BOYS vs GIRLS TRUTH or DARE Trick Shot Challenge!


if you miss stop it I already I have to
give me a good three to five second kiss oh you have to give us all the money in
your wallet you need to text your crush and express your feelings for them
I dare you Jenna so let me go what is that what is that for everybody welcome
back to the channel another episode of world record Wednesdays we’re a great
core set a world record every single Wednesday so I have you guys here for my
intros today’s video we’re doing boys versus girls
truth or dare trick shop challenge and there’s a world record on the wheel
which hopefully will get selected at some point because we need a world
record for today here’s how today’s games gonna work Haley I’m in each team
is going to take turns dairy the other team or trimming yeah sure
you’re giving the other team a truth or dare if they choose to take the Dare
they will spin the wheel determining their trick shot they miss their trick
shot they get a hex if you choose not to take the dare you get automatic hex
first into three exes loses but you already have ladies we’re gonna dare you
first Jenna Mia I dare one of you to ding-dong-ditch three houses in a minute yeah we’re gonna have to drive down the
street because I don’t want to do my immediate neighborhood do you guys want
to take it all right spin the wheel if you’re taking it that’s with the little
sticky axe not a real axe this little foam axe will suction cup to the wall
you only get one attempt Jenna just like that one like this doesn’t work every
time okay girls are free okay ladies your turn to give us a dear
or I guess the truth but probably a dare all right we’re thinking hot sauce you
got a drink like good amount of it casual well let’s make sure we match
well let’s MIT let’s just make our shot we’re playing behind who Easy Pieces
crazy okay all right to the court do not give us our first X please wait are
these only one shots keep inviting her Oh
before remember the two seas you know shot clock is winding down ten nine
eight is your mouth on fire
like and subscribe Josh thank you for taking one for the team because I was
not gonna do that no problem I’m alright now that’s nothing to drink
but I haven’t dared that I wanted to do okay okay I dare you Jenna so let me go
through your phone for 30 seconds 30 seconds another 40 seconds 30 seconds
I’m on 40 seconds you guys for 40 seconds deal okay you can take the X you
can take it back you got a make she got a make it yeah I make it one try one
shot one opportunity mom’s spaghetti here we go okay Jenna mom spaghetti your
phones life isn’t a balance of this what good
throw it’s not safe in about three two one okay I saw something oh my god guys it’s
Caleb Nash peeps are coming at you live from Gina’s phone make sure you give me
a follow go click it follow me on instagram subscribe on youtube if you
want to see the best funniest anyway make sure you follow in time make sure
you follow the funniest dude out there and it’s live nice nice also you guys
get an X ok its 1 X 2 1 X and it’s back to you there us hey look I think you
should switch cars with me for oh that’s good
your car was just in the shop my car my car it’s older than me so all right
you’re gonna play okay almost I want somebody else to experience this so here
we go baseball baseball world record okay
Caleb let’s go explain the world record let’s do it yeah you got this dude and
if you don’t we get a neck so please get this okay three two one go oh my job using the same time the time
to beat was 30 seconds hey that was the time to beat
I didn’t tell what it wasn’t a beat the time the time was twenty seven point two
nine seconds I’m like happy but not at the same time like cool world record
base they don’t get eggs my arm is crazy way to be way to go guys
don’t get it ex no and my car stays here okay back to us
Mia this one’s for you yes you need to text your crush and express your
feelings for them where did the baseball roll Deckard
grannie three-pointers video granny let’s go come on come on granny 3 I’ve
never seen you make a granny these were all the myth it’s gonna be against this guy you have
to give us all the money in your wallet wow what a dare how much money do some
reason I have worried about it shoes I do this Josh yes it’s not my money so oh
this is ready to go right here actually looks to be good height come on Caleb Peter II I got bottles are easier than
just kind of bottle for you it’s not great water if it’s not good too much
water too much water see we got to be fair here yeah I guess
Zima it’s just right come on Caleb wait
there’s money in there there better be more than singles cause there’s so many
singles one for you one for me whoa
hey how much money is it 300 I’m sorry they’re not very good at math 460 RV 395
395 Oh Caleb I’m really sorry I feel like that was partially my fault
partially anyway next up ladies we dare you
if you miss your gear Johnny all the money back that you’ve made in the last
two minutes boring exact boring boring the survival what I had mind was I
juggle knives over both of you real nice yes I mean I’ve seen him do it okay
y’all see this scar my neck especially for my nozzle okay you’re gonna take the
X or do you under on the wheel we roll the wheel spin the wheel
do you roll the wheel nice flip perfect okay
the nice flip is you have to throw a flip throw a flip you have to throw a
knife into the air and have it stick into the ground you have to flip the
knife or machete at least one rotation has to stick in the ground if you get it
stuck in the ground you don’t have to be juggled over yeah ready 3 2 1 go no just
go okay you both get doubled over no I’m
I’ll do it well it doesn’t matter now you didn’t
you tell me the other day you haven’t personal one here just put your arms in
cross your arms yep today was my death day ready
you get get I’m ready you see it’s really not that bad we look back and Gina’s got blood on her
somehow you guys are what okay well we’ve to it we have two x’s we have to
play I’m not losing I was like I hope if anyone gets it it’s me on our team
obviously or you guys I got it would’ve been funny for them to do it but I get
this every time Cassie shut up okay cool No
just go hey bye Gina okay all right hold on first you’re not gonna show her spoon
trick let’s see your spoon trick three two one
go Hey all right we got a good one for you eh news for Jenna
good until I want to be the one to say it stop it
if you miss stop it I already I have to give me a good three to five seconds ladies happy can’t fail punishment
without so all right if you guys take the ax right now you automatically lose
are you gonna play okay man so you’re gonna be the one to do it you’re gonna
spin the wheel you have to do it to save that’s kind of tough you can do that
okay you know my life why did you let him do this Josh of all
people awakens I thought you’d have it really now what you miss this he’s gonna
make I mean I know you don’t get to do that this all this stuff I’ve learned
from Caleb I appreciate that you ready do you trust me right now Damian you
can’t do that why did you do that such a punishment
we are pretty big out there you are girls just want to have lunch you know
you guys you guys could have your definition of dares don’t they Caleb
give us all the money in your wallet buy US lunch do you know how this game works
why me because 20 juggling catches by the way you can see what yeah no cuts
just go right now ready three no not two four three two one go
1 2 3 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 20 way to go
solid juggling nice no lunch for you bones 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
okay I think I have okay shout out to my boy Caleb Nash cream
stir make sure you subscribe to his channel but this dare is if you miss it
you get a pie to the face aka do or pie what I do on my channel
every funny face if you miss hey if you miss this your teammate gets a pie to
the face all up in this it over the curls I got this unless you want to
stretch the bed up you miss you gotta kiss me Josh let’s
see it and that’s the game boys win yeah I put my Crocs in sports mode for you
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