Chad Pennington Leads Sayre Football Comeback After 41 Year Hiatus

Chad Pennington Leads Sayre Football Comeback After 41 Year Hiatus

story for the ser Spartans as the school fielded a football tonight for the first time in a long time and a former NFL starting quarterback is leading the comeback Charlie Walter has more since 1977 the ser Spartans football team is undefeated that’s because they haven’t played in 41 years that is not the case anymore as the football program is back up and running it’s a comeback story and who better to lead the way than former two-time NFL Comeback Player of the Year Chad Pennington now played on all three levels and I feel like high school football is where it’s still pure still about the game there’s nothing like Friday Night Lights it’s a great day for say our school our community to come together and for these seniors they’re pioneers they are pioneers of bringing this program back and I’m so proud of the mate they’ve had great attitudes they have led with their work ethic they lead by example and I’m very proud of a lot of people are saying we can’t do it as a senior class but we wanted to so we dug down and talked to coach and he figured out a way to get us on the field and I’m thankful for that for the majority of the guys on the team it was the first time they’d played organized football since the eighth grade however there was a handful that had never played the sport before so it was no surprise when a ref dropped one of his little marker flags on the field one of the players trying to be polite picked it up and handed it to the rest the man and the stripes at a you can’t do that but I guess when you’re just learning the sport that’s not the first thing your time covering the first ser Spartans football game in 41 years Charlie Walter lex18 sports Thank You Charlie and Sarah wanted by the way 15 a nothing lightning shorten that game are we made it through the first week week two time now to pick our game of the week you had the chance to do that by selecting one of these three Montgomery at East Jessamine Madison southern and Garrett and Frederick Douglas at

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