Buckingham Palace hosts football match

Buckingham Palace hosts football match

It’s not often you hear the words football
match and Buckingham Palace in the same sentence. But today, the country’s two oldest amateur
football clubs went head to head in the Queen’s back garden as part of the Football Association’s
150th anniversary celebrations. Prince William was there to cheer them on,
and seemed delighted to be sharing in the occasion. This magnificent home, Buckingham Palace,
is at the heart of the nation, and so there cannot be a more fitting setting to celebrate
our national game and to celebrate all of you. I cannot tell you how excited I am that later
today, we will be playing football on my grandmother’s lawn. One warning though. If anyone breaks
a window, you can answer to her. In fact, Her Majesty, who has been the pride
patron of the FA for 61 years sends her regrets that she cannot join you today. One small
silver lining to Her Majesty not being present today is that there shouldn’t be any corgis running
onto the pitch.

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