BEST STREET SOCCER BALL?? – Testing the Monta Soccer Shredder Ball


Yo guys Kieran from Street Soccer International here and welcome to today’s video something a little different an unboxing well not proper unboxing cause my daughter wanted me to open the bag earlier so it’s already open basically we’ve been getting a lot of questions by you guys what ball were was Jack Downer using in the insane Street skills video he was using one of these types balls which is a Monta Ball ball now I think I pretty much got the version he had on him on the time certainly when it was nutmegging me so that’s the whole look at it you can see the Monta sign and this is the shredder this is Monta I think it’s their latest product out which is the shredder ball very bright nice colors here obviously in the video we’ve got down and on the Pannahouse World Championships the ball is a lot faded which does happen to these balls as you can see but you do get a lot of use out of them let’s pump it up and we’ll have a little more look of it in detail okay so we are out here testing the Monta shredder of all I’m just gonna bring Silas on he’s helping me Silas is a Mansfield Town is on the scholarship program right yeah so he’s not more of a street footballer he’s more of a regular football player so you can do certain people needs to be a lot better than me in terms of moving these space and positions and that so we’re using a good chance to test this ball, my opinion the ball again I I didn’t mean like this ball in a first sorry aesthetically it’s not the best-looking ball they have had out but it’s grown on me over time and yeah it looks good is it sharp and bright you can see the ball quite easily makes it fun to play with it’s not too much grip on the floor it’s better for like then this SISM ball for that because he keeps a good grip especially on this dry surface there’s a lot of little chips and stones in this surface we’re playing on and the SISM ball can get really caught whereas this monster seems to glide a lot easier so Silas ago what’s your thoughts on the ball as well, it’s got a good cushion to it it feels alright and it’s not too hard it’s not to soft not, it’s got a good grip on it grip on it it’s not to grippy like the SISM balls but it’s got a enough grip so like do you groundmoves control it moves around good. So what I’ll do is guys if you want to check out a Monta shredder I’ll leave a link in the description so you can go check out their website purchase it if you do want to they have a lot of different types of balls like certainly the one-inch punch Bruce Lee variation is probably one of the nicest ones that’s certainly one of my personal favorites well anyway thank you for watching this video thank you to Silas for helping me out as well and see you again in the next video

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