Best football hacks ever? | Unisport Uncut Ep. 58

Best football hacks ever? | Unisport Uncut Ep. 58

Dolce each other Mike you’re spoiled uncut episode 58 please get that guy this is getting out of hand anyways yo sir today we are talking about boob hats and you might be sitting out there thinking but guys you’ve talked too much about the so called blue bags right you guys keep asking it so we decided we’d actually bring it up in it uncut because as you can imagine Jones let’s play football for a long time he doesn’t anymore I play football for many we play here and there but but also you know we’ve talked to a lot of people we’ve talked to a lot of pros so you kind of decided we wanted to talk about our own life experiences or with the axe and why they work and why some of them really don’t work you know pretty frankly kind of stupid and if you want to see which of the boot acts that are really really stupid we’ve made a video it’s in the eye on your screen you should go and watch it after this video but anyways we’ve got 10 minutes on the clock as per usual yes no sound blah blah blah it’s rolling anyways let’s kick it off you know and I think it would be fun to like kind of begin by you know we go through some of our favourite so called boot hacks that we used to do or are still doing to this date yes ok but let me let me start back in the beginning because where I heard my first boot hack was when I was a young kid um I just got promoted to the to the senior team you do that when you turn 18 I was 16 came up to play with the big boys and and all these guys that they did all these crazy things to their boots one of them after playing he slapped a newspaper in his boot and then he slapped a teabag in his boot and I would like and I then came to figure many many many moons later that is actually an idea so that was the very first boot hack that I heard about so yeah but but the poop off a few so many so called hats and now is just I would call them tricks or clever little ways of improving the the experience with the boots over the years clearly the hot water trick especially used my number one thing like if I have if I only could do one thing to my boots that’s the one halogen I know they’re right there are a lot of people out there saying especially these days yes you shouldn’t have to do the hot water trick and mostly in today’s are good world you won’t have to do that I more the trick because uppers have become so soft that it’s not really necessary anymore and I would agree to that I for me in many cases it’s still necessary because haha I have such white beads seriously many times when when we are filming videos right then you know I need to wear the boots and perform right away so you know so we do with the freakiness and basically you got a brand new pair of fire o possess that we call back then and you basically just took him to the hotel room and you just took them for a shower yeah the night before you know because like I just said many times when we are shooting stuff then you know you wear the boots seriously once yes that’s it yes so you know then my my go-to thing is to just you know in the hotel room in the locker room I don’t care where just give it a little shower and I will stretch them out a little bit and you know I even used to do that before every single game I ever played like even though you know the boots were already molded to my feet you know I still did it every time that’s just weird I know but you know it’s just like one of those things I used to do for the thing is I don’t do it anymore I’ve done it a lot as well especially back in the days of these monstrosities and Superfly twos Superfly ones even even the older vapors to kind of soften them up but that’s back in the day where you needed to to really soften up the upper so they could take to the shape of your foot and so they capacitor faster yes of course you could also just break them in but but with these bad boys that took forever and cost you like so so many worlds of pain that is not funny but I mean in in today’s standards the stiffest boots breaking relatively quickly because the synthetics are so moldable so to speak and especially in the days of need the stiffest part on the knitted boots is usually the the silicon coating any breaks in like that I would again agree but I still go with the hot water trick every single time obviously the Keith is to you know not use water that is too hot yeah because otherwise you’re gonna mess up the you know the glue and all this I don’t want to do that obviously if you want to know more about these hacks or life facts or boo tags or whatever you wanna call them tips and tricks are we’ve made our ton of videos on those as well you can just sew junice booboo packs and you can see all of them yeah but the next act is is more like a just a good rule of thumb when you play football are I never go to a football match without taking my PS T premiere sock tape especially this rap because not only is it good if you want to like wrap your wrist and you think it looks cool but you can also tape your your socks museum pants so the same place and and because it’s is this like our wrap medical rap tape kind of thing whatever you want to call it it doesn’t stick too much so you don’t screw up your socks yeah beautiful again one of my favorite things like you know basically sock tape using succotash number one reason why people do that is because they don’t want to use the ankle guards so only the shin pad parts which you know back in my youth they didn’t really exist now like the shin pads without the angle guard so a lot of people started cutting them off yes no I was one of them and then obviously your shin pads will move all over the place if you don’t have tape so then I started using sock tape and then also came the the the age of our grip socks yeah which means that now you can naturally you need something to hold your sock together with your sleeve yeah and for that yeah but but like sock tape was one of like those routines I had like you know first of all I I need it to perform so that I don’t have to think about my shin pads during the rush that’s the worst thing that can happen to you like you can’t you know spend a single second of the match worrying about your shin pads fro you you’ve but my main you know I was so organized that you don’t even know like you know they’re organized I call him manic I was manic but I’m so organized like you know every time my spot in the dressing room was the cleanest one I had everything like you know when I come and change everything is beautifully set up and so on and you know sock tape was perfectly wrapped around my things and so on great great hockey you know obviously nowadays it’s so normal but you know with most shin pads you even get like these sleeves that you know many people don’t even actually use sock tape I want to talk more about the three bag thing you know the tea bag thing is actually because this is you know doing my days in Finland I never heard of this this is this is one of the most brilliant hacks ever are basically taught to me by the great Michael Lorenzen which is like one of the og guys at the first club I played at you know one of those guys he was decent with a football but he basically had his like his his his best side in in tackling and just plowing down people he did this told me to tacky boots this medley of course they’re all boots Oh Puma Kings take your teabag stuff him in then after you’ve washed him up take some take some newspaper white I mean maybe this is much slap it in the toe box off your boot so it really sucks up all the moisture and and and it dries faster and and it doesn’t stay inside your food so it starts to to decompose and get all moldy and stuff and then slap in the tea bag because then it’s gonna drag out all the the bad smell and it’s gonna smell fresh like morning breakfast tea my coloring snider it is not for genius I was never worried about the smell or the scent of my foot Bob woods but you know again did you quite a serious question and it’s a very serious question did you have a little like lavender Stakes you put in your boot since then no okay what I did was like almost after every single training session like I wash my boots a little bit if they were leather maybe a couple times a week I use the leather ball yeah and then I stuff newspaper in yes to make it weaker keep their shape and make them dry quicker that’s that’s in cleaning act drying hack newspaper in the boots don’t stuff them too hard it’s gonna it’s gonna stretch the material you don’t want that I never use a radiator never ever ever use a radio anything any anything don’t ever use a radiator or anything that kind of like our exudes heat one other boot hike and I still have that actually this thing these pair of boots reminds me of this the predator now something is missing the tongue that’s hot bring back the time and those we top things nowadays you know there are not that many boots with the tongue because you know it had suede it has a lot of paintings and you know it’s on the way which was the main reason why I was one of the guys who cut it off along with a lot of people who use cut it off I even did it with my Copa Mundial although I also used to like put on some rubber bands oh my Kabam oh yeah we’ve all been there we won’t be there but yeah that was one of the things like obviously I can’t officially recommend you know tuning your football boots because it’s gonna you know ruin your warranty and so on but if you know what you’re doing it’s you know I’m your reason what you’re doing and and you know I I can say that ok cutting the boot can be an okay hat if you know what you’re doing and you know that you really really want this thing but it can also be the stupidest thing you can do freely I’m cutting a hole in the heel of your boot because you’ve seen Cuttino or whoever doing it or in the in the toe box because we really got and and what’s his face the German did was it almost did it I don’t remember some some guy who caught actually being homeless I think it was homeless yeah and annoyed ago because they had some injuries and then they turned their boots to to that you need but that’s because they got new boobs all the time you just can’t snap your fingers and you get a new pair of Bret and obviously you know be in the first generations of the Superfly when people saw that Renaldo was actually wearing something that was not what they bought yeah some people started cutting off like half of the dynamic fit collar that’s not a hack that obviously it’s not a very good thing to do and you know when you look at the modern vapor for example yes you know Tyga’s gonna go off you know there’s not many things that I would even think about cutting away from this boot only thing I would potentially think of doing although not with this boot because I stretch it out so much is that I would maybe cut the laces you know so what I what I would do with the old predators is like put them on my feet tie them up the way I would yes and then cut cut them and burn yes and then another boot like our final hack I want to talk about is about laces and you can do the runners loop we are probably all familiar with the run into if you’re not go and watch the video on on our tags because it’s in there but basically you made this small loop with your laces I never had any of those things in the in the second-last lace hole you go instead of going across you just go straight up you go in and then you basically go through the hole on the other side basically creating a seat belt so when you are really strapped it in you lock your entire back part of your foot so you don’t slide around as much you don’t get that many blisters and it’s super comfortable so do that another thing you could also do is you can take your laces and then you can tie them around the back off you do if you want that I found it to be extremely painful so I don’t I don’t recommend it but I’ve seen people doing it and I don’t understand why yeah what I always did was just make the laces as small and you know not in the way don’t time around the back of you and lasting last hack which is not real a hack but you know huge recommendation you already touched on it a little bit its grip sucks yes you know seriously it’s a great investment especially if you you know are willing to take care of them like you can ruin them very easily yes take care of you wash them wrong and all this kind of stuff brilliant investment and last thing jolted all is the bank bigger blah blah blah the biggest hack off them or which is gone pro because then you get everything served on the plate you get personal possible thought it’s you do your custom-made shim pad you get everything done to your needs I mean we’ve heard crazy stories of like players you know who said that okay my big toe hurts a little bit so then like Nike and he does whoever brand like they modify you know the shape a little and they give you you know one to one foot forward and that’s why you often see when you see pictures off of our players boots in the in the dressing room or in the kit man’s room you rarely ever see like insoles in the boots because they don’t wear standard insoles that are more often than not all of their personal orthotics that have been made to measure to match their feet yeah but but that’s a whole other ballgame oh we’re never gonna go probe ah and most of you guys probably not gonna go pro either Wow that was a bad assumption I mean we’ve got so many people watching you followed them when pro our entire oh my god we’re gonna get hooked up oh you’ll get in 10 years I’m sorry about that guys if you go pro mad respect and with that said do you have any good books at boot hacks I can’t take it away yo listen you’re done that was too much if you guys have some awesome boot hacks that we should try you know obviously some of our favorites have been mentioned throughout this episode but if you have some more or just let us know which of the so called hacks works for you let us know in the comment section below I can’t talk either oh yeah listen listen we made so many uncut you can watch them right here you subscribe to our channel if you want to see more stuff like this and that’s it we hope you enjoyed we love making these episodes where we just talk about football stuff we are signing off Syria

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