Biggest Beach Ball You’ve Ever Seen!

Biggest Beach Ball You’ve Ever Seen!

Sunscreen. Check. Towel. Got it. Beach ball. Found it. The Giant Inflatable Beach
Ball’s nine-foot diameter overshadows grown men. Damn. Just like an
ordinary beach ball, the Giant Beach Ball is a
vinyl sphere made for play. When flat, it measures
12 feet across. And with a 659,000
cubic inch volume, you’ll want to inflate
it with a pump. But don’t fear
its enormous size. The Giant Beach Ball
is all about fun. Of course, it’s right
at home on a beach, but the Giant Beach Ball
is fun anywhere you play. You’ll have a ball pushing
it around with your friends, inventing new games
like human lawn bowling, and just going wild. Despite its enormous
size, the ball is still light enough
to bounce and bound. Of course, it wouldn’t
be a beach ball if it couldn’t float. And the vinyl ball can withstand
some pretty rough play. For gigantic outdoor fun, buy
the Giant Inflatable Beach Ball now at Get it. Get it. Oh. Oh. What now? What now? What now? Oh no. What now? What now?

100 thoughts on “Biggest Beach Ball You’ve Ever Seen!

  1. What if it pops like like can you like refill it still or can you just plug it in with duct tape or something

  2. Normal beach ball I bought was 99cents
    20 inches
    Their beach ball 118 dollars
    9 feet

    9feet divide 20inches is 5.4 so there beach ball is 5.4 times the size of mine so the price should be 5.4 times as much however the price is over 100 times as much

  3. After I purchased this ball my ex girlfriend texted me saying that she wanted to get back together, my mom beat cancer, my boss promoted me and my dick grew 1 inch in length. If I could, I would give this ball a 100 star rating. It has changed my life. Thank you giant beach ball!

  4. isn't that the same beach ball that bounces on the people in a specific beach that I had read on reddit?

  5. Once I bought one, but the wind caught it and it destroyed a few beach setups and sandcastles. Some say it still haunts the Florida coast to this day.

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  7. Nope that's not the biggest beach ball! You idiots the biggest beach ball on is the Bay watch beach ball! Its diameter is 3000

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