Brazil vs Czech Republic Basketball Match WC 2019

Brazil vs Czech Republic Basketball Match WC 2019

the battle-hardened brazilian team
looking for a victory that would secure that place in the quarter-final toric
tournament of the czech republic then there’s the World Cup having failed to
qualify from each of the previous six additional house for euro basket 2021
several group games in Prague and this program very much Republic playing in
this team that helps the camaraderie it also helps with the cohesion bonus
medals in 67 and 78 as well they were sick a really good blend between
experience and when I say experience I’m talking real experience through
participation already against the USA and the thing that sticks out the most
we take a look at the efficiencies for today’s game between tournament
fourth-best 68.4% on the inside in round one though hat-trick was one of the tops
could on the boards and muscling up worked us and half a lose each averaging
4.3 assists per game yes for these teams a new city a new venue new opponents and
a new goal the hurdle of the first round even they have the ball first looking
for the first score of this first game here in the second round bound big
decisions you’ve got to make the strategy you employ half a lose looking
to work with batteries out goes a lot NBA career and that’s a touch further
than what three-point line is here coming the voice of FIBA Hall of Famer
Andrew gays alongside myself Tim long here and and the chance to run for Czech
Republic cellar and ski what a lovely bat lose kabak low looking to para went
through the center at ski hands it off– far side long range two point so around
ski waiting for Balvin who is slightly behind the plate bats blues to Alex
we’re gonna go to work here on bohat chick we get they’ll beam on the outside
again looking to move into the paint so the rats key another love distribute the
ball like that on your team solder on ski a verge five assists per
game in the NBA with the Wizards shoulder pain buddy ran into Bruno cobot
low putting up the great wall here and shot his five points already three point
seven assists 1.3 steals per game in the first round for Alex
alder is in the game wearing the number one his bow hatchet to the far side
Aldo passing to pal vite little as a to play with Spanish side Bilbao this
season Xiao Xiao open under would it go down
look at the rebound from muscly nope worked ass this is the first quarter
coming up it may go Sal around ski again floating one back into battle beam up
against Felicio hot side of the paint one on one gonna take him on steps into
the paint sixty nine point two percent in the three-point lights destroying
nine of 13 just before that one in the Felicio fast side back again to Felicio
up against battle v against the double team the veteran 35 years of age i off
the window battle beating on all night lv needs to be a little higher there he
goes inside there get the guy guarding the screen a guard that paint and make
him shoot hopefully contested twos in there in the other end looking to close
the gap to two straight the offense the third most assists in the World Cup
since 1994 albert taking advantage of to work around the glass it was my father
standing head game that was those every one of those bands and points whoops
but it’s Brazil’s turn to work back quickly sat around ski basket sides
where tests just on the high side coach Alexander Petrovich his team you talked
about them not being bad on the offensive end they have three of their
four games now the long-term of this game with the Czech Republic from the
Palacio the Pats picked off by shelf in front of him great read by the defense
great pace by the offensive center and ski back out wide open play off from him
just seems to get better and better looking for another assist here off the
window was white just coming in clearly to make those
around you better it’s a skill you can’t coach Petrovic now changing things up it
has a look at a 2-3 zone and he won’t stay at for crucial there’s 4 lose on
them with 13 cents key to get the pool is official but is it backwater past
that brew man shot clock down to three Aleksandra banners well forces there’s
still another what that core Celeron ski looking to work with Balvin on the
perimeter creating a bit of room for Santa and ski nor kini Oz will take on
the long run five League titles in that time satyr at ski will take the pass
Balvin who was trying to grab the offensive rebound and instead it was to
run the show here back out battle vein across to no hat chick inside flips it
up they do look slow they don’t look as passionate that the job of working those
on balls and protecting the rim Brazil a playing with fire at the moment Barbosa
gonna get look they’re most ready get out of here says bohat chick
three-point shot quick Republic salient ski he’s gonna take the three
poster bundling to the baseline this time got it back off ferry alcopop low
to the far side deep three pointer tech eyes together and getting him back on on
page great leadership bohat Shrikant it took up not a lot of contact on that one
but valving handing off turbo had to hi in France now with shell on rats Dean boy tech crew ban will take the fat we
shot come on they haven’t been for the early for of nineteen though hatch it
with the oak it’s Alex across to the far side – yah
go cross court pass catch Benny she’s hit a couple snares to the bench GG
Lozada comes in another youngster only twenty years of us not just about trying
to salvage this and get the win for Brazil but that blowout does you no good
beau hatchet to the far side pop thriller 23 the advantage now Yago
finding fancier margin for czech republic crucial they gotta keep just
trying it irrational across to the far side beau hot chick threatened the three
clings on to it to the baseline bounce pass inside up shorten this margin
because if the USA feed Greece then on Monday Greece will need to beat
Gigi into the lane trying to squeeze her past in a passing lane that was at local
Felicio play satyr on ski 17 points 8 assists seven rebounds nine point right
into the charger gnocchi on the split line to help to provide that help
defense Satur rats go far for satyr on ski were
tasks for three got it is bow chick from the outside so that’s getting away with
a very high basketball IQ the shuffle cat that got very little out of their
offense matter Carol 57% from the field worked and lost records cross courts had
cooked low from the 20 here Benny floats one off the window and number 13 League
Nepal here hasn’t played much of the tournament who finds an open shoutout
they’ve picked them off with the offensive in and down on defense below
their average and a lot of credit goes to the Czech Republic in the blue pins
final seconds spinach contested three doesn’t go the tip for Felicio Czech
Republic Brazil suffer their first win and Czech Republic level up the record their first loss of the tournament for
bruising performance by the Czech Republic not so great for Brazil again
the Czech Republic with these 20 points but that doesn’t tell the whole picture
and look you

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