Challenges with BIG Football

Challenges with BIG Football

Hey guys, our first challenge is the keepy up challenge with this huge football Who achive the most contacts wins this challenge! Let’s go! The next challenge is .. We call it – the 2 Touch Penalty! Try to score a penalty with only touching this ball 2 times! I think this would be too easy – this is why we build in a little challenge The goalkeeper will be blindfolded – so he can’t see anything! But you will see .. .. what the keeper can’t see – with this GoPro! Okay .. so i won this Challenge ALREADY.. wohoooo Okay, i’m ready .. wait i’ll check the cam .. No, this doesn’t count – i wasn’t ready! This counts! No, this doesn’t count! Konzi is a bad loser .. he says this doesn’t count Unbelievable! I wasn’t ready – i had to check if the cam is recording .. RETRY! You touched the ball 3 times .. failure! The first insecurity of Max!

100 thoughts on “Challenges with BIG Football

  1. Мда, у вас тут зимой тепло, у нас как всегда снегопад и -15 на улице 🙁 Кстати кость ответь пж:3

  2. Ich habe einen YouTube Kanal, auf dem Fußball und Fifa Videos kommen, wenn du interesse hast dann schau doch mal Vorbei 😀 Heute habe ich außerdem ein Top 100 Special herausgebracht

  3. Конзи красава я не знал что ти руский знаеш а Укрїнський знаеш?

  4. Habe unten in den Kommentaren gelesen, dass man diesen Ball über Amazon kaufen kann. Könnt ihr vielleicht den genauen Link schicken?

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