Best Baseball Catch Ever?


if you want as many before you’ve seen
up fair share literally highlights here’s possibly one of the best this is young
Nathan Lewis be Irvine Police schuchman all-star team
against East Long Beach played in San Marcos
California an incredible catch in foul territory let’s see film watch
the third baseman this is take this can hear
anything the going back the on good note say that’s it yeah I was good catch no crack while the up %uh the video is
via I dan Romero if you want more
information it is www that pony that worked with her young
young Nathan Lewis more information for people go on if they wanna go see a doc the attack so
I’ll Nathan Lewis I’ll best little league
catcher the years the turkey the month where the not I don’t think it was that great kid
you don’t I mean he’s a g6 so it was great yeah
that’s why I was raped by 36 but many believe it was like why we’re
doing this highly was a full-time was good it was a great get wonderful
dive I’m with the left fielder look what he took away the left fielder
shines the light abilities to college you

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