Carolina News Today – 10/25/18

Carolina News Today – 10/25/18

An insanity plea wraps up a North
Carolina murder trial and the memorial service on campus honors a beloved
professor I’m Abigail brown and I’m Alexis Clinton those stories and more
coming up on Carolina news today Carolina news today is brought to you in
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frozen live entertainment weekly 703 West 3rd Street and Pembroke 10%
discount for students and teachers every day the original wing alumni back in town for homecoming were
rewarded with the high scoring football game and an Eagles cover band a GPAC
Tyler Hues will tell you about that game against the Concord Cougars and about
that teams new uniforms later in the show the week of festivities started off
with spirit fest sponsored by the Residence Hall Association the annual
celebration on the UC lawn included music line dancing and free food and you
can relive your childhood on those inflatables or compete on the inflatable
obstacle course after a week of decorating contest on campus
Thursday’s homecoming parade started at Pembroke middle school and wound its way
through downtown until reaching Grace P. Johnson Stadium the marching band and
Spirit Squad set the tone ahead of the competitive float staged by student
organizations. Miss UNCP Tali Strickland made an appearance as did Chancellor
Cummings. Friday night the university recognized some distinguished alumni and
a ceremony at the UC annex after a brief reception of hors d’oeuvres and drinks
Candice Langston was named outstanding young alumna she is a clinical exercise
physiologist who has helped develop several community-based programs for
Southeastern health Dr. Paul Nelson Locklear is the principal at Oxendine
elementary school and was named outstanding alumnus attorney
Arnold Locklear has been active in university philanthropy and received the
Distinguished Service Award. Saturday the students homecoming court was recognized
on the football field at halftime music major Paul Anderson was elected
homecoming king and public relations major should Shanoah Rain was elected
queen she was crowned by Miss UNCP Taylor Strickland in the absence of last
year’s Queen. Friends and family of the late Dr. Stephen Bourquin met Sunday for a
memorial service in his honor Bourquin was chair of the math and computer science
department who died suddenly and unexpectedly at the beginning of the
semester although not an official university event colleagues reserve the
UC annex to eulogize the man an award-winning math professor who was
also a great friend to the division of athletics Dr. Bourquin was hired at UNCP
in 2003 and helped bring the football back to the school known for his
athleticism he was a mentor to the football team but also served briefly as
Dean of the Honors College. Dr. B helped many students get over their math phobia
and gen ed classes statistics and calculus. he was a great mentor he was a
great friend And more importantly he was a great person Colleague’s have started a
scholarship fund in Dr. Bourquin name for more information on that you can contact
the university’s advancement office. The north carolina rural infrastructure
authority has approved 21 grant requests statewide including a $25,000 grant to
the city of Lumberton the grant will support the renovation of a 1,900 square
foot building for use by a Cold Stone Creamery franchise the project is
expected to create five jobs and come with at least five hundred and sixty
thousand dollars in private investments. Not guilty by reason of insanity that’s
the decision for oliver machado a North Carolina teen charged with killing his
mother authorities say the 19 year old who was
charged with first degree murder has serious mental issues police say that in
2017 Machado stabbed his mother and then decapitated her. I just want to say I’m sorry I let
my family down let’s hope God forgives me. overwhelmingly the evidence is is that he was undergoing a you know florid
schizophrenic event at this time and that’s what precipitated this crime. the doctor testified in the courtroom that Masada is still very dangerous
Machado will most likely spend the rest of his life in the state mental hospital. last week we told you about the fatal shooting of a state trooper with
connections to Robeson County this week of teenager is charged in his death
according to the robbed Estonian newspaper 18 year-old Chauncey escy was
arrested in Laura South Carolina he’s the second suspect charged in the crime
he was taken into custody after a 24 hour manhunt involving multiple law
enforcement agencies as he was charged with first-degree murder and is awaiting
extradition back in North Carolina. A Fort Bragg paratrooper is accused of
kidnapping and raping a twelve-year-old girl according to the Craven County
Sheriff’s Office Matthew Hajek reports. 19-year old James
Murdoch peel a member of the United States Army stationed at Fort Bragg is
in custody in Craven County as he faces charges of first degree burglary and
first degree statutory rape officials say he kidnapped a 12 year-old girl
early Sunday morning and could face even more charges what could have happened
this young lady is is really scary and I want people to take me be aware of those
things and know we just live in a different world now monette says the
victim was taken from her grandmother’s home early Sunday morning in Carolina
Pines he says her grandmother found a ransom note requesting money for her
safe return the girl was found several hours later in Fayetteville monette says
this case involves Internet chat rooms but could not verify what social media
platform was used there are those that out there that would seek to take
advantage of our children and many are deviant they their intent and purpose is
not for good things. The Craven County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the SBI
FBI and Army in their search for the victim who was located within
approximately seven to eight hours we pulled a tremendous amount of
resources in a very short period of time like sheriff said everybody hit the
ground running and did a phenomenal job and sheriff monette warns Guardians not
to give their children too much privacy because of the Internet today these are
types of things that we’ve got to be be on guard about. the alleged victim is now back home with her grandmother
officials say peel could face military charges as well. North Carolina Attorney
General Josh Stein is leading a coalition of colleagues from 32 other
states calling on the consumer financial Bureau Protection Bureau to continue
protecting military service members from predatory lenders and the letters of the
bureau Stein urged them to reconsider their decision to stop examining lenders
who were supposed to comply with the military Lending Act the law was enacted
in 2006 to protect military families from exploitive loans and excessive debt. north carolina will receive 27 million dollars over the next year to help fight
the state’s opioid epidemic the one-year grant was awarded by the Centers for
Disease Control it aims to strengthen statewide monitoring of the opioid
epidemic and local responses to it the funds will also go towards a pilot
program to work with families whose children are at risk of being removed
from the home because of parental substance abuse. someone in South
Carolina is waking up a heck of a lot richer today just one winning ticket was
sold there for Tuesday nights of record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot or
should we say mega billions Omar Jimenez is in South Carolina where he might be
able to hear the excited screams of that lucky ticket holder. tonight’s Mega
Millions jackpot is a record-breaking 1.6 billion dollars this was the moment
people across the country sat tensely hoping their prayers were answered but
in the end there was only one that’s right one winning ticket sold in South
Carolina for the largest lottery jackpot to ever be offered 1.6 billion dollars
the chances were basically zero 1 in about 300 2 million your chances of
getting struck by lightning are only 1 in 700 thousand leading up to this
people had many different plans about what they were going to do with the
money. I would enjoy a little bit of it with me and my family but I would make
other people’s lives better by my gain. I’d shared the wealth I’d
give money a lot to some schools and some churches and help people out. but now
it’s ultimately up to the one winner to decide how to spend the money and
whether they want to take it all in a lump sum or gradually over the
course of about 30 years and yes the Mega Millions is over for now but the
madness isn’t Powerball is up next with a chance at 620 million dollars. Early
voting in Lumberton is underway for the November 6th midterms the first three
days of early voting have seen an increase in participation with over
2,600 ballots cast a 34% increase compared to the 2014 general election
officials say the increased interest mirrors what’s being seen across the
state early voting continues through the next two weeks and ends November 3rd. The North Carolina Department of
Transportation seeks input from the public about their long-range
transportation plans they’re also warning motorists about deer crossing
now that follows here it’s NCDOT now welcome to this week’s edition of NCDOT
now I’m your host Miracle King as daylight hours are getting shorter and
deer are becoming more active on our roadways the North Carolina Department
of Transportation is reminding drivers to pay extra attention and stay alert
last year in North Carolina there were more than 18,000 animal related crashes
most of which involved deer over the past three years more than 54,000 animal
related collisions have killed 14 people injured over 3,000 who caused nearly 141
million dollars in property damage the highest number 882 of these types of
crashes occurred in Wake County and Guilford County which had 617 but they
are reported in every county across the state to keep you and your family safe
remember to slow down in posted deer crossing areas and heavily wooded areas
especially during the late afternoon or early evening don’t swerve to avoid a
collision this could cause you to lose control or beer into oncoming traffic
and deer often travel in groups so assume if one crosses the road in front
of you there may be others following the Department of Transportation wants to
hear from you as it updates its long range transportation plan call the NC
moves 2050 plan the document will provide a blueprint that identifies
local transportation needs to ensure that North Carolina’s transportation
system keeps people moving safely and efficiently while enhancing the economy
take a quick survey and provide your thoughts at the link shown lastly get
ready for the perfect fall day filled with barbecue live music and
family-friendly attractions as NC by train gets you to the free Lexington
barbecue festival on October 27th dropping you off steps
from the fun at the Welcome Center passengers can board at any of these
stations shown and save 15% on tickets by visiting NC by train dot org that’s
all for this week’s edition of NCDOT now don’t forget you can still visit NCDOT’s
safety city roadside environmental unit and in the DMV boons at this year’s NC
State Fair this weekend thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you next
year as always be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter at NCDOT
you can also follow us on snapchat and instagram at NCDOT comm from all of us
here at the North Carolina Department of Transportation safe travels. As thousands of migrants from Central America prepared to resume their trek across
Mexico towards the US border President Trump has a warning telling reporters
he’s considering a military option beyond the national guard to protect the
border he says people should not be able to enter the US illegally. Another door at the migrant caravan had in the United States another night sleeping on
concrete for thousands of people some get ready for the day children play a
game as if they were still home others decide to sleep a little longer maria
antônia breastfeeds her two month-old daughter australia on the pavement where
they spent the night maria antônia says she’s leaving Honduras said that
Australia can have a future there isn’t any work here she says we
have nothing to live on on the same block Kevin asked people for
coins he’s travelling alone to join an older brother in the U.S. hoping to send
money back home he says he is 14 but looks much younger we aren’t showing his
face to keep him safe a k-mer he tells me so I could work who eat and help my
family over in the town plaza brian is figuring out how to get
in the US you’ll walk as long as it takes to reunite with his three-year-old
daughter an American citizen she’s the one who actually needed me the most you
know so and I don’t want her to grow without me
they’ve over a thousand miles to go to the us-mexico border where they will not
be welcome the drop administration is pressuring the Mexican government to
deport more than 7,000 members of this migrant caravan back home because they
say there could be terrorists or dangerous gang members in their midst
but literally everyone we have talked to here says the exact opposite they’re not
gang members they’re their victims Riaan says Honduras is
out-of-control gangs extort everyone sometimes for just a few dollars. that’s
why we came she tells me they charge war tax you don’t pay they kill you. she says she hopes her
baby daughter is too young to remember the hell they are fleeing from and the
hell they are living now patrick Gottman CNN we square Mexico. those meat free
burgers might not be much healthier than a regular beef burger
they often even have more salt than your basic meat burger that’s according to a
new study by the UK group action on salt the study compared 157 meat free
products more than a quarter had more salt than it’s recommended you get both
are high in sodium though the meat substitutes contain an average of point
89 grams of salt per serving while real beef burgers average point 75 grams
proportion. Braves football puts on a show for its homecoming crowd and a pair
of twins continue to stand out for Pembroke Athletics will be back soon
don’t turn the channel Sports is up next football closed out homecoming week and
Braves athletics with a bang one of the most exciting parts was the unveiling of
their new uniforms these alternative gold jerseys paid homage to the Lumbee
tribe it sports the Tribe patch on the left chest and and
rocks travel marks on both sleeves these homecoming suits were even featured on
ESPN’s gear up segment on SportsCenter and college gameday the new unis
became the Braves third official Jersey when the jersey reveal came out everyone
was like jumping around and stuff like that we loved them
I think I think they match our school really well and it represents the right
thing and we’re excited to be able to wear something like this. now the saying
goes if you look good you feel good you feel good then you play good with the
Braves and their new uniforms there was no way they could have played bad for
the past two games including this one against Concord the offense has put 86
points we’ll start with the Braves receiving the kickoff after a Concord
field goal Devon Jones takes the kick makes a few guys miss and follows his
blocks 97 yards to the house. later in the first with UNCP driving quarterback Josh Jones tosses a 7 yard touchdown pass to
McKinley Nelson out of the backfield Braves are up 14-10 at the end of the
quarter 8:40 left in the second quarter and Concord quarterback Adam Fulton
Don’s a pass to Isaiah Bowman for a 37 yard touchdown to put them up by 3 after
a 7 yard touchdown run by Joshua Dale Tyler Hinton and the Braves defense came
up with a strip set recovered and returned by Amari Bryce green this would
put them in prime position for Josh Jones Quay three touchdown connection
with the black and gold leading 35 to 17 heading into the fourth joshua dale
finds quad williams on a shilla pass and he finds the endzone with help from
downfield blocking Concord responded scoring two straight touchdowns but
Joshua Dill would link with tight end Jalen Nixon on a 27 yard pass for his
second throwing touchdown of the game after the score the extra point attempt
is blocked by the mountain lions and return 93 yards for two points by
sophomore defensive back Jonathan Roebuck back on defensive pass goes into
the air but is intercepted by linebacker Jordan Howard to seal the game for the
Braves quarterback Josh Jones threw for two touchdowns while his counterpart
Joshua Dale also threw for two touchdowns and ran from one also after
the game Dale talked about the quarterback duo. me
and him are real close so we always help each other out but I mean it’s always
competitive no matter what we’re doing so we’re always pushing each other to
get better regardless of the circumstances so and I mean we’re close
so we just do we gotta do and help each other and try to make this team better. the Ryan twins picked up PBC honors this week for soccer Jeana Ryan has been
awarded her fourth career PBC goalkeeper of the week recognition
Katie Ryan on the other hand is the PBC defender of the week this comes after
the performances against the USC Aiken in a 5 to 0 shutout win and 2 to tie
against Georgia College staying with soccer the black and gold stayed in
Pembroke on Tuesday against number 25 georgia looking to stay undefeated at
home the game went scoreless through two periods but in overtime sophomore Riley
Searing netted her first goal of the season on a corner kick that lifted the
Braves over the Nighthawks this was the first time they beat North Georgia at
home since 2012 no team has scored against the Braves in Pembroke this
season senior night their last home game is Friday against Young Harris. Silas Kipkoech which was no stranger to the spotlight in his freshman season last
year the highly touted runner broke records and set school best regularly
and he did it again at the Bobcat Invitational hosted by Georgia College
on Saturday he ran the aka in 24 minutes and eight
seconds while leaning the men’s cross country team to its first event title of
the season all of this just to say the he was named PBC runner of the week
Salas continues to shine for the black and gold as a part of homecoming
festivities the Department of the Athletics inducted five former student
athletes into the Hall of Fame Friday night the ceremony in the
UC Annex took place in conjunction with the annual Alumni Awards among those in
attendance were track star Jerry Stancil and all-american back in the 1970s when
Pembroke State University was still in the NAIA he finished his career at
Pembroke in NCAA Division two breaking or matching school records in the
hundred meter dash and the two hundred hoops star Dwayne Watson’s shadow to
back boards in his college career and had season averages such as eighteen and
nineteen points per game in the late 1980s under head coach Dan Kane his team
had the best season in school history during his last year with 27 wins and 5
losses from the starting season of Pembroke’s return to football punter
Justin Henson was inducted for his school record average of 43 yards per
punt he played in 31 games for the Braves and earned all-american honors
from three organizations. homecoming week also means Braves fans get a sneak peak
at the men’s and women’s basketball teams dunk contest and fan interaction
and three-point contest were highlights of the 8th annual moonlight madness in
Jones Center Thursday but both the women’s and men’s teams got scrimmage
action best showcase the starting lineups these competitions also gave red
shirts and some other hopefuls a little time in front of the fans free
concession and other giveaways mixed with a live DJ kept fans excited to be there. the men are in action November 1st in an exhibition game at Ohio State and then
women travel to Georgia November 9th to take on Southern
Wesleyan I’m Ty the sports guy that’s it for me
back to the studio. Thanks Tyler and that’s it for us we’ll be back next week with another episode of Carolina news today

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