Borussia Dortmund showcase The Footbonaut


It looks more like it belongs in a science
fiction film than on a football team’s training facility, but the so-called Footbonaut is
allowing Borussia Dortmund to get one step ahead of their rivals through the use of cutting
edge technology.  Footbonaut is a four-sided, ball feeding machine
erected on a 14-metre square grid, providing non-stop footballs to a receiving player. With a total of 64 targets to aim at in a
360-degree environment, Borussia Dortmund are the first professional club to use the
Footbonaut, with players enjoying the novel addition to training.  “The facility is great. And just the repetition
of the ball you get and the technique and help your technique and your vision and opening
up and looking for the target.” Footbonaut has been in full use at Dortmund
since March, and has also been used for rehabilitation training for injured first team and youth
team players.

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