Cal Football Coach Sonny Dykes

Cal Football Coach Sonny Dykes

Alright Charlie, give me a big hug and kiss
I love you. You know I have lived all over the country
and I’ve been to a lot of schools. That is part of what you sign up for as a
football coach. [In the background: By Charlie]
It’s a tough business we are in. You’ve got to have some family time and you’ve
got to have some private time. It has to be convenient so that was the deal
for us. It was trying to get close so I could run home and eat lunch.
I can go home at night. Sometimes put the girls in bed, tuck them in and go back to
the office. California is always a place Kate and I always
talked about living and Cal is a job that, if it ever opened, I thought it was a place
that I would like to be from a quality of life standpoint and ability to win standpoint.
I was really fortunate that it worked out the way that it did.
[Sports caster in the background] Here we are.
I think it is very important for our players to have a chance to see me interact as a husband
and as a father and I think that is a big part of my job is,
you know, to educate our players not only on how to play football but also how to get
through their degree and how to handle themselves in manner that everyone can be proud of off
the field. The kind of student athlete that we need to
bring to Cal is someone who number 1 understands the educational aspect of Cal and wants to
be challenged in an academic setting. The character issue is incredibly important.
The third thing obviously is how do they fit athletically.
[Coach in the background: my hand is going to go between my man and the punter and I’m
going to go out and get into coverage] You know we are talking about recruiting and
dealing with 17, 18 year old kids They are very impressionable, so I think it
is very important for them to be able to come in and connect to not only the coaches but
also their environment and the facility that they are in.
Because of the academics, because of the community, because of the resources that we have available
to them Cal sells itself. [crowd roars as team runs out]
The culture has changed a lot in different ways, the programs have gotten bigger
[Cal band plays Fight for California in the background]
there is a money element involved, we’ve got to pay for this beautiful facility we are
in right now and so there is always pressure to win and to put a good product on the field.
But you want that, you don’t want to be someplace where you don’t have resources, you don’t
want to be someplace where nobody cares. [Dykes in the background: Mike, anything else?
How were workouts yesterday? good?] It is so important to have a good dynamic
in the staff room where guys care about each other, they are working together.
I think that is where it all starts. From your trainer, your equipment guy, your
strength guy, your nine full-time assistant coaches to the young graduate assistants,
to all of them really having a shared vision. [background music]
My father was a great role model for me, was the biggest influence on my life.
You know, not only from a football standpoint but from a personal standpoint as well so
it will be great to get his input on what’s going on and what he sees ways to improve.
[Dykes on the field: Make sure that the down distance is right]
What is great about spring football is I get to walk out here every day for about two,
two and a half hours and practice. That is when you get away from everything
else and you get to actually be a football coach.
[Dykes on the field: Get down to the end zone, let’s go]
We want our schemes to change to fit our players instead of asking our players to change their
schemes. It’s built on fundamentals: blocking and tackling
and being creative and figuring out ways to get good players the football and try to play
to their strengths. And that is how we build our entire program.
This place represents excellence and being cutting edge and that is what we want our
football program to be. [players all talking]
That is what’s fun as a football coach, developing these young men, watching them come in every
single day and improve. The harder you work the more successful you
are going to be, whether it’s academically, whether it’s on the football field, wherever
it may be. [on the field: I like what I see, we’ve got
to improve our execution a little bit better on Friday, ok?]
Our goal from day 1 is to be to get this football program to the Rose Bowl. Hadn’t been done
since 1959 and we are not afraid to tell people that’s our goal.
Our goal is to win a Pac-12 championship and get this program to the Rose Bowl.
That is why we come to work every day and work toward that goal. Alley Cat!
[girl squeals] [laughter]

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