Burnley vs Liverpool: Firmino and Mane on target at Turf Moor | Highlights

Burnley vs Liverpool: Firmino and Mane on target at Turf Moor | Highlights

That’s Lowton forward, Ashley Barnes, first touch is good, second is even better! And Chris Wood’s effort beaten away well. Firmino, for Mane. And Salah! It comes back off the woodwork. That’s Henderson, that’s Salah… Well, the ricochet comes back
to the Egyptian and ends up wide, it’s a good save by Pope. Henderson, Mane and Salah
wait in the middle. Here comes the ball now, deflection! And in! Trent Alexander-Arnold
puts his hands to the sky, and Liverpool get themselves
in the lead with a big stroke of luck. And here’s Firmino, and it’s on to Sadio Mane! Lovely. Absolutely delightful. Burnley’s
captain has giftwrapped one for Liverpool. Salah will go now, Pieters the defender. Salah still going,
and here comes Firmino – brilliant. Wraps it up in style for Liverpool. That breaks towards Rodriguez,
who does get the little break, and gets the opportunity… Adrian denies him the goal with a fine hand. Gini Wijnaldum… Good hand by Pope.

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  1. I think a Video Of Mo and Mané as a sorry for this reaction will end the probleme ; after all , Is the Probleme of Mo salah he done a mistake ( He is Not an angel ) but Mané abuse a lot in Live

  2. I think sadio mane isnt happy at liverpool i think he wants more i hope none of the players get head hunted by European clubs when they have some thing great going on at liverpool i mean they could try winning every thing this season they will definitely have a say in every trophy

  3. Mane
    Good game man
    I notice your frustration about moe not passing the ball
    All I can say is moe was wrong and you are bigger than that
    Keep smiling keep your cool
    As an African, I am proud of both of You ( moe and mane) as African players who give a good name to African players
    Team come first

  4. If this was against Man City, and the scoreline was 0 -0 with a minute to go and Salah does not pass the ball, he would get slaughtered and rightly so, any player would. Salah has been selfish too often this season, do you ever see Bobby not passing the ball or complaining, he is the jewel in the crown , a legend.YNWA

  5. If Salah and Mane passed to each other more then they both would have scored a lot more goals. Klopp must insist team comes first before personal glory hence, pass to a team mate in better goal scoring positions.

  6. انا اريد من محمد صلاح مغادرة الفريق والذهاب الى ريال مدريد عشان مانى يستريح انتا كونت انانى كتير يا مانى وصلاح معملش الغضب الانتا غضبته ده

  7. Mane was selfish all the last season he did one assisst only,while salah did 9 assissts salah didnt react that childish as mane did?!!! what is he trying to prove?! that he's not selfish & salah is?!!! well sorry, only foolish u can fool here, ur team score was 3/0,so he had every right to take his full chance while u've been selfish,although ur team was down,u didnt pass to salah.

  8. They all criticizing mo salah just because he didn't pass or missed to score what about his brilliance all the goals he scored for Liverpool if I was salah I would leave Liverpool then see what happened I'm sure this argument will have effect on salah on the pitch good luck Liverpool.

  9. Prediction Team That Will Enter UCL 2019/20 Semi-Final
    1. FC Barcelona
    2. Liverpool FC (Defending Champion)
    3. Manchester City
    4. Internazionale Milan

    The final …
    Liverpool FC VS Internazionale Milan
    Champion: LIVERPOOL

    TopSkore: Moh. Salah & S. Mane

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  10. I suggest on FIFA football to consider every assist as a quarter goal
    this mean if a player has 7 goals and 13 assists

    this mean 7 + 13 /4 = 7+3.25 =10.25 goals

    the aim of this is to prevent the selfishness of players

    and make the match on fire

  11. I know Salah is really good but why did he become so selfish? There were clearly 2 situations were he should pass to Mane and Firmino and get easy goals…


  13. Gary neville said salah will be out 12 months away.. now "he" is prove for making self scoresheet than giving pass to mane.. so excited to see how ego can destroy the teamate harmony.. lol

  14. The competition between Sadio and Salah will only benefit Liverpool. For e.g. remember Saurez and Sturridge 13/14 season ? We are in for an amazing season with our boys trying to outdo each other. We gonna take it this season for sure… oh and Firminio isn't half bad lol. YWNWA.💪👌

  15. Mo Salah is hungry beast completely destroyed their defense ,he just never stop trying , that 1:24 key pass to Wijnaldum was wow n his work on that counterattack at Firmino goal too , he's an Asset for sure.

  16. Mane's reaction is over exaggerated and it's a sign of jealousy , What if Salah had scored it !? He should be supportive Salah assisted more always for the team !

  17. Askthat salah to pass the ball.
    Firmino and Mane can also score
    That wasnt a pass that firmino scored.
    Salah does this all the time.

    So selfish 😬😏

  18. Mane Mane Mane, can’t you see ?
    Somehow your moves just hypnotize me
    I just love your flashy play,
    And the Kop hope you’re here to stay!

  19. ربما انا اول من كشف ماني انة أناني. وظهر على حقيقتة الان. وانصح صلاح بعدم تمرير كرات لساديو ماني. ساديو ماني بدون تمريرات صلاح ولاحاجة عكس محمد صلاح أهدافه معظمها بمجهودة. اما ماني اهدافة بمجهود صلاح والآخرين لايعرف ماني يصنع كرات لنفسة وللآخرين. وإنما يترقب الفرص لصناعة لة الكرات للتهديف. هو لاشك يبذل مجهود لكن لايعرف طريق المرمى الا بمجهود غيرة لكن صلاح يصنع الأهداف لنفسة ولغيرة.

  20. Maybe I'm the first to reveal Mani that he is selfish. And it has now appeared. I advise Salah not to pass balls to Sadio Mani. Sadio Mani without Salah passes and the need for Mohamed Salah reversed his goals mostly effort. As for Mani, the goals of Salah and others do not know Mani makes balls for himself and others. It awaits opportunities for the ball industry to score. He is undoubtedly making an effort but does not know the goal of the goal only by jealous efforts, but Salah makes goals for himself and jealousy.

  21. Assists for 18/19 Salah 8 Mane 1
    Big chances created Salah 16 (Highest in the league last season) Mane 7

    Assists so far 19/20 Salah 2 Mane 0
    Chances created vs Burnley Salah 4 Mane 1

    Facts talk and BS walk… Salah is Liverpool's most influential player and numbers never lie but people do..

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