BYU vs Utah Highlights 8.29.19

BYU vs Utah Highlights 8.29.19

BYU 12. And we are immediately into the highlights. First half, BYU Zach Wilson to Matt bushman who had six catches, alongside David Nixon and Brian Logan. BYU couldn’t convert here. Utah scores. David: They are able to get all the field with minimal damage and follow up with a punt. This is something you have to be able to bring. You know covey is explosive. You have to corral them. It is inexcusable on your home field. Spencer: 40-yard return from Britain covey to the BYU 33. This wouldn’t result in points for Utah, as Tyler Huntley is stuffed by Isaiah Kaufusi, Zayne Anderson and watch this hit as BYU — Brian: We watched it. We heard it. David: We were high stepping on the field. Brian: We were half way on the field. David: There is energy in the stadium early on, this team, you felt it. Looking back on the game. BYU didn’t give ty’son Williams the ball enough. They need to continue to feed the beast. Spencer: Jake Oldroyd good from 32 yards away. Early in the second quarter, tied 3-3. Watch this kickoff from Skyler Southam. He drops in a pitching wedge from 100 yards away. BYU in business again on defense. David: That is how you have field position. BYU could not keep it going. Spencer: Zach moss dragged down by Kaufusi. BYU seemed up to the challenge, Kaufusi gets in there and pulls down a guy who is going play in the NFL. Brian: BYU defense matched the energy of the game and the stadium. When the offense makes plays like this that completely suck the air out of the stadium, you saw the defense really match it. The offense for Utah start to get more and more momentum and we said it all pregame show, you can’t have plays like this. Turnovers, especially turnovers that can’t turn into points. Spencer: Zach Wilson is tripped up by Bradlee anae. BYU goes back to work and guess who. Matt bushman who was very active in the first half. Six catches, 62 yards. Zach Wilson halfway through the second quarter to Micah Simon, nice catch and move on third and five. David: If you are conservative and stay within yourself and not try to do too much, BYU and Zach Wilson can move the ball. This play might go down as one of the best plays for the entire year for Zach Wilson. He allows the guys in front to set the blocks. He plays off that and — Brian: What happened though? Energy. Spencer: Immediate energy back in the stadium after the pick six. So BYU looking to punch it in the end zone, tie it up, take the lead with an extra point, but Jaren hall fumbles the snap on third and 3 and any hopes for a touchdown goes out the window. David: I don’t mind bringing Jaren hall in and do a wildcat approach. This is one of those tough breaks. This is another perfect, well, for example of how BYU shoots themselves in the foot. Spencer: 37-yard field goal for Jake Oldroyd. 9-6. On fourth and two, late in the second quarter, look at that. Oldroyd was everything we thought he could be. David: Special teams for BYU is back. And Jake Oldroyd is taking it over, punting and the field goal. Spencer: Zach moss had been relatively quiet in the first half until late in the first half, rips off a 28-yard run right there. BYU able to hold Utah. We go to the half 9-6 the first drive in the second half for Utah we are going to impose our will. David: It was all about running the ball down BYU’s throat. You are hoping this would be called back, the touchback. You can see from the replay he got it across the goal line. Spencer: Jalen Dixon scores. Utah up 16-6. BYU’s offense sputtering. Utah gets back on the field. Zach moss throws off Kaufusi, but an offensive face mask and BYU’s defense along with Chaz ah you third and 27. What is the one thing you can’t do on third and 27? Brian: Make a bonehead — David: A personal foul. Not a face mask. Spencer: D’angelo Mandell knew immediately. BYU first down on third and 27. Tyler Huntley makes BYU pay. Goes to brant kuithe for 26 yards setting up a 25-yard field goal attempt that Utah misses. So there is yet life for BYU. Remains 16-6. Utah has some concerns on special teams. But what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to BYU? Another turnover. David: This is a typical example of ty’son Williams thinking Zach Wilson is going to keep it. He doesn’t secure the ball. It falls on the ground. Utah comes up with it. Turnovers, this is something now BYU minus 14 in the turnover margin. Spencer: Minus 14. And a short field. Zach moss scores his lone touchdown of the night. Utah up 23-6. 14 points, make it 13 points off turnovers at that point. BYU now down 30-6 after another pick six. Ty’son Williams scores his first

34 thoughts on “BYU vs Utah Highlights 8.29.19

  1. BYU's defense is going to cause a lot of problems for teams this year. I'm picking BYU beats Tennessee. I hope Kalani stays as the head coach. This game wasn't his fault, BYU is up against one of the best defenses in the country and it really showed tonight. #GoUtes

  2. Didn't show last pick 6. Fun game though. I hope BYU wins some games against these big nasty opponents they got scheduled. I hope that o line is better than they looked tonight against our Stout D.

  3. I will keep on saying it, we will never become successful again until we reinstitute the Air Raid offense we invented & which many other schools run so successfully today

  4. BYU looked very good at times and had opportunities but had critical penalties at the worst times and 3 turnovers that resulted in 20 points. Otherwise would have possibly been a different outcome. But you have to give the Utes credit. They were generally more disciplined and the better team overall.

    BYU to me seems to have more talent and have elevated their game but just need to eliminate these things.

    I think they will clean these things up and have a decent year. I am just tired of losing to the Utes, especially in this fashion.

    They also need to utilize Williams more. He looks to me like he could be a Ross type runner.

    My 2 cents. I think the future is bright but this hurts.


  5. The discussion of BYU being better than Utah is over. BYU may occasionally beat Utah, but the results will still be a win or two every ten or so years.

  6. What happened to your perfect QB, zoobies? Utah played a horrible game yet its still a landslide 😂🤣😭🤣

  7. As a BYU fan, I’m ready to admit that we’re terrible and that Utah is by and large a far better program. Holmoe killed this program, it’s too late to attract good recruits with our schedule, it took too long to make it happen, BYU is too irrelevant for these schedules to do any good.

  8. Utah will get beat this season and there record will be 8-4 and be out top 25 rank you can believe that and utah is a joke and they alway be a damn joke.

  9. Wtf, 1 hour rain delay? REALLY???? How are any of you gonna play in the nfl if you can't play in a lill rain? Have you seen the weather winter weather you'll have to play in all season long in the nfl. Flippin bunch of nancies jezz…..

  10. Better get the team into the conversion therapy chambers byu and convert them into football players with shock therapy the way you secretly try to convert gays into being straight threw shocking them when shown gay sex images

  11. Things seemed to be even at first but after awhile the trenches told the story. BYU has some serious issues with the big meat on the lines. It ain't like the days when LaVell used to beat up on Western Athletic Conference kids with grown men. BYU is all alone now, perhaps they should keep the schedule to schools from North Dakota and Idaho? The year they was…they never really were. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. BYU ought to know something about that.

  12. Wow, that was an easy win to make it 9 in a row. Clearly the talent gap is continuing to widen. It’s especially noticeable at the skill positions.

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