British and Germans re-enact football match 100 years on


It’s been almost 100 years since peace symbolically
came to the trenches of World War 1, albeit for the briefest of moments. Both British and German soldiers stepped into
the breach of no-man’s land to offer a temporary ceasefire to the most devastating of wars. Christmas wishes were exchanged, and most
memorably a football match was contested between the two sides. A century later and in Kabul, Afghanistan,
this most extraordinary moment was recreated by forces from countries. German soldiers and British soldiers for a moment forgot the brutality of war. And then they played a game of football. And that is a phenomenal thing to do and it just gives a huge amount of hope. And a hundred year on, to see German soldiers and British soldiers again on operations in you country doing this is, I think, just symbolic of progress and what can be achieved. The encounter was certainly well-contested. But the ultimate victor of the day was peace
and friendship. The true spirit of Christmas.

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