100 thoughts on “Burning Questions: Mysterious Box of Mystery

  1. My reply to SidViscous:
    Do not order a box of mystery to your enemy just buy a spicy jelly bean from vat19 to give your enemy a fully pain

  2. 1:32 you only have 3 questions on your homework 1:37 1(Part A part B part C
    2)Part A Part B Part C
    3) Part A Part B Part C

  3. Is it possible to get the 10 foot pogo stick from the mega mystery box? If yes, I will save some money…,

  4. That last question is actually a solid question?
    If your mystery box has chocolate or something else meltable, is there like an included refigeration or do you have to hope it ships fast and doesn't melt?

  5. Thumbnail :
    Me : oh flip that is not okay
    Me: *sees some of the video *
    Me : w h y c a n t y o u j u s t o p e n t h e b o x

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