Brazil v Czech Republic FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

Brazil v Czech Republic FIBA Basketball Match World Cup 2019

take on the big man bears y’all can’t
finish Marcelino gets the rebound to Varejao bear sow sewing it up a little
bit up and then wraps it around kicks it out loose Oh sue players
falling over each other bears y’all beautiful ball movement there by the
Brazilian strum to the basket and he’s difficult because when you kind of
treated like that on the defensive and you kind of get yourself down a little and your time he was on the floor if the
fix happened look at him drive inside and his first two was a pretty one Gucci
on the floor for the first time for Japan of the 15 and white for full on
dancing inside and the foul yeah he’s strong he’s gonna take the
contact and finish off the glass on that one and he’s that’s what he does inside
pussy just fall away that’s short rope pull up picks it up he’s plenty of time
to get one off own it up to the rim right before the buzzer that ends the
third period trying to get the steals at a ran ski to shield you’ll put up
another three let’s see if the Brazilian blur can come up with something here
gets it over to cabaco one second on the shot clock shot goes up that’s it down
what a shot and what a way to introduce yourself goes to center court and he’s gonna want
his eye so here he goes shifts the defender kicks it out Garcia
four three three single game look at that but it’s such an awkward looking
shot but it’s been so affected here in Nanjing much to the delight of the
Brazilian a little too early Garcia taking advantage he’s bringing it up
guarded by Needham and what a matchup that’ll be mark eNOS for three what a
shot that was ten seconds on the shot clock
to drive him himself good help though put it touching the Brazilian blur is
taking all comers right to the basket over top and defend able to adjust
really quickly so he ran straight into a you know a screen a block but then was
able to step to the side and still keep his composure that’s the key and that’s
you know if you’re talking to young players that’s the key you have to be
flexible you have to be ready to make a change
Feliciano been there che or excuse me this is Marcelino to police the oh and there’s the
alley-oop my goodness me I’m glad these rings are reinforced use the screen up
and in right at bousillage kicks it out Marcelino wide open look for Bonetti a five to shoot yes and lay on it still
looking for help Odum loader got it Wow good sign though for Turkey is Austin in
line oh now being the buff everybody and punches it home he was close to may the point is the first step than
fall will be off of the ball has been terrific in the Czech Republic and
Turkey yesterday hi I’m cope don’t miss the FIBA
Basketball World Cup here you want more click on these videos and
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