gonna go with one the heavier ones the cream fill they’re
gonna start light the maple what’s the best doughnut you’ve ever had
maple covered apple fritter really it was amazing
this one terrible it’s kind of cheap grocery store doughnuts didn’t realize
well actually I should’ve realized we had a doughnut snug longer okay finish
that up hurry come on we got a game to do Wow okay here we go
you’re both know my favorite doughnut is a blueberry old-fashioned is just a
regular old-fashioned I love love this kind of doughnut how is it not as good
as I want it to be a little differently a little tired huh yeah my thirsty
usually when you enjoy a doughnut it’s like on a Saturday morning you’re
watching cartoons yeah nice little donut you can eat right 4 or 5 when you’re
tired but now that so drive 21 on one no water that’s a bad choice whose idea was
this I’ll give you on one hand it’s one-to-one who’s gonna take the lead is
it gonna be Josh primarily known first juggling or is it gonna be trick shot
couple known for putting bad guys in jail Bob if you had money in this game
who would it go towards you know would go on no that’s a great question Steve
Oh Josh just made the mistake of eating the old-fashioned white that mistake
because your mouth was so dry yeah it was dry I’m gonna go with this
jelly-filled really the heavier ones well I’m hoping that the jelly will
provide me with some hydration really yeah okay so tactic when it comes to
this one-on-one battle that’s a very Dora theory all right okay well you
stuck your face he is a real LAPD officer how long have you been on the
force ten years really yes now you’re doing trick shots as well it’s part of
your duties somewhat you know they like what I do
yeah try to connect with community love it okay you’re done all right let’s make
this one go fast what oh my god oh my god you’re Pro
eating Donuts alright the how do you how do you feel
about that jelly donut you finished chewing it is there any on my mouth or
my face cuz yeah okay I’ll save that for later when I need some energy
alright do you work out a little baby in prison get off of me you’re messing me
up oh my god I do that here I like I hate that he scored well he has to go it
has to slow him down eventually my mouth is so watery from the jelly already oh
that there’s no I still have residue from the last one yes it is who’s got the forces went down I don’t
think just uh officer George you got some stuff on your face it’s called when
you win in you look messy that what it’s called three to two
don’t eat a doughnut what’s the best donut shop in La défense
donut shop in LA I’ve been a kettle glazed it’s in Hollywood
really good donuts they have something called a crooked mind blowing it’s a
croissant and a muffin yes how you doing over here with they’ve done it done all
right let’s go 3 2 – it’s a famous excitement I get exactly so disappointed
everybody’s gonna know tell them about your town that they
should go subscribe you know so you should go subscribe to Caleb Nash
because he’s got some of the best trick shots of the best content out there in
the world you know what I mean all right let’s get back to their game very rude
my phone while he was being very rude what Josh was saying was subscribe to my
channel trickshot cop josh is gonna be on the air Caleb’s gonna be on there I’m
double thinking having you on there because you’re just trying to hog all
the glory that’s mean man yeah hey Josh the terrible idea terrible idea
hopefully well you did I was gonna say hopefully they clicked on it but if
you’re watching this you click on it Thank You captain obvious
3 2 3 I’m gonna be apply the pressure but that was a nice move can we get a
slow-mo on just jumping at the pump fake then move fadeaway board a three you
better not spin that fast anymore you might throw up oh I’m definitely feeling
it right now probably through the game if you haven’t yet please subscribe
click the bells who notified every single time we post I’ve done other
videos with the trickshot Cup and we got more coming so you don’t want to miss
out so make sure you click that Bell what is gonna take the least amount of
Energy’s just a regular chocolate man sugars
I just finished a month-long diet that’s not true
yeah uh-huh wait tell them how long it really was 16 days okay I’m catching up
I was not on that you can tell if you want to see my diet plan you can follow
me on instagram at Caleb Nash Teamster keep plugging euro if you want to see my
site go to trickshot cop Wow who’s he going with that you thing I had that
white defensive base yeah good Triple Threat nice you can dribble pass or
shoot well I’m gonna pass it to rush me now there for four oh four two four eat
a doughnut I don’t care that you scored Wow
do you ever bulletproof vest are nervous you that just makes sorry
yeah you just getting right into it yeah he took he took having it off and in one
bite I need to my bones really four to four right where should I say ten four something y’all didn’t consider was the
sugar high maybe the sugar high is kind of giving
you a little mite little pick-me-up yeah but guess what people have five
doughnuts in the system some of you have asked for a mukbang video you’ve
probably got one my first mukbang five-to-four Josh is winning I don’t go
I’m going old-fashioned sprinkle chocolate we know happen last time you
had old-fashioned dry cactus dry dry oh this one’s more moist oh yeah yeah I’m
gonna probably kill right now we’re gonna do a donut review really quick
okay if you gave this on a scale of one to ten decimal points included what
would you give this donut low three point one seven five four three two
seven there you guys have it it is five to four
if Josh scores he wins Donuts on me oh no we’re gonna know what the dead sugar
dead powdered sugar sugar all right get some sugar I don’t think it’ll be
very sweet so all blah blah it’s delicious huh sugar inside here what is
delicious oh oh so much he’s good wasn’t much his brain have you ever
thought that he wasn’t a real police officer just watching it tied up next
point wins all right here we go ten-four no no way let’s go let me get my celebratory donut
I’m not even mad that was unplanned unexpected look at Caleb snakes yeah
house are one of the more impressive things I’ve seen it on one game God keep
a couple things in the bag and then bring it out yeah you guys gonna get my
celebratory donut so I actually do like old fashioned now you can go get a drink
too I can save it for last now you can go get an old fashioned exactly a real
one I got to eat this one Steele thank you so much for watching everyone go
subscribe the trickshot cop go subscribe to my cameraman and best cameraman out
there guys not gonna lie hook shot I made it I’ve got videos every Monday
every Wednesday every Saturday then you smash subscribe click the Bell every
single video giveaway juggling balls to someone that likes and comment within
the first few minutes so make sure you have that Bell clicks who notified every
single time I post check out my juggling store juggling for for the
best juggling step out there we’ll see you guys later bye we gotta up the budget for these videos
if these donuts are so bad they’re not very good don’t fish this for me
do I feel okay sure yeah yeah so good

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