CAGLIARI VS JUVENTUS : More racist abuse in Italian football


Italian teenager boys kid has reacted
defiantly to racist abuse after scoring a late goal to give Aventis a 2-0 win at
Cagliari in Italian football Syria Keane who had been jeered throughout the game
turned in Rodrigo bent anchors cross with five minutes left and then stood in
front of the kangaroo fans behind the goal and opened his arms
afterwards he posted on Instagram that it was the best way to respond to racism
in response Cagliari supporters made the noise which is described by Italian
media as view and is regarded as a racist insult in Italian football
although some fans argue it is simply to annoy opposing players regardless of
race monkey noises could also be heard among the crowd shortly after the goal
Jews French midfielder Blaise Matuidi protested furiously to the referee at
one point appeared to threaten to walk off Matuidi complained last year that he
was subject to racist abuse at the same stadium and Cagliari later apologised
play was halted fun and a warning was broadcast to the crowd the first step in
the so-called three-step procedure which ultimately leads to the team’s being led
off the field play resumed amid more booing and the referee blew the final
whistle shortly afterwards Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci score
of the opening goal in the 22nd minute said Keane was partly to blame for the
incident you celebrate goals with your teammates he said he could have done a
different league I think the blame is 50/50 Moyes should not have done that
then the curler should not have reacted in that way
Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said he had been too immersed in the game to
notice the abuse as usual at the stadium there are idiots but also normal people
who said the uncivilized ones must be identified with the cameras and no
longer allowed to enter Cagliari president Tommaso Giulini blamed King
for his celebration I heard mostly boos if they started
making animal noises we were in the wrong he said what
happened at the end was because of a celebration which was wrong and it would
have happened with any other player it comes after UEFA president Alexander
Safran called for referees to be brave and stop games when there is racial
abuse in December Inter Milan were ordered to play two home games behind
closed doors after Napoli defender calla dude who lively was racially insulted
during a game at San Siro in 2017 there was an outcry after Ghanian player
Suleyman dari was booked and sent off after complaining about racist abuse
while playing for Pescara also at Cagliari you

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