Bet Angel – Football markets quick tips


so the Premier League is starting up
again this weekend which means that the football season is back in full flow and
you’ll be wanting to put some of those matches into bet angel to trade them
manually or automatically so here are some tips on how you can do that first
of all you need to find the match you’re interested in and that’s pretty easy on
potential if you go to file and select market or just put this across in the
middle of the screen here you can easily find the matches by going to search and
then if you want to type in for example Liverpool and match odds they will bring
up all matches with Liverpool and match yours if you just want to type in
Liverpool then you can see it widens that list for you and you can use
variations of that and you can use multiple and and logical commands within
that but what we’ve done is put some in there for you so if you want all English
Premiership matches and the match odds you can bring it up on the list click on
that and there we go and then you can just double click on that or right click
and that will transport you straight to that market there’s a better way of
doing this though and that is to use Guardian because Guardian allows you to
sort and look through all manner of markets very easily so if we bring up
Guardian I’ll just resize this to suit you’ll
notice that you can do exactly the same on there if you want to search within
Guardian you can do the same there but we do actually have a sucker tab or
football for us in the UK and if we click on that again you can do a search
for matches containing Liverpool or if you want to find matches that are in
play you can actually have a look here and do shown it only the match is
supported by soccer mystic which will be relevant if you use that to do a search
there and it will actually scan through there and look for matches that have
enough data and information on it that will allow you to actively bring those
in and have a full set of markets below them so you can see it’s done it in date
order there so what I can do is right click on here and then it gives me the
choice of don’t want to actually bring over into
Guardian so I’m going to do all match odds here and I’ll right-click again and
then add selections to guard in and then they will appear on the right hand side
here so you can see all of the different matches here that have activity on them
that fulfill the criteria that we have selected now if you want to speed up the
population Guardian if you have streaming on you can get it to whiz
through streaming and all of these markets at a rate of knots and you’ll
see here that you know some of these matches have a lot of volume on them
some of them don’t you really want to be active in matches where the liquidity is
highest so if you sort by volume you’ll see here that here are the matches
according to how much has been matched in each one of those and you can slow
down the refresh once it’s populated up to you how you want to manage that and
so on but that’s a really simple way of bringing all of those matches into one
area where you can start to look at each of these matches get a feeling for
what’s in front of you and from here if you want you can start to group the
matches and add them in to watch lists so if I group some of these matches go
up to watch and then add these to that particular watch this so I’m going to
add them to watch this one and display the watchlist then you can see you can
have that ticking away in the background even if you’re trading football tennis
any other stuff you can display all of that information on the watchlist
somewhere else on your screen and then with just a click you can zip into that
particular match and see what’s going on from within there now of course with
Guardian you can use automation so you can see we’ve got the automation tab up
here and I’ve downloaded a load of different automation files from the
forum so we can go through each of these matches have a look at each of these
matches and say well actually on this one what I want to do is run the
following here and on this one I’m going to run this one and on this one I’m
going to do this and you can mix and match from there or
if you want you can see here that I’ve got a bit of automation here that will
signal if a goal has been scored so there’s no reason why you couldn’t put
all of those things and now I’m just deleting all of the matches I don’t want
run rules files on each of those matches even if it’s just a signal that a goal
has been scored and then you can get on with trading whatever you’re doing in
your in the main part of betangel so if I add in today’s UK horse-racing as well
but danger will start adding those in at the bottom of Guardian but all of those
will mix in together so if I actually want to put the automation on just the
football but I want to trade racing as well very easy to do you don’t have to
worry too much about that and if you look at the refresh rates within
Guardian then you can set that because we’ve got streaming you can set that
very very high indeed so I’ll just whisk through all of these markets and I can
go off and trade the seven-thirty at Newmarket and all of the other rules
will be running in the background for me I don’t need to worry about what’s going
on in those markets because Guardian will look after those and so if there’s
a match going on in the background or you want to be alerted to something or
you want Bettinger to do something in the background it can do that while
you’re busy trading the racing city on the tester strategy you want to deploy
something or you want to know if a goal has been scored it can do all of that
for you and if you want to keep an eye on how each of those markets is
progressing you can add them to the watchlist and display those somewhere
else on your screen you

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