Betfair scalping tutorial on football markets when Betfair Trading

Betfair scalping tutorial on football markets when Betfair Trading

looking here at some Champions League
matches and I’m just going to show you some simple scalping very very simple to
do and we’re going to do is look for a quick tic out of some of these markets
and there’s obviously risk in this because if you’re performing a scalp you
could find that the position goes against your goal of school which
obviously wouldn’t be ideal but I’ll demonstrate this anyway but it’s down to
you to manage when you do this and the risk involved.
you may also if you think about it if you use a soccer mystic price predictor
to have a look at the market not only will you be able to identify which
markets where the time to catch the strongest ie where you can get a scalp
in the quickest which reduces your risk but you’ll also be able to look at
secondary markets that you can hedge on so bear that in mind put a bit of
science into it so if I go into a match will go into the so look and see if we
can find a match you just got some decent um activity and liquidity on it
we’ll have a look here interesting if you look at this market
this is majesty not SP Valencia and Valencia are a one-nil up at the moment
so you can see the score line here nil 1 to Valencia we’ll have a quick look at
the chart for you you can see here as the match progressed you can see the
goal that came in here and then as the game is going on you can see the price
coming in a little bit here sometimes situations occur in the market you can
look at these using the price predictor that you see up here that may seem
slightly unintuitive to you but if we look at one all within this market you
can see the price on this is pretty stable and coming in as well so you know
you can put a bit of logic into this we’ve reversed the book here this is how
the book looks on Betfair but if I use the reverse function you can see that
we’re going to be backing in the current low price and laying at the current back
price I’m going to set both back and low stakes to 50 pound each now I could
scalp mill one because that’s the direction that the score is heading in
but you would assume that mine United will want to get back into this match so
what I’m actually going to do a scalp one or I’m going to do that by reversing
the book which means I’m going to offer money up at 395 and get it taken at 3.9
a little bit late there you can see already somebody’s put some money there
but give it a try to do this I’m going to use the drop down menu here I’m going
to do offset bet with greening the reason I’m going to use with greening is
that it will automatically green up everything when the other bet gets
matched fill up kill order for 60 seconds it’s going to hold the order in
the market for 60 seconds so if we go into this market we could put a trade on
here but worgen Oda is going to pop one in the market let me just wait for 392
come back up I’m going to pop one in at 390 see if we can get filled at 390
somebody’s taken some of that money a bit of an issue here and that this fair
bit of money it’s a 385 but you can see that we’ve been matched fairly quickly
actually at 390 bet angel is put the corresponding other bet back in at 385
and you can see it’s put in 50 65 despite the fact that we were using the
stake of 50 pound the reason for this is that 65 pounds of 65 and 65 P it’s going
to represent the green value so we just need to sit here and wait for somebody
to take this at 385 now if we wanted to we could scalp by backing one nil to
Valencia but if there’s a goal it’s going to be scored you would suspect
obviously it’s better if you watch the match and go into a little bit more
detail into it but you would suspect that Man United could come back into
this match at some point which is why the price on one all is going to be
fairly stable for a while of course if we backed nil 1 and Man United scores
then that would be a bet over we would lose money so sometimes you can let
their pays to think counter intuitively now we’ve done this on the one click
screen because it’s easy to do so because if we’re using the global
settings perfectly possible to do it on the ladder but of course you need to
select the score line which would be one nil let me just pull this up and we can pop our order in on the other
side here if I adjust these to fifty pound each I’m going to say use global
settings because if I tick use global settings it brings into play all of
these functions up here and outside what I do I’m going to back at 395 it takes a
few seconds for the order to come in because of the end play delay you can
see that taking place over here and I put an order in back in at 385 and that
order will appear in the market if you’re using a multi screen mono so what
you may want to do is undock and the magic bets put them on another one or
you can read ocula at the bottom so a tiny amount of money has been matched at
385 we just need somebody else to take an interest in this price here and then
what will happen is Bettinger will take that corresponding lei order put it in
the market at 380 and close our position out for us so scalping is a very simple
way to make money on the market you can see in the time that we’ve been looking
at this the price on nil 1 is coming in even further and that is because the the
chance of the match ending 1 nil to Valencia is increasing you can see that
on the implied percentage chance here and it looks like we’ve been matched a
tiny amount there we go we’re just waiting for the
corresponding bit to come in at 380 you can see all of that spend match so we’ve
managed to put fear through a few trades on though if I go to match Betsy over to
see the trades that we’ve done we’ve basically backed about 390 then average
take of 54 and gone back in at 385 with an average take 5546 what actually
happened there was because we didn’t get filled on certain orders it’s been
canceled and fill or killers counted off the remainder of the bet and it’s offset
the amount that we did get matched so you know we’re free to try again here
fairly an exciting dull but relatively safe way of scalping the markets been a
goal in the in the Spurs match so there you go
very simple process of scalping now the risk that you have in these sort of
markets is that a goal goes in but you can see here we’ve used a bit of logic
to move ourselves away from where the main part of that risk is so you can see I’ve done a trade in this
market already and basically what taking advantage of
here is the fact that as the match started the chance of under two and a
half girls increased which you would expect our Gold’s gone in and now the
chance of under turn Agra four goals is increasing again because there’s been a
lack of goals in this particular market they’re in an attacking phase at the
moment so their likelihood is there we go just waiting for a more suitable
entry point into the market so I’m going to go in here see if we can get an order
filled speculatively on the other side we’ve backed at 172 we’re waiting for
somebody to take the money on this side if there’s an attacking phase now you
would expect people to lay under two and a half girls that bets been matched so
they tend you’ll now put the other bit back in on the other side so we’re
waiting to get filled at 171 with greening uses a stake fifty pounds
twenty nine pence we just need the price to come in a little bit and then that
order gets fought so you can see they’re very very simple method of scalping the
reason that we’re reversing the book is so that we don’t have to put ourselves
in the front here and wait longer for the second bet to get matched by
reversing the book we’re offering a price of the market waiting for somebody
to take it and as soon as that counter bit goes into the market then it’ll get
filled much quicker so that’s the reason we reverse the book the scalping is a
very simple and straightforward strategy the issue that you have is obviously
trying to do it at a time when a goal is less likely because if a goal goes in
that will radically change what happens in the market but that’s why we’re doing
this on under turn half goals because it gives us an opportunity to still get out
at a profit even if there is a go

8 thoughts on “Betfair scalping tutorial on football markets when Betfair Trading

  1. @horuseyes – It varies from match to match. Betfair put the delay in, in an effort to stop people from beating the clock.

  2. In 3 minutes 10 seconds in the video, I do not understand why you would rather back at 3.9 rather than 3.95? Is it because there would be a long delay in your money being matched since there is already £87 pounds on 3.95. Thanks in advance

  3. @costas020287 – By reversing the book you offer money to the market which means you can scratch your order for no loss. So that is why we offered money to be taken in this market. It's safer and more profitable over the long term.

  4. But I only accept this technique if you are watching the match by tv. It's not the same scalping when there's a corner kick than when there's a goal-kick. The danger for the result to change is not the same

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