Hey guys & welcome to a new video! We are in the Schalke Veltins Arena! Here we will do a big penalty shootout! We have 4 different teams, each player has 3 shots! Michi .. Michi? Why haven’t you joined teamfk? I will support my friend Breel from Schalke 04 He gave you more money, didn’t he? Schalke is just better 😉 The teams are PMTV Schalke 04 with Michi Teamfk 2 great Goalkeepers And the last team is an e-sports team of Schalke Let’s see, who got the best penalty’s! Okay guys, let’s find out who will start first Or who will decide who should start Okay, so Breel you can start now first Teamfk will be last .. Schalke on 2nd then PMTV This is not fair, the ball isn’t on the penalty point My penalty will be HOT! Tim is a really good penalty scorer! 1:0 for Schalke No pressure at all, Meti Now i have to do something special I will also do a TRICKSHOT! Are you afraid, Lukas .. Are you afraid? What happend? We will edit this .. just cut out Right Save one, Michi! The first time i’m not hesitating.. and he just scores in the middle The next one will be a lob! Okay! Jannik is nervous! He’s doing a lob! I told him you would do a lob I’m afraid of Tim’s penalty’s I will also do a lob! This one was sooooo slow! The one with the best boots Don’t slip, bro! What is Karol doing here? Oh, save one! Not again! Are you afraid, Lukas? What is the keeper doing here? Michi, you will score! The boys of Schalke are on fleek! You know bro.. i want to see the lob! Where is the lob, bro`? Repeat! He said, he will lob the next one! I never said that 😛 Great one! Tim is taking this way too serious! Normally you can catch this shoots Last Penalty! What is he doing now?? Karol, save this one! Concentrate, bro! You have to come back .. you have to miss this one! Great! Greetings to Thomas Müller! Here, you can have my jersey! Last Round! He scores again! You guys are cheating 😀 This will be a goal! Respect for the lob! Okay, next round – but e-sports team is out! Weak Foot Round! Weak Foot! I don’t have a weak foot! PMTV – no weak foot available Guys, i don’t have a weak foot.. So guys, the perspective of us – the goalkeepers! Last shot in this round! Where is he shooting? When i miss, TEAM SCHALKE will be the winner! He will do a lob! If i score, there will be another round! Michi try’s to manipulate the penalty .. no chance! I think he will go with power Okay, then decide, Jan! Okay, was a power shot! Okay – the last round: SCHALKE vs FK Fairplay from FK members I had to save this one! Okay, now it’s TIM TIME What a GOAL!! You can’t save this one .. even Neuer couldn’t save this shot Congrats guys! This was the Penalty Shootout with Schalke FK could win this one You can also check out the 2nd Part on Schalke e-sports We will be playing a bit FIFA! Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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