(Introductory noises) [SXVXN] We are gonna build a football stadium, we’ve attempted this a couple of times. This is about our third attempt, so definitely stay tuned because if we do eventually pull this off, this is the gameplay you’re seeing on YouTube. It’s gonna be epic.. because even though we eh… even though. We’ve attempted it and failed to build it We’ve actually won pretty much every single game by the way as well in the comments. I would love to know: what is your favorite type of building to build? Because loads you guys have so many different builds that you kind of do in this game and ones to actually keep you alive. What is your favorite and what is the one that you do the most? Let’s jump over to Pleasant Park, Storm? also we have a giveaway running as well a new one, so the winner of the previous one is being announced on Twitter check by Twitter and you’ll better see that. But the brand new one will be running for the next month and get yourself the chance of winning some V-bucks. Now, we’re gonna head over, but let’s do this man. Let’s do this, baby. We’ve got this Storm. huh, I’m in the last game. We did a guy actually flew over with us as well, and he got caught in the actual trees. [Storm] I can’t believe that person landed in the trees. [SXVXN] It looks like you’re gonna do it to be honest man it looks like you’re gonna You’re gonna actually fall in the tree right now.
[Storm] To be honest, I think I am [SXVXN] Ah, no. Don’t do it! Don’t do it!
[Storm] Ehh, a bit of dodge and weave there [SXVXN] haha You actually made it. Alright, I’m gonna land on the balcony. I’ll just see if I can find a weapon over here. There’s a this chest up here as well. I’ll share any loot. Okay, if there’s any decent loot, that is. We only need to get enough to defend ourselves against like anyone that just tunes in and goes Ehh, you’re great.
[Storm] We do it out of brick, this stadium? [SXVXN] Nah, mate we’ve already tried doing it out of wood and well we’re gonna have to build out of wood because we need, if our calculations are correct when we use the wood right guys it was about Two thousand I think it was about two thousand or something crazy, so you need absolutely loads I just edited as an SMG up there if you want it I’m gonna just I’m gonna start collecting them straight away, so what we’re gonna do is gonna get 999 999 Nine-nine I don’t know why I say that over and over again. I am really tired man. But nine wood, 999 wood. And then we’ll still probably need a little bit more. I’ll show you the design, if you guys want to do this you can come over here and actually try this as well.
[Storm] Yes. We’re in it. [SXVXN] We’re actually in the zone Let’s go, baby. Oh, honestly I had to do my intro like so many times over and over again because every time we landed in the game if we weren’t Actually in the zone where Pleasant Park was in. We just yeah. Yeah we’ll eh… I’m staying at the top end here man. But if the zone isn’t actually over the top of us. We genuinely cannot actually build it, you need at least two zones on you. So you’re gonna have to have Pleasant Park really really high up there in your zone. What I’m gonna be doing in future videos is, gonna be trying to use these outfits to do like challenge videos and things so if You guys want more gameplays and whatnot like this then definitely Do let me know because I’m always wanting to Improve and always wanted to kind of do more so I got all my weapons organized anyway. We’re all pretty much side I’m just gonna keep pushing this way, dude. Let’s just push into Pleasant and see what we can get going on. You have to destroy the shed on the right hand side and this is probably the most awkward part of it so far. I have figured it out though. It just isn’t the easiest section of the actual entire stadium this part is like oh my god bruh, come on man. Work with us. It’s really frustrating If we destroy all of these, destroy all the fences and destroy the trees. Yeah, we’ll just ehm… I’ll come over with you they haven’t seen you yet. I’ve only got the semi-auto. I can see them, there’s two of them. There’s two of them They haven’t even spotted you yet either Taking bursts at him. I haven’t hit him. I haven’t him. Alright they’re pushing, they’re pushing, they’re pushing I’m coming. I’m coming. I’m coming. I’ll climb upon the roof Just call anything dude, call anything. Nice!
[Storm] I got the sniper. [SXVXN] Alright one more, one more! I’ve got him once! Hit him again! OOOH! Let’s go mate!
[Storm] I got a medkit here, if you want it. Yeah, I’ve got some bandages, but I mean yeah, but I’ll take the medkit. Medkit will do. Thank you, I appreciate it This is the exact problem that we keep having we always end up getting pushed by Loads of people as well, so so then the design is really really handy. It’s really good right but maxed out on okay? You need it is basically around the left and right hand side you didn’t have to destroy all of the trees Anything that gets in the way because of course all of this stuff is just gonna block your ability to build the stairs Which obviously gonna be there the seats so? along the left and the right side of the pitch all you want to do is just place them along like this and Obviously these trees and stuff don’t change their location so you put a copy us exactly here, so see this corner here and you’ll see why I’m doing this because the the corner here if you do this and place the ramp behind the goal if the Goal appears yellow. It says that hey if you place your ramp there You can end up destroying that item just like we just don’t have with the generator now what you have to do is be one Space it back behind the goal. Otherwise you will destroy the goal now on this corner piece You can actually build Like right next to it and obviously you can see now how it blends all the way down now This is really close to the line on the sides like the left and the right but you now know how to build this so we can show you guys right okay so for the corner piece you want to use a Pyramid and what you have to do is you have to raise three sides and you basically create like a Upside down half pyramid and what you want to do is go around the outside Just like we are here this doing this with the ramps now These are the seats if you have brick and can do this with brick then you’re a legend But I mean like as you can see here. We’ve already used hundreds and hundreds of resources going around and already building this Little tree is getting in the way man come on. You’ve ruined my fun just get this destroyed and Sound right cool And then obviously once again corner piece in and then once you build up two layers high as you can see Storm is going around like this and just placing walls all the way around now This is just going to be like the back behind all of the seats So this is definitely the we actually need to go for so all you do is go around Two layers up puts the corner pieces in..
[Storm] I’ve used 600. I’ve used so much. [SXVXN] and then start building yeah, I’ve have used loads as well, man He’s used 600 already right now. All you need to do is go around place the walls around and enough. She just literally repeat I’ve just heard someone open a supply dropper to my right by the way, okay so now that we’ve finished the walls around the top all you want to do is go around the base of all the ramps and Start going around placing the walls down now when you place these walls down all you have to do is Edit them and get rid of the first two rows and as you can see storms Also, gone around the top, and he’s also placed down like a roof that Over the top of the seats this looks amazing by the way time It is so important when you’re doing this like I don’t fire every yeah I know those people would the supply drops and stuff as well just over there before This is this is what you need to do. You need to just get rid of the two top layers you can click and hold if you’re on PC and All you have to do is just go like that and go around all these walls and it’ll crate like a low down wall Okay Not only that, as well, we need we need build the tunnels in but we need to it We need to do it on the halfway line So you need to destroy the wall. Now the only reason I didn’t do this at start is just easier Just to build there, add this in there on so if you destroy that on the other side there Storm that would be wicked. Jungle is massive wicked wicked right. Right, so just make a little entrance on that side I’ve only got brick left, so I might have to… if you could go back and destroy that wood I’ll I’ll just create the entrances with whit brick actually right now. We need to get a view of this I need to show you exactly how this looks this looks insane. [Storm] I’ll destroy these. [SXVXN] Yeah, please please do please do. Wow!! We’ve actually built a football stadium We’ve tried this like three or four times but never actually finished it off to this this This degree this is insane, dude. I’m gonna. I’m gonna build up here and it gives us a good view over the football stadium man, I am so cheer for this wow Oh my. Wow man, that is so cool. Now what we need to do is Let’s play an actual game of football because the zone’s coming in. We ain’t got long but let’s play football, baby! Oh, the SXVXN the SXVXN Squad Stadium, man. Here’s the football, I’ve got the football. We play football quickly come on Slendy. Oh GOAAAAL!! I scored, here pass it you. You go take it take it take it. Go go go go [Storm] Ahhh. I’ve gone outside the lines. [SXVXN] Take it down the pitch punch pass pass pass pass pass pass Pass! AHHHHH! I’m going, I’m going. No! I hit the post. Alright, get back
[Storm] Ahhh [SXVXN] I’m going for the corner, I’m going for the corner, I’m going for the corner. The zone is coming in! The zone is coming in! Wait, I jumped haha I jumped over it. Take it, take it, take it. Wait , I’ve got it there. Score! No! Right, okay. Bottom in, bottom in, bottom in. Go! Go! Go! Go! Run with me. Run with me. Run! Run! Run! Okay, you ready. I’m gonna pass it over gonna pass it over. I’m gonna pass it over. There go! Score! Score! Go do it do it EHHHHH!!! Right now, run, run, run, run, run. Run, run, run. Let’s go out this door here. Woohoohoohoohoo! We got to play a brief… We got to play a brief game of football. Yes, man that was awesome. Right so we needed like We… We now we have to win. Yeah, now we have to win the game. There’s only like. There’s only 8 people left
[Storm] Oh god. [SXVXN] Look at that man, how could nobody see that! Yeah, if you’re one of the people somehow randomly watching right now. Please do write the word stadium in your comment Oh my That’s just insane like [Storm] Supply drop south, if you want to go for it. [SXVXN] Yeah, I’m probably going to ignore that. We just need like other players [Storm] People eh… 120, on that hill [SXVXN] Where? On there? Oh yeah, by the tree I see I see I see. Alright I’ve got a semi-auto, I’ll try and shoot them Dude they’re hiding under a tree. I hit one I’m taking shield off him twice. Nice! [Storm] Knocked him [SXVXN] Hit him again Nice mate! Just keep on them, I’m gonna push him push him Let’s play aggressive, nice Storm. Let’s go man!
[Storm] I’ve got him [SXVXN] Nice, hey hoy We’ve got we’ve got five we’ve got five enemies left. We could actually win this! We could, no seriously we could win this. We could actually win this dude. We’ve gotta hope these guys have some good… good loot because we didn’t particularly get the best loot ever There’s a tower over to the right as well over that way. Ehh, I think I’m gonna probably take the snowball gun, I think. [Storm] I’m just gonna build a wall for a sec. [SXVXN] Yeah, yeah protect us. I put a slurp on. I don’t think they are sniping us are they? [Storm] Don’t know [SXVXN] Alright, okay.
[Storm] Here’s a shield [SXVXN] All right, thank you. I am organizing my weapons, one sec. [Storm] Is there a pump there? [Storm] No, there’s no pumps. Just just the semi shotguns. [SXVXN] Alright, let’s play aggressive, play aggressive. They’re pushing! [Storm] They’re pushing. They’re pushing. [SXVXN] Got him, he’s weak, he’s weak, he is so weak dude. Let’s get him. Okay I got him again. Let’s just push him, let’s push him. Let’s just push him. I’m gonna use this snowball, haha take my snowball. I’ve got one got one. I think that was a different guy from a different team though. Alright he’s dead, that’s them two down. That’s them two down. [Storm] There’s one to the left [SXVXN] Yeah they’re south, they’re southeast, they’re southeast. [Storm] 150-ish [SXVXN] There’s people in that tower, and there’s people bottom, uhm down below. They’re the last people It’s us versus three so that is going to be Oh, they’re fighting with each other. No no, get back. Get get get back over here. Come on, come on, come on! I see, no… I see where their base, uhhhh…. I ain’t got a lot, I got around 200 I see their base, but I don’t see them. Oh nice nice nice. I hit him for sixty, ninety Alright, let’s just absolutely destroy them man.
[Storm] Are you serious damn tree in the way [SXVXN] Shoot the tree man, if you have to. Oh let’s go baby! Oh dude, you nearly killed me, you nearly killed me. I nearly shot that. Oh they’re firing snowballs as well.
[Storm] Go on, go on, go on the hill [SXVXN] Oh, they think you’re on the right side. They think you’re still overthere I got one. I got one
[Storm] Did you get… let’s Let’s go for him.
[SXVXN] I actually got somebody yes push him I actually got, yeah, yeah someone in the bottom. Yeah, yeah, I actually got one with the snowball [Storm] Keep blastin if you have a bunch.
[SXVXN] I only have one, I only have one I’ll just I’ll just fire it to scare it. It bounced off there man. That’s wicked! Alright, I’m building up, I’m building up Where’s he at, can’t see him? He is behind me. He’s here here. Ah! Potatoed! I hit him Hit him, hit him once. He is… Nice!
[Storm] Well played [SXVXN] Alright, it us…. it’s us v one. It’s a 2v1 *SXVXN Laughter* We actually could, we actually could win this. Trying to pick this… why… pick up man! I’ve got a launch pad as well. It’s just one [Storm] Let’s get in to the zone and then work out where he is I want to use. I want to use the lunch pad to climb upon the mountain. Dude this is actually, this is insane. This is ridiculous I’ve five kills after doing the stadium Yeah, I’m gonna launch pad up to the mountain. Do you want join us or I’m just gonna [Storm] Yeah [SXVXN] Yeah, cool if he’s up here, then we’ll just have to be ready for a fight RPG Oh Imagine he snook up. And he was like, one of the…
[Storm] He’s down bottom, I think [SXVXN] Factory or something, he could be down by factory Someone has been building down there. But I don’t see them *Music starts* [Storm] Yeah, he’s down here, he’s down here.
[SXVXN] Okay. One sec. I was gonna. I was gonna build this and let’s go. What do you do? Oh? you’ve shot him with the [Storm] That was uh… Obiwan haha. What a name [SXVXN] Obiwan, haha We actually won, we build the stadium, and then we… that’s a back to back win cuz in the last game we won it but the stadium failed so like I mean you don’t see that, but you know…. [Music]

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