Captain John Barclay on the match with Russia

Captain John Barclay on the match with Russia

You have had a chance to run around in the
stadium. What do you make of the conditions? We were just talking about this, it’s very
humid and feels a bit like it did in Kobe. Really hot, really humid so I think it’ll
be hopefully not to slippery tomorrow. It is pretty hot. Touched on it earlier, there
is a lot of talk about bonus points and what Scotland need to get out of this game. How
does your role of captain change on a game like that when there is something to be gained?
I have played enough of these games now to know that if you try and score four tries
in the first ten minutes that you can come unstuck a little bit so you know we look very
much at the first ten minutes, scoring one try first then two then three then four. If you
start looking at four as a whole then you maybe dont get them early you get frustrated
people get flustered so it is something that we spoke about a little bit in terms of going
through the minutes, dont worry about the 80th minute we win get four points over 80
minutes so we dont need to do it over the first half. We might have only scored one
try but the 70th minute but we still back ourselves. You are obviously a key part of
the forwards, a lot of chat has been about Russia and the physicality they have brought
to this tournament so far. How vital do you think the backs are going to be in this game tomorrow?
It is one of those cliches isn’t it, the forwards win games and the backs decide by how much.
They are a big physical team, probably surprised a few people by how they’ve played based on
their warm-up results they are massively physical some big boys in the pack especially the back
row who carry well, tackle hard and everyone they’ve played they have given a pretty tough
time to. They will be excited I am sure they will as it’s their last game of the World
Cup, I think from what I’ve read they have been happy with some of their performance,
obviously not results but happy with their performance levels so look it’s for us a lot
of this week is about focusing on ourselves as we don’t know as much about Russia as perhaps
we would in a Six Nations game but we have had to focus a lot on ourselves and making
sure we get our own stuff right.

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