Bridgewater Football Wraps Up ODAC Schedule at Ferrum

Bridgewater Football Wraps Up ODAC Schedule at Ferrum

Bridgewater football finished in a tie
for second place in the ODAC with a 42-21 win at Ferrum on Saturday
after Alex Galloway got the Eagles on the board with an end-around rush
Ferrum converted a fourth down try on the first play of the second quarter to
take a 14 to 7 lead the Eagles would come back in the second half again this
season however BC tied it on a long third quarter drive converting a third
and 12 on a screen pass to Demetrius jalepes and getting a 21-yard rush from
Brendon maturey jalepes picked up a fourth down and then finished off the
drive to tie the game at 14 to 14 deshomd denny was originally credited
with a strip sack on the next possession but the quarterbacks arm was ruled to
have gone forward the eagles scored immediately anyways as
davonta Womack took the punt 68 yards to the house for BC’s first lead of the day
Ferrum tied the game once more at 21-21 the eagles put together another strong
drive to go ahead for good jay scroggins found trey Stephens on an out route to
convert a third and 16 jalepes broke a 38 yard touchdown to make it 28 21 the
defense would get their strip sack as gary Ramey drilled the quarterback and
an attempted throw away went backwards that re’shaun Myers scooped up for the
score as the teams develop a personality but
if you’re in Las Vegas bookie don’t take the points and then bet against
Bridgewater in the second half but I do I was just proud of our kids I really
thought you know our defense kind of fought in there for us that first half
just to keep us keep us close you know we were scrambled we had it both our 1 &
2 quarterbacks knocked out of the game in the first half and you’re trying to
figure out who you want to play and how you’re gonna try to get this thing to
the half and still be down 7 that was a gutty effort by Jay in the second half
you know to have a quarterback come out and say you know I can’t group the ball
tightly and I can’t grip it quickly but I’m gonna try to go I think that was
very important but it was also one of those things were you know we balanced
that thing out we took a very good running back out of their offense at
least they denied him the explosion play which has been Ferrum’s MO and then
certainly when you get into those days where you could say I scored in the
kicking game and I scored on defense you’re gonna win most of those games and
we were able to do that here this afternoon

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