Card Collecting : Football Trading Card Prices

Card Collecting : Football Trading Card Prices

My name is Walt Case, I own Card Traders of
Austin in Austin, Texas. We sell a variety of sports cards and sports memorabilia. One
of the questions that has been asked is what are the prices of football cards? As with
any card collectible, prices can range anywhere from a penny a card to your common players
out of today’s sets up into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on the
age of the card and the popularity of the card. Topps produced a set in 1955 of what
they call Topps All-American cards. This included a card of Jim Thorpe who is a very famous
athlete and also a card of the Four Horsemen for anybody who are familiar with football
they will remember that card. Those cards range again in the hundreds of dollars. Today
the focus has changed towards key rookie cards which are always the most valuable. Guys like
Adrian Peterson, Vince Young are some of the more popular players today. Tony Romo from
the Dallas Cowboys has been very popular. So it’s kind of based on the player’s performance
as to how much demand the card, the more the demand of the card, the higher the price of
the card goes, especially with the newer products. Today’s market produces a variety of products
from as I said, key rookie cards to numbered cards to autographed cards to cards that have
swatches of player’s jerseys and helmets. Any number of things that attract the collectible
market. So prices again can vary greatly from just pennies a card to hundreds of dollars
a card depending on what you have.

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  1. I have a few 1991 football cards and I don't know how much they are. They are still in good condition.

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