Best Last Minute Goals Ever in Football

Best Last Minute Goals Ever in Football

There are many goals in football every week. But some goals are memorable… Sometimes one goal can change many life. Specialy, if it come in last minutes… After 43 years Manchester City was again being champion with Aguero’s last minutes goal. With this last-minute goal, Belgium was in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Tottenham was going to the Champions League final with this miracle goal. David Beckham was taking England to 2002 World Cups with this last minute goal. Donovan was taking america out of the world cups group with this goal. This last minutes goal was taking Liverpool to the semi-finals in the European league. This last-minute goal of Barcelona was the return of the miracle against PSG. Gabriel Jesus scored a last-gasp winner as champions Manchester City ended a magnificent season with more Premier League records. With this last-minute goal of Iniesta, Barcelona was going to the Champions League final. Manchester United was rising to the quarterfinals in the Champions League With this last-minute goal. Chelsea was rising to the Champions League final with this last-minute goal. Liverpool was rising to the Champions League final with this goal.

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  2. En el próximo añade el 3-1 de Rodrigo al Getafe… Pero pon la narración de beinsports España… Toco en Hugo Duro!

  3. Did you ever see sampdoria vs inter recoba last minute goal? This list are shit. Only aguero and iniesta goal were deserve to be as the best last minute goal.

  4. Почему там написано если вам понравилось то вам понравилось в конце?)

  5. You sir, knows how to make a football video. I take my hat off for you👍 Never subscribed to anyone by just watching one video before. I thank you sir 🙏 New experience:)

  6. 3:41 una vergüenza poner ese gol del Barcelona un robo donde marco una etapa oscuro de la FIFA y el fútbol español . Chelsea fue robado de ese título 0 criterio futbolístico . En este vídeo y cobra este tipo $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ un coimero más .

  7. 1999のCL決勝のカンプ・ノウとか2004のジェラードのグループリーグ突破弾はないんか

  8. Last min goal of Watford against Leicester City is the most dramatic one.
    Can't believe it wasn't added here

  9. Bar v Psg is the most disgusting match, 2 goals was offside, we all knew that this match has been set up for barca

  10. Lucas Moura goal is the last 4 second goal to bring Tottenham to UCL final first time in the history but Harry "frigging overrated" Kane screw him in 11 line up players I feel sorry for Lucas Moura

  11. Where is Manchester United Vs. Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final 1999? Thats the best of all time…

  12. AZ versus Sporting 2004-2005 Uefa cup semi final Sporting scored from a corner at 121 minute taking them to the final with that goal after extra time.

  13. Tottenham Ajax Maçında Mouranın Son saniyede attığı golden sonra çok ağladım Ajax Finale Çıkamadı diye

  14. If where talking about last minutes atleast ee should have one of sr4 cuz he is the GOAT of 90 minutes especially atheltico 2014 last minute goal i will never forget

  15. Algeria after 4 years , she is show the world who is the king of africa and recorder the history and again recorder the history in 2019 by winning the africa's cup after 29 ans 💪💪💪💪💪 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿

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