Best Football Prank Ever?

Best Football Prank Ever?

this is university of north carolina at
chapel hill decided to uh… officially fraught with their
quarterback videos will offer now watch what happens with the code
thrown the ball waters he wrote the truth do you know flat if they do they truely had about it and the best part of all the ones who
really put a lot of earnings over the legend uh… so that we we have a second video
obviously been hustlers their we’ve a second video on the inspiration of the
spring we’re going to end the auditors but the houses down on the ground
willing not moving not breathing everything they would like for the baby
out of the goats the at alleging that begins it’s a practice
and resides or about the level of intensity
for college football and presidential
through the s_e_c_ but if in our plane quarterback which is
just the whole other just another conversation north carolina
and i thought it happened suddenly i would be on the floor i’d be on the
field cracking up your says there are no
longer but you don’t know about great years you know reassure dangerous you’re going to
recommended practice and then this happens set mystery of the unrest i don’t think that silly scenario missus
schott bassline pitstop running back on the floor
cutting myself that’s indeed time and date that some of our practice cell innocents hola teamwork is traded there i think it’s terrible anything until i predict and how intense
the is their how much of a leader he is it in embrace something like that that
that’ll bring it team together knows enough fun practical joke and then slams the of and comments though w no telling what what their kids that
were happening like that pretend to be frustrated you know just the way justices you can
self-respect state you care that you don’t like you
and your team i started the article all seriously now we know what oral i would
decide on spring ten like argument for decided that i work at night if you look
he ran off to the locker room pretending and then he came back and then i’m sure
they finish practice but one of the best part actually was
the defensive coordinator at the show the end of the fit the defensive
coordinator i think you knew that it was going to
happen to see some smiling state probably have like a secret play
in huddled in they went out for this and you see in and he’s like smirking a little an anorexic effect and then a right when it happens he
starts bleeding running off because laughing hysterically riyadh agri with
you i mean things like this sort of bring the team together unless you’re the thunder and your car gets filled with popcorn i would take that seriously and i’d be
pissed off about that

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